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Filmed at Five Extraordinary Locations: Malick's The Tree of Life

Updated on August 19, 2016

Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life takes us on a passage through the Heavens, and then we are carried above volcanoes, and then plunge below the surface into the deep ocean. Yet, we are shown a few of our great scientific images of all time. The whole time I am wondering why are we on this journey with Malick. I don't think it is ever answered in the film.

During the movie, we arrive at diverse locations such as Texas, Villa Lante, Death Valley and the Sun. Malick tries to remind us of the space, living things and how important our humanity really is. Does history shape our existence?

I had the opportunity to watch the movie the other night. It was a viewing experience that at times bewildered me with movie’s visual and aural beauty. Almost bored with my attention wandering, I was surprised to see dinosaurs in the movie, which I believe were and explanation for why man is so violent – but not sure.

The DVD release comes with a 30-minute behind the scenes look at the making of the movie. IF you would like to see the movie, you can head over to Screenhead and enter the giveaway for the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack.

A markerDeath Valley -
Death Valley, CA, USA
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Death Valley

In the Mojave Desert, which is located in Eastern California, lays Death Valley. It has been recorded that the area registers the lowest, driest and hottest locations in North America. The valley established its name in 1849 during the Gold Rush of California. Its name “death,” didn’t hold true to the era with only one death actually recorded during the Gold Rush. The area was at one point a succession of seas.

A markerTexas -
Texas, USA
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The second largest state in the United States is Texas and is nearly twice as large as Germany and Japan. The great size of Texas brings divergent climatic regions, and rivers form three of its borders. Thus, the state is very diverse, yet beautiful, with deserts, prairies, grasslands, forests, and coastlines. For this reason, the large state resembles both the South and the Southwest.

A markerVilla Lante -
Villa Lante, Via Jacopo Barozzi, 71, 01100 Bagnaia, Viterbo VT, Italy
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Villa Lante

The Villa Lante is a historical garden of wonder near Viterbo, in central Italy. Construction of Villa Lante started around 1566. The estate has changed owners many, many times since the construction. Families lived in the Villa until around the 19th century. In 1944 Allied bombing due to the fall of Rome heavily damaged the estate, and a very long restoration process began in the late 20th century.

The Sun

The Sun is a star at the center of our Solar System. The star has a mass 330,000 times that of Earth. The Sun’s energy emanates sunlight that just about supports all life on Earth and directs Earth’s climate and weather. Due to the God-like character of the Sun controls the wellbeing of Earth, some societies have believed the Sun to be a deity.

A markerMauna Loa -
Mauna Loa, South Kona, HI 96785, USA
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Mauna Loa

One of the largest volcanoes on Earth is the Mauna Loa, which is located in the tropical paradise of Hawaii. Being one of the five volcanoes that form the Islands of Hawaii, the volcano is believed to have been active for roughly 700,000 years. However, Mauna Loa’s most recent eruption in 1984 caused no deaths, the prior ones in 1926 and 1950 devastated villages. Interestingly, Hilo is even partly built on lava flows from the 19th century. Due to the fact that Mauna Loa is still active and evolving, the volcano is continuously watched for the safety of its inhabitants.


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