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Top 4 Anime series of all time

Updated on January 29, 2016

Top 4

#4 Deadman Wonderland
This started out as a manga series a few years back and it's one that i have always loved.
the storyline is fantastic and the characters are fun to watch.
It's a very dark anime series set in a prison in japan.
It's about a character called Ganta Igarashi.
He is sentenced to death after this entire class gets murdered and he get's the blame for the crime.
In the prison he meets his long lost childhood friend called Shiro.
She is a very cute albino girl with a odd personality.
In the series the prisoners are set against each other in games inside the prison where the public get to watch.
It's messed up and very gory.
You will see a lot of blood and limbs getting removed as well as eyes and what not.
It's not all about the gore though.
The story is fantastic too.
There is also a mystery about a character called Red man.
He is very freaky looking and has a power that Ganta also has.
But Red man is much more powerful.
If you like a dark sinister Anime and even a good manga series then this is for you!
I rated it at #4 because in the Anime the main character has a very annoying voice that almost ruins some parts in my opinion.
It's still very good through!

#3 Attack on Titan
Some might be surprised that this isn't at #1!
But the thing is unlike a lot of people i watch shows that aren't very mainstream.
A lot of people only watch the most popular shows.
Some shows are actually much better in my opnion.
It's a fantastic series with a good story and good characters.
The voice acting in this is really good and the action is fun.
It's set at a very strange time in the world as huge giants have fallen from the sky and taken over the world.
They aren't very smart...
But they're deadly.
They just try and eat all the humans.
Some of them are much larger than the others.
The one's that are like this are actually really smart and know how to do a lot more than the spupif one's.
Anyone that loves action and gore will love this one for sure.
I didn't know what to think when i first watched this.
But after the first couple of episodes I loved it!

#2 Sword Art Online
This is one of my favourites.
In fact I would say it's my personal favourite!
The story for this is fantastic and the characters are instanly lovable.
The manga and the show follow a young guy called kirito that get's his mind stuck inside a MMORPG along side millions of other players.
The only thing is...
When you die in game you die in real life.
It's set a few years in the future but not like space age.
Just like 10 years or so i think.
This series even has a couple of video games based on it as well.
At the moment it's one of the best selling series.
The entire idea of the series is just fantastic.
From episode one I loved it and I was sad when the first series finished.
The good thing about this series is it's not just for fantasy fans and fans of anime/manga.
It's also good for gamers as well as it's got that kind of feel to it.

#1 Death Note
This has to be one of the best series i have ever seen.
The storyline for this is like no other.
and the manga is also absolutly fantastic.
It's about a young boy that finds a notebook that has the power to kill anyone in the world if you write their name in it.
The manga is really good but i personally thought the anime was much better.
It's such a good show with lovable characters.
You actually want the bad guyto win...
There is also another chaacter in the show called L.
He is a detective that is really young but very smart.
He makes the show a whole lot better.
Everything in the show is so well done and smart.
Anyone that loves a good story will love this.
The good thing about this show is eventhough it's been a while since it came out...
It's still huge!


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