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Top 5 Fleshgod Apocalypse Songs

Updated on March 27, 2020
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Emmanuel has been an online writer for over 5 years. He is passionate about horror books, movies and music.

"King" - Fleshgod Apocalypse, album cover
"King" - Fleshgod Apocalypse, album cover

Top 5 Fleshgod Apocalypse Songs

Released Year: February 5, 2016

Genre: Symphonic/Technical Death Metal

Tracks: 12

Length: 57:29

Label: Nuclear Blast

Fleshgod Apocalypse is a band originally from Italy. These apocalyptic geniuses have a long trayectory in the world of Death / Symphonic / Technical Metal. It is one of the few bands that has been able to successfully combine elements of Death Metal with arrangements and incorporation of symphonic music. This particular album has shown us how accentuated, fast and brutal they can be without underestimating their previous albums. It goes without saying the potential talent that each of the musicians possesses; the composition is coherent, the times are perfect and the brutality is sublime.

That orgasmic violence is demonstrated in many ways; By this I mean that even in their slowest songs and leisurely moments we can appreciate the brutality and technique that he gives off altogether to the melodies of the piano. The chorus arrangements on the vocalists make the album "King" a true work of art. The ornament of the drums, aggregate with the cymbals and the double bass drum with the powerful snare is manifested with great class and professionalism. The guitars have an arrangement in their melodies and solos with all the intention of being catchy. We will come across by the great creativity of the orchestral genius: Francesco Ferrini on the piano, who with his classical pieces manages to fit his musical notes into this brutality of songs. On the other hand we have Paolo Rossi with his indescribable voice and finally the bestial machine of Francesco Paoli, current vocalist and main guitarist of the band. However we can see the great talent that this artist has even with his feet.

5. Syphilis

It starts with a dry thump, a strong and steady beat that we'll listen throughout the song. We begin to observe to how slowly they succumb the arrangements with the cymbals and the gloomy notes of the piano that set the whole auditory scene. Once the lyrics begin, it maintains that same rhythm that expresses the powerful force and multiple dense elements that, with the help of the riffs on the guitar and the choruses of Veronica Bordacchini, have an atmosphere like never before seen on their albums.


4. Cold As Perfection

The 4th place goes to this great work of art. Here we find a song that like the previous one, generates a dense atmosphere that gradually increases its speed. The brutality of the voice is present at all time. We can also modify the strength and speed of the double bass on the drums, thereby generating a suspense in conjunction with the heavenly choirs and the fragile arrangements of the orchestration.

Cold As Perfection

3. A Million Deaths

Unlike the last two songs in this top, they will bump us into these stormy speed that will drown you in an environment of fear, uncertainty, and hatred. The atmosphere at all times is worked with speed and cold perfection in the times. We can notice how the volume increases in the double bass drum and how the speed of the electric guitar riffs ascend from the underworld. All the instrumental arrangements in this song fit like a puzzle, slow or fast, we can notice the meticulous and hard work on this song, therefore it is ranked number 3.

Here is a piece of the lyrics:

To defend you my sire I have blown away my soul
Devastating my own life
With no rewards
Choking my existence with lies
Led by the devil to paradise: Down

A Million Deaths

2. The Fool

There is no doubt that The Fool is one of the preferred songs of their audience, in this song we find a highly worked orchestral arrangement. The perfect timing flows like ups and downs throughout whole the song. It has a brutality like never seen before on their previous records. The composition is beautiful in every way. Here we can notice one of the most catchy choruses of Paolo Rossi, the celestial voice that makes us all chant together with him in their recitals. The speed is superfluous. Finally we will find a great melody on the guitar solo. It will blow your head off!

The Fool

1. In Aeternum

Finally we meet: In Aeternum. It started with a much greater brutality and power than the previous songs on this list. The arrangements on the piano descends from the highest note to the lowest with incredible and professional speed. The guitar is more present than ever and seems to be in tune with the drums and beats with perfect accentuation at all time. The low and dark voices, the high choirs and the created atmosphere is dreamy. The best part is when the choir begins, it seems to have held the world back to consider this greatness, the cherry on top of the cake without a doubt.

Here is the chorus of the song:

God bless my soul, guide my fury through this cold war
Hunting Judas down
Now free my hands from the spires of the serpent
Death to the traitors of the crown

In Aeternum


I recommend that you buy the album and pay attention to the orchestral songs, in order to appreciate in detail the meticulous work that the band has done to bring us this work of art called: "King". The album is devastating in every way, the Italian finesse is present and extremely exquisite.

Don't forget to listen their latest album: Veleno

What is your favorite song on the album?

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© 2020 Emmanuel Dal Canto


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