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Top 5 Actors we love to hate

Updated on July 16, 2012

Hello everyone.

This list is the same kind of list we all have. We all dislike certain actors but love their movies. It could be because they always play the same character. Or it could be they just aren't believable. Or possibly they just suck! We all have that same feeling when we view an actor's work. Well those days of secretly hating actors are over.

This list I hope will bring out the top 5 in all of us. This is my top 5.

This list may offend, but please be aware...If you are easily offended, please don't read this blog. Those of the actors that I have chosen are disliked or even hated by me. I do not know if I share these views with anyone else.I feel it is my mission to find this fact out. I hope you enjoy, so lets get rolling.

Kicking us off at number 5, is-

5. Keanu Reeves

We may not admit it, but Keanu is one of those actors that would be forgettable, if his acting style wasn't so lame. I don't dislike his movies however. I feel his style is a little wooden, stale at times and almost always eclipsed by any of his co stars. This is a bad thing as he is predominantly the leading role Although starring in Bill and Ted propelled him into stardom, even though he has found it difficult to get away from that role, he has starred in some pretty awesome films.

The superb Point Break with the late Patrick Swayze, Speed with the lovely Sandra Bullock, Chain Reaction with Morgan Freeman, The Devil's Advocate with Al Pacino and The Matrix series with Laurence Fishbourne. He was particularly good in Constantine, and A Skanner Darkly but these roles could only be done with Keanu Reeves. They require something different, whether we see it as good or bad.

4. Edward Norton

Ed Norton is pretty annoying. Firstly, I do actually like his films, but I just don't think I like him that much. I mean he has been in some awesome movies, and I feel his writing is especially good. But his acting seems the same in almost everything he does with little or no alterations and this is frustrating. He takes acting seriously and often puts in an incredible amount of work and dedication to his craft but there's just something about him that doesn't fit. And I think it is the work and intelligence he has for acting that is the problem. With all that talent in his head, he never seems to show me that in movies to be honest. His shining performances in my view include solely with his first movie Primal Fear with Richard Gere, Rounders with Matt Damon, American History X with Edward Furlong, Fight Club with Brad Pitt and he was pretyy good in Red Dragon, The Painted Veil and The Incredible Hulk. The less said about The Italian Job, Stone and Leaves of Grass the better. I do like him, but I hope people out there can see what I mean. I did like him in the cameo he did in the Invention of Lying with Ricky Gervais.

3.Johnny Depp

I love Johnny's movies I really do. But the thing that annoys me the most about him is that he can't seem to anything without Tim Burton. It's no secret that Johnny Depp has made a very good success of himself, and his films are great, with the exception of The Tourist. But this relationship with Burton has gone on for a bit to long and they aren't even good anymore. Films like Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow and Corpse Bride were great...But what the hell was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland and Sweeney Todd all about? These could have been left alone to be honest and Depp wouldn't be on this list. I just hope that Dark Shadows makes up for them but I kinda doubt it. Also starring in such greats as What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, Donnie Brasco, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Blow, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Pirates of the Caribbean and Rango.

Your good Johnny. But you make some bad decisions and just stay away from Burton and


2.Jason Statham

Jason really does piss me off. He isn't happy playing a character in one film, he is trying to make the world record for playing the same character in as many movies as possible. When he became a star he was a smart mouthed, in control gangster type in Guy Richie's Lock Stock and subsequent Snatch. When I first saw those 2 films, I honestly believed he was the only one that would be a star after. But he went and Transportered it up!

His long list of same character films and same over the top, unrealistic action includes Transporter 1,2 and 3, (yup, he actually did 3 of those), Crank 1 and 2, The Mechanic (Although a remake, it still had the Statham Stamp on it), Death Race, Blitz, The Expendables 1 and 2 and Safe. Now some of these may be better than others, but you can't deny he is the same person in everything.

He did try an acting role in the terribly confusing Revolver and some versatility, but not much. And he hasn't shown it since!

Now although I do genuinely like Crank and Transporter 1, due to the high octane adrenalin and fulfilling a child hood dream of seeing action as frantic as that. But come on Statham, show us another side to you and show that you can actually act.

And Number 1 on my list...

Will Smith

Now I actually do dislike Smith, but I cannot fault his movies by any means. I hate that he is so god damn nice in everything. He always plays the super duper good guy and that just pisses me off. Another one dimensional character sometimes and I just wish he would play the bad guy. If anyone says he played the bad guy in I, Robot I'm sorry I can't agree. He was still likeable and much like Hancock. Maybe he can't play a bad guy, but apart from that, here is my list of top Will Smith starring movies.

Independance Day, Bad Boys 1 and 2, Men in Black, Ali, The Pursuit of Happiness and Seven Pounds. His films are good, I just don't like how nice he has to be or maybe he can't be anything other than that. I suppose it may be bad luck by now to show that he may be a dick. Seeing as that is seems to work for Tom Cruise and Will Smith and not as much for guys like Brad Pitt who show a little attitude. It may be that Smith just has a better agent and gets him better roles that go on to gross more than $500 million in the box office when other actors struggle to make their budget back for the movie.

He's good and likeable, but he pisses me off. And that is why he is number one on my list of actors that I love to hate!


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    • mikeandrustys profile image

      mikeandrustys 5 years ago

      haha! Yeah I thought about that factor and how it would be perceived. But I took the risk as I felt it had to be said. Thanks for the kind comments!

      Check out my site for more in depth reviews and features. We are in the process of changing the site and improving, and we need all the support we can get. More blogs on its way! :)

    • ndaffinee profile image

      ndaffinee 5 years ago from Jumbled Brain, USA

      Wait, is this top 5 actors you hate or my top 5 hottie actors???? LOL j/k , this was pretty funny to read. I can agree with some and disagree with some, to each his own right? Then again, the hottie factor may be affecting my opinion a little....

    • mikeandrustys profile image

      mikeandrustys 5 years ago

      haha. Yeah possibly. We have a few lists on its way. But cheesiest actors is a tough one. Ther's so many to choose from so that may require some thought and careful planning. Coming soon is the actor/ director curse, most powerful actors and many more. Follow us here or pop over to our site for more. Any suggestions, drop us an email

    • Georgie Lowery profile image

      Georgianna Lowery 5 years ago from Lubbock, TX

      I believe he had the ability to be a great actor. I tend to think that The Wicker Man is what did it for me. He has so many 'You have got to be kidding me, really?' moments that I will sometimes not even watch a movie if he's in it. I sometimes wonder if scriptwriters specifically write to allow him to play himself.

      I feel the same way about Sarah Jessica Parker, though. Maybe you should do a list of the cheesiest actresses? ;)

    • mikeandrustys profile image

      mikeandrustys 5 years ago

      I feel bad about not putting Nick Cage in but to be honest, he has a totally different kind of bad. I like but dislike the others on the top 5 but dislike them at the same time. Cage is a total hit and miss and he hit the career killer with Ghost Rider 2. But hey, he was good once right?

    • Georgie Lowery profile image

      Georgianna Lowery 5 years ago from Lubbock, TX

      Ha! Though I like some of these guys (especially Norton), I see your points. The one I like the least is Nick Cage. I don't like him as an action hero at all, but I did love Con Air.