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Top 5 Brad Pitt Movies

Updated on March 26, 2014
Twelve Monkeys Movie Poster.
Twelve Monkeys Movie Poster.

5. Twelve Monkeys (1995)

The action of this mind twisting futuristic movie takes place in a time when the world is devastated by disease. In a desperate attempt find out more about what caused this disaster a bunch of scientist send a trouble minded convict, played by Bruce Willis, back in time to gather information about the responsible virus.

The great performance of Bruce Willis is, in my opinion, overshadowed by the brilliance showed by Brad Pitt. The asylum scenes are tricky, disturbing and fascinating at the same time, later on contrasting with Pitts confident side showing his great versatility as an actor.

Inglourious Basterds Movie Poster.
Inglourious Basterds Movie Poster.

4. Inglourious Basterds (2009)

This World War II drama relates the events surrounding two separate assassination attempts on the same group of Nazi leaders. Brad Pitt takes the role of Lt. Aldo Raine, the leader of the so called “Bastards”. Aldo started to incite fear in the Germans because of his relentless killing and scalping method that applied to the surviving Nazis.

Being a Tarantino movie, “Inglorious Basterds” is packed with action, funny situations and plot twists. Not taking itself too seriously the film has its tense moments as well, making sure that the suspense reaches roof levels.

With an Oscar in its hand, for the brilliant performance of Christoph Waltz, this Nazi hunting pelicula is no short of great actors. Michael Fassbender plays the role of another Nazi lieutenant while Me;anie Laurent that of a French-Jewish cinema owner set on unleashing her revenge on the German army leaders that bought so much suffering to her and her connationals.

Snatch. Movie Poster.
Snatch. Movie Poster.

3. Snatch. (2000)

Guy Ritchie’ s greatest achievement so far, Snatch. Has it all: violence, idiot robbers, British mafia, Russian gangsters and enough funny plot twists to keep you entertained until the very end.

Once again Brad Pitt shows his ability to take on roles that are complex and tricky to portray. Mickey is funny, smart and deceiving while the situations he ends up in are nicely handled and end up always in his advantage.

Actors like Benicio Del Toro and Jason Statham star in this British heavy weight comedy which added to the perfectly written script makes this movie a must watch.

Fight Club Movie Poster.
Fight Club Movie Poster.

2. Fight Club (1999)

“Rule one of fight club: You don’t talk about Fight Club. Rule two of Fight Club: You don’t talk about Fight Club!”

With that said I’ll just live you to it. And remember, if it Is your first time in Fight Club you have to fight.

Se7en Movie Poster.
Se7en Movie Poster.

1. Se7en (1995)

Seven, the number considered by many people and cultures “the perfect number” is what this David Fincher masterpiece revolves around. Somerset and Mills are two detectives assigned to solve the mystery of a series of crimes as none seen before.

The atmosphere is thick and intense, masterfully created to make you feel as being one of the two detectives, and desperately trying to figure out each small part of each puzzle. The plot develops gradually, becoming more and more thrilling, but unlike many other movie do it manages to keep itself unpredictable. Each piece of information gained in the solving effort feels like a true accomplishment, but at the same time shows just how far from understanding the real dilemma we really are.

Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey and Gwyneth Paltrow star along Brad Pitt, in what is, in my opinion, the best movie each of them has acted in to date.

Honorable Mentions

  • Burn After Reading (2008)
  • Babel (2006)
  • Ocean's Eleven (2001)
  • Meet Joe Black (1998)
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

Which Brad Pitt movie do you think is the best?

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    • Luke Ellis profile image

      Luke Ellis 3 years ago from Nottingham, England

      That's fair enough, I understand I'm majorly in the minority on it. Looking back on that list, I probably would have moved TSN down a space.

    • CobbWayne profile image

      CobbWayne 3 years ago

      I enjoyed Burn after reading a lot and I just realized I should have mentioned some other movies as well.

      I just finished reading your top on David Fincher's movies and the comment here on Fight Club came as no surprise. :D As much as I understand your reasons I can not see it lower than The Social Network, I just can't...

    • Luke Ellis profile image

      Luke Ellis 3 years ago from Nottingham, England

      Couldn't agree more with this list. I probably would have knocked Fight Club down a few spaces but that's just a personal preference. Burn After Reading is another hilarious film he stars in if you haven't seen it.