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TV Shows From The 1980s

Updated on March 24, 2013

TV and Famous Shows

I was in high school in the 1980’s and there were certain shows that I loved. In the present day, I have been watching the “Childhood Stars, Where Have They Gone Now?” shows that are all over the TV regarding these celebrities and where are they now. The 80s had huge talent in these young actors an actresses but some made it bigger and others didn't. But there are some tv shows that I really liked and some that I didn’t primarily due to the stars, these actors that just made the TV shows a huge hit. Here are my top 5 favorite TV shows and the characters from the 1980’s;

Happy Days - Chachi
Happy Days - Chachi

TV at it's best!

Top 1980 TV Shows:

Jo - Nancy McKeon from “Facts of Live”she was an amazing actress and I loved her rough and tough style on this tv show, she taught me how to stand up for myself – with an attitude. This tv show touched on life, friends, growing up and dealing with parents. It helped me to understand my life at that time. I wish i was more like "joe" but loved the facts of life.

Alex P. Keaton – Michael J. Fox from “Family Ties”show, he was nerdy and funny, I totally related to him during this tv show. He was really cute too and I learned during that time that nerds can be popular too. This tv show was about family, all different and unique and how they all fit together. For any kid growing up, it's important to understand that families are different but special.

Chachi – Scott Baio from “Happy Days” tv show, he was completely and totally hot. Specially, with the bandana around his leg, you couldn’t get much hotter than that, in my opinion. That is when I noticed boys, good boys, from bad boys to hot boys. The tv show was about boys meeting girls, liking girls, talking about girls and that was hilarious. I learned a lot from this tv show.

Theo Huxtable – Malcolm-Jamal Warner from the “Cosby Show” he was cute and creative, always testing the waters with his father. Great show, true family traditions and just plan funny. This tv show showed me that all families are dysfunctional but laughter can go a long way. Learn to love each other but most of all learn to laugh and find humor in all situations.

Barbara - Valerie Bertinelli from “One Day at a Time” She was beautiful, funny, full figured and made all girls feel very pretty just like they are. I grew my hair long and loved to feel pretty and to be just me. This was an awesome tv show because it helped me to understand all girls have insecurities regardless of their age.

The Huxables

Silver Spoon TV Show

As in all media, there are some shows that make it but you never really understood them, well at least for me the following shows, I just didn’t get. Here are my top 5 shows that I didn’t understand, laugh or learn from;

Punky Brewster



Silver Spoons

Charles in Charge

During my life in the 80’s, I had a blast, there were some good parts and of course, bad parts but seriously, the 80’s were different, cool and enlightening for me. I encourage the young to visit the 80’s, try and understand the different culture back then or ask you parents or others. I would ask the people like me, that grew up during the 80’s to relive that time, have an 80’s party with you old and new friends, pull out the pictures, download them and share on facebook or twitter, brings back wonderful memories.

But to all the shows that changed my life, thank you to the cast, directors, writers and many others because you made me laugh and cry and most of all enjoy life. Those were the times, the memories, and the power of me becoming the person that I am today.


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    • living2well profile image

      living2well 6 years ago from Southern California

      I loved Family Ties! Alex P. Keaton Rocked.

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 8 years ago from Fabulous USA

      Mommy, thank you for reading this and stopping by my blog as well. The other shows are fun but Cosby is by far, the best :)

      Dee, I forgot about Gimme a Break and 21 Jump Street and I watched them both, Loved them!

    • profile image

      Dee 8 years ago

      I loved Gimme A Break, 21 Jump Street, Baywatch, and The Cosby Show growing up.

    • profile image

      Mommy Mayonnaise 8 years ago

      I love the Cosby Show, Teri :)

      It's the only option I have, since I've never saw the other shows along my life (lol).

      From all of them, I can only remember The Cosby Show, and I love it very much


    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 8 years ago from Fabulous USA

      Chris1/2, thank you so much for reading and commenting, loved the 80s!

      Althea_m, I love these songs! Thank you so much!

    • althea_m profile image

      althea_m 8 years ago

      I can almost remember all the theme songs!

    • Chris1|Chris2 profile image

      Chris1|Chris2 8 years ago from Los Angeles

      Though I was born in the final year of the 80s, I remember watching reruns of a bunch of 80s shows when I was really little during the 90s. They were always entertaining, if not for the quality of the show itself, than for the intriguing nature of seeing all those crazy 80s styles!

    • Ladybird33 profile image

      Ladybird33 8 years ago from Fabulous USA

      Thank you guys. Fun looking back at the "old" times :)

    • wesleycox profile image

      wesleycox 8 years ago from Back in Texas, at least until August 2012

      I too am a product of the 80's, though not in highschool I made it to sixth grade in the 80's. Great memories here.

      Alf was an alien that hated cats.

    • AsherKade profile image

      AsherKade 8 years ago from Texas

      funny, I didn't like those last ones either! Mork and Mindy and Family Ties and Cosby were my favs.