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Top 5 Environmental Documentaries

Updated on June 8, 2014

Earth Day lands on April 22 and to top off such a special day why not celebrate by learning about the environment with these top 5 must see environmental documentaries. Learn about green living, the modern environmental movement and how you can help make a difference for the environment with these top 5 environmental documentary films to watch on Earth Day.

1. GasLand

GasLand is a documentary about the environmental side effects caused by drilling for natural gas. The film follows the filmmaker Josh Fox who was asked to lease his land for natural gas drilling. When Fox is asked lease his land he decides to travel across the nation and see how natural gas drilling has effected other communities in the United States.

In doing so, Fox finds astonishing revelations about the danger and health effects natural gas has on these communities and their drinking water. GasLand was released in 2010 directed and written by Josh Fox. The film runs 107 minutes long and is not rated.

2. No Impact Man

No Impact Man follows Colin Beavan an author and newly self proclaimed environmentalist on his journey to live a full year with zero impact on the environment. He gives up television, electricity, automated transportation and material consumption.

While undertaking his new green lifestyle he brings his Prada-worshipping caffeine loving wife and two-year-old daughter into the mix. This 2009 documentary is not rated and has a running time of 90 minutes long.

3. Earth Days

Earth Days released in 2009 chronicles the modern environmental movement within the United States, how the movement came to be and what it has developed into now. This is a good documentary to watch on Earth Day to gain background knowledge on the green movement. The documentary is 113 minutes and rated TV-PG.

4. Flotsam Found

Flotsam Found is a 2007 documentary about the hazardous pieces of plastic and material floating in our oceans. This flotsam is harming the environment and host Ziya Tong and retired oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer track our oceans currents to see where all this litter ends up.

Eddesmeyer studies a load of 29,000 children's toys that were lost at sea from a cargo ship in 1992 and uses software called OSCURS to determine where pieces of plastic such as these will end up within a years time in the ocean. This documentary is presented by PBS runs 53 minutes and is not rated.

5. Disneynature Earth

Disneynature Earth released in 2007 is a film focusing on three animals families including polar bears, humpback whales and elephants and their actions over a 1 year period. The documentary shows how the sun influences these animals migratory patterns and behavior throughout the year. The film is narrated by James Earl Jones is rated G and runs 90 minutes long.

Take some time this Earth Day to watch a documentary about the environment. These films are educational and encouraging. Enjoy these top 5 environmental documentary films to watch on Earth Day.


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