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Top 4 Movies Where Toys Come to Life

Updated on January 25, 2017

Here’s my top four movies where toys come to life (I tried to go for five but couldn’t think of a fifth one that really interested me but then again Toy Story is a compilation of four movies so this list actually has seven movies). My selections are those where a variety of toys come to life in the movie instead of just one brand or type of toy. Therefore, the very awesome Lego movie doesn’t make the list and neither does the action packed Small Soldiers. Also, these are kid friendly movies so no Chucky or the Puppet Master on this list either. So here we go with the list:

1) Toys in the Attic (2009 Czech release date; 2012 USA release date):

This is a stop-motion animated Czech-French-Japanese-Slovak movie (don’t worry, there is a dubbed English version with characters being voiced by great actors such as Forest Whitaker, Joan Cusack and Cary Elwes). The movie follows a group of toys as they rescue their kidnapped friend. This is hands down, my son and I’s all-time favorite movie where toys come to life. The mix of stop motion and animation, the story line, and the outside of the box creations seen throughout the movie had my son from the first scene until the last. I really wish there were more visually creative kid movies like this one.

2) Toy Story (1995, 1999, 2010, 2019):

Just about everybody and their grandma knows these movies, seen the movies, own at least one installment of the trilogy or has bought or was given something based on these movies. But for the few of you that don’t know, the story is based around the adventures of toys belonging to a child named Andy. The first movie, a new toy is introduced (Buzz Lightyear) causing jealousy in another toy (Woody), in the second movie Woody is rescued from a thief and more toys are introduced (Jessie and Bulls-eye), the third movie the toys are donated to a daycare and ultimately goes home with a child that cherishes them as much as Andy did when he was a child, and the fourth movie (spoiler alert if the plot hasn’t been spoiled for you already) follows Woody and Buzz as they go on a journey to find a toy (Bo Peep) that was given away. The popularity of the movies is evident and fans are eagerly awaiting the 2019 fourth installment which will be available for 3D viewing.

3) How the Toys Saved Christmas (1996):

Of course, there is going to be a movie created with Christmas and toys that come to life. This animated movie follows a group of toys as they go against a not so nice guy trying to stop Christmas. It’s one of those movies to curl up in a blank with a cup of hot chocolate – the animation and dialect is slow (but in a good way) and comforting.

4) Jim Henson’s The Christmas Toy (1986):

Another Christmas movie and no toy list would be complete without a Jim Henson entry anyway. This movie is based on a toy’s jealousy (and later acceptance) when he finds out that a new toy at Christmas can threaten his popularity with his owner. Hmmm . . . sounds a lot like another movie on our list huh? The movie was aired as a television special which earned a 1986 Emmy Award nomination. Expect the usual humor and wonderful Muppet creations that can only be provided by the great Jim Henson.

Feel free to share your favorite 'toys come to life' movies in the comments!


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