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Top 5 Best TV Comedies

Updated on January 7, 2017

The last twenty years have given us many hilarious sitcoms on TV. Most focus on one of the three main themes - a bunch of friends and their lives, a dysfunctional family who are struggling to operate normally, or a group of colleagues in a crazy annoying workplace. Out of the many sitcoms, I have picked the ones that I have enjoyed consistently over the years.

1. The Big Bang Theory (2007 - running)


This TV comedy is a pure nerdy delight. The first season introduced us to the four main characters - Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Rajesh. All four of them work at the Pasadena University as scientists and spend their lives watching re-runs of Star Wars, playing video games and buying and reading comics. All of them are nerds and know very little about real life, until they meet Penny, the hot girl who has just moved in across the hall.

  • Sheldon is a theoretical physicist and the genius among his group of friends. He knows it and never fails to rub it in their faces. However, his complete lack of social skills far surpasses his intelligence, thus annoying almost everyone around him, including his friends.

  • Leonard is the sensible and down-to-earth guy who shares an apartment with Sheldon. He falls head over heels for his hot neighbour Penny, who is way out of his league, and he knows that too. This makes him a little needy and insecure during their on-and-off relationship for the first few seasons. It is extremely funny to watch the brilliant, nerdy and emotional guy's love life with a completely contrasting character like Penny, a pretty blonde who only passed her community college and works as a diner waitress.

  • Howard is the only engineer in the group, a fact that Sheldon never forgets to point out every day. He lives with his mom in spite of being an adult in his late twenties, a fact that his friends make constant fun of. His life changes after he is introduced to Bernadette by Penny. Later, Howard and Bernadette get married and become a typical constantly bickering couple.

  • Rajesh is the Indian scientist who is initially Howard's friend and is scared to talk to women unless he is drunk. He and Howard are best friends, almost to the level of being branded as a couple by their other friends. Later, after a bad breakup with a girlfriend (whom he talks to only over chat), he magically overcomes his inhibition to talk to women.

  • Amy is a neuro-biologist whom Sheldon meets over an online dating service, and she seems to be perfectly cut-out for him. Not only is she socially awkward too, she also seems to handle Sheldon's idiosyncrasies quite well. Amy later becomes friends with the other two girls, Penny and Bernadette.

2. Friends (1994 - 2004)


This TV show ran for 10 years, following the friendship and love between six friends living in New York. These twenty-something friends are constantly poking fun, meddling in each others lives, and goofing things up in the process.

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Meet the six friends who kept us captivated with their practical jokes and hilarious antics.

  • Monica is a chef by profession and a complete control freak. She is the most organized person in the group and usually tries to sort things out in the best way possible, but most of the times, her paranoia drives everyone else crazy.

  • Phoebe is a "free-lance" musician who tries her luck on the streets and in a few New York restaurants. She used to be Monica's room-mate before moving out into a flat inherited from her grandmother. She later takes up work as a masseuse and also gets a big break with her own music album. She is like the gypsy of the group.

  • Ross is Monica's elder brother and likes to think of himself as a very wise man, but ends up doing the most outrageous and stupidest things of all. He is divorced from his ex-wife Susan who discovered that she was gay. Ross is constantly teased by his group as being "the divorcee", because he manages to get divorced not once or twice, but three times.

  • Chandler is the funny bone of the group. He is Ross's best friend from school and later goes on to become Monica's boyfriend and life partner. Chandler has the funniest punchlines in the series, however, his friends do not seem to find his jokes that funny.

  • Rachel is Monica's friend from school who is first introduced to the series as a runaway bride. She is the daughter of a rich businessman and is a typical daddy's spoilt girl. She is Ross's love interest and later they have a kid together. Over the years, we see her mature more and more.

  • Joey is an out-of-work actor who whose main interests are pretty women and burgers. He mostly lives off the kindness of his room-mate Chandler, before getting a long awaited break as one of the main actors in a hit TV show. He makes a pass at any women he meets, not excluding his three female friends.

3. That 70's Show (1996 to 2008)

This is another great TV comedy from the nineties that follows six high-school teens in Wisconsin.

  • The three friends Eric Forman, Steven Hyde, Michael Kelso are constantly getting into trouble while coming up with different innovative ideas for mischief. Either they vandalize the town by spray paining the water tower, shops or cars, while at other times, they are at their basement inhaling weeds that Steve would have procured though his "contacts".

  • Eric's next door neighbour and childhood friend Donna is a tomboy who becomes his girlfriend as well as partner-in-crime for many of their misadventures.

  • Michael Kelso, the most dim-witted chap in the group is very proud of his good looks. He has a hot but extremely irritating and self-absorbed girlfriend named Jackie who constantly makes fun of Donna and her lack of femininity.

  • The group meets Fez, a foreign exchange student who is very eager to make friends and is a constant target for practical jokes played by the boys.

The most hilarious moments are those featuring Eric's parents, Rad and Kitty. Rad is an ex-army man who always sees through Eric's true intentions and constantly threatens him with a well-deserved "my foot in your ass". Kitty is a smothering mother who overcompensates for Rad's strictness and tries to shield Eric from his father's wrath.

There are some interesting pair-ups within the group, with Donna almost getting married to Eric who turns out to be a jerk. She also pairs up with Steve for a brief period. Jackie constantly fights and makes up with Mike, before pairing up with Steve for a brief while, eventually realizing that Fez is "the guy" for her.

4. Modern Family (2009 - running)


This TV comedy is about three different crazy families that are related to each other. It is a new-genre comedy depicting how modern families function, or more aptly, dysfunctions.

  • We have Jay Pritchett, a wealthy business who lives with his second wife Gloria, a hot Columbian ex-model and her teenage son Manny. While Jay considers himself as "young at heart", sometimes his age catches up with him, making him the grumpy old man. He likes to think that he runs everything is his household, but the real control lies with Gloria, who manipulate her way with her husband and son.

    Manny, in spite of being a teenager is an old soul who over-analyses every situation and takes deep interest in feminine habits such as skin lotions and matching his outfits. He is also great in cooking and awful at sports, much to his step-father Jay's disappointment.

  • The second family is Jay's daughter, Claire who is married to her high-school boyfriend Phil Dunphy, a real-estate agent. Phil likes to think of himself as the fun-dad who constantly tries to keep his family happy and impress his stern father-in-law.

    Claire has three kids in school. Haley, the eldest is a pretty and popular teenager whose main interest is boys, partying and shopping. Alex is the studious middle sister who is extremely smart but not so popular with boys. Luke, the youngest, is a mischievous little brat who sometimes pulls his cousin Manny into his mess.

  • The third family is Mitchell Pritchett, Jay's gay son who lives with his partner Cameron. His relationship is greatly disapproved by his prudish father, who seems to have more affection for Claire.Mitchell is a lawyer and an extremely organized man with OCD for cleanliness and order. His partner Cam has a flair for drama and becomes over-sensitive over Mitchell's passive attitude. They also have an adopted Asian kid named Lily, who often gets caught is cross-fire between her two daddies.

5. Everybody Loves Raymond (1996 to 2005)


This is one of the classic TV comedy that visits the age-old theme of mother-in-law vs. daughter-in-law. The series ran for 9 seasons.

The main protagonist of the sitcom is Raymond, a sports journalist who lives with his wife Debra and kids in his suburban house in Long Island, New York. Everyone seems to just adore Raymond, especially his mother Mary who lives across the street with her husband Frank and younger son Robert.

Each of the members have their own problems.

  • Debra's biggest problem is that her mother-in-law Mary turns up at their house unannounced everyday, criticizing her for everything, right from household work to her cooking, and always trying to manipulate Raymond.

  • Raymond's brother Robert is a policeman, a huge man who is still a child at heart, because he just cannot stand and watch his mother fussing all over Raymond while completely ignoring him.

  • Later in the series, Debra's friend Amy becomes a regular character. She is introduced to Robert and both of them start dating. After many months of break-ups and make-ups, they finally get married.

  • Mary, the mother of course find herself busy all the time, meddling with her son's life. She later starts using Amy to make Debra look bad, much to Debra's resentment and Amy's discomfort.

  • Raymond has the toughest problem of all. He has to keep both his wife and his mother happy, often causing confusions in both households and ending up angering both of them.

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    • profile image

      Miran Shuleta 2 years ago

      Great list, Everybody Loves Raymond is very underrated in my book. The Big Bang Theory is fantastic, however nothing comes close to the perfection that is Friends.

    • temptor94 profile image

      Ritu Temptor 2 years ago from India

      So very true! Friends can be watched over and over again.

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