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Top 5 Classic Monsters

Updated on December 31, 2016

Honorable Mentions:

It is with great hesitation that I list the following classic creepsters, through rigorous judgement, these just could not make the cut this time around. The smaller the list, the more difficult the selection but, in my opinion, the top 5 are in fact, the best of the best. So, honorable mentions are:

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Bride of Frankenstein



The Phantom of the Opera

The Laughing Man

Any classic zombie

Sorry you guys couldn't make the cut, doesn't mean your movies are bad or that you are horrible monsters. In fact, I love each and every one of you the same. I just love the following 5 more~

I don't always run around naked, but when I don't it's in the safety and privacy of my own home.
I don't always run around naked, but when I don't it's in the safety and privacy of my own home.

#5: The Invisible Man

Not necessarily scary but certainly thrilling. The Invisible Man was a icon of the 1940s. Since then he has been a supporting character in other films. A movie where the protagonist is actually the monster, has a sincere amount of charm underneath its bandaged, aviator donned face. The Invisible Man is a great protagonist to hate, turning himself into a border line vigilante, but only managing to present himself as a criminal with the ultimate power of never getting caught.

Classic mummy is displeased, Mr. Frasier.
Classic mummy is displeased, Mr. Frasier. | Source

#4: The Mummy

If you don't think a mummy can be scary (thanks Brendan Frasier), then you obviously haven't seen the original Universal horror monster. This classic creepster wasn't zombie-like, so to speak, but instead more of a Dracula from ancient Egypt (if Dracula was, in fact, rotted and dusty). The set work was done spot on, the writing was well-thought, the only issue is that the scares didn't age as well as some might expect, but the sense of dread is still there.


#3: Nosferatu

Nosferatu is the true vampire, the grisly, monstrous things that they should, in fact, be. The overall atmosphere of this creepster's movie is tense and electrifying. The story telling is poetic and the man himself, Nosferatu, is one of the few classic monsters today that still gives me shivers down my spine. One of the best classic monster movies and, in my opinion, one of the best aged as well.

If only the vampires of today could hone up to this monolithic monstrosity. 30 Days of Night and Blade almost had it, but couldn't quite nail it on the head.


#2: Frankenstein

What can be said that hasn't been said about, possibly, the most iconic face in all of horror? We've got thrills, chills, heartbreak, drama, the hero's journey, charm, love, anger, madness, and a real sense of what the word "underdog" really means in a movie. The set design is breathtaking and the object of elemental horror is equally great. Frankenstein is high on this list for a good reason and it was a hard choice to make this option number 2 instead of number 1. James Whales, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving this world this fantastic tale and paving the way for all things horror. Again, it was really difficult to put this one at number 2 on the list.


#1: The Creature From The Black Lagoon

The true definition of a "creature-feature". The Creature From The Black Lagoon is an absolutely revolutionary step in film and was the most terrifying thing at the time. The Creature, is also a loveable monster to boot. Essentially, he's just a lonely monster wanting some companionship. The Creature has an underlying human element that can be exploited on screen to make him a hero, a villain, or both. This is not only a great monster, but a great movie as well, if you plan on having a horror movie night in the near future, I highly suggest adding this one to your list. At least do yourself the favor and watch this film once in your lifetime. What Frankenstein's monster created, The Creature perfected and built upon.

It still amazes me that this movie has not been remade yet. Everyone recognizes the design of The Creature and yet, we still aren't graced with its presence on the modern-day silver screen. Plus, with advances in effects, it would be easier than ever to realize a high quality version of this chilling, classic tale.

Have a different list you'd like to share? Agree with the list above? Leave a comment below!


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