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Top 5 K-Dramas Filmed In the First Half of 2020 that you might have missed

Updated on June 17, 2020

Here are the Top 5 K-Dramas You Might Have Missed in The First Half of 2020

5. Hot Stove League


Hot Stove League

Staring: Nam Koong Min (Doctor Prisoner, 2019), Park Eun- Bin (Judge vs Judge, 2017-2018), Oh Jung Se (When Camelia Blooms, 2019), Jo Byung-Gyu (Sky Castle, 2018-2019)

Released: December 2019-February 2020, MBC

Genre: Sports

Synopsis: The story revolved around 2 Managers whose primary goal is to boost their respective baseball teams from the bottom of ranks into the major league. The two managers are Lee Dae Yeon the manager of the Vikings Team and Baek Sung Soo (played by Nam Goong Min), the newly appointed general manager of the Dreams. Without a warm welcome, the new addition to the management team, Mr Baek imposes new reforms in order to propel his team to the top. Lee Se Young (played by Park Eun Bin) both an avid fan of the Dreams and the operational manager aids Mr Baek to the top without giving up.

My Thoughts: If you are initially not a fan of baseball nor you have zero knowledge with regards to the game, don't worry, you will enjoy this drama none the less. Although the story revolved around baseball primarily, the story takes you into a journey as it teaches you the ropes with regards to what is baseball, what are the rules, the positions etc. The drama had an interesting storyline for it did not only portray the lives of the athletes but also the people behind the success of the athletes such as the coaches, the scouts, trainers and the fans. Overall it was beautifully executed. Good script, good editing and brilliant acting.

Awards: Best Drama at the 56th Baeksang Awards

Hot Stove League Trailer

4. Romantic Dr. Kim 2


Romantic Dr. Kim 2

Staring: Han Suk-kyu (Watcher, 2019), Ahn Hyo-Seop (Abyss, 2019), Lee Sung-Kyung (Weightlifting Fairy, 2016)

Released On: January-February 2020, SBS & Netflix

Genre: Medical, Melodrama, Romance

Synopsis: This drama is set three years after Dr. Romantic 1 where Kim Sa-Bu (played by Han Suk-Kyu) comes back to Geosan University Hospital to recruit new general surgeons. He then crossed paths with a second year general surgery fellow Seo Woo-Jin (played by Ahn Hyo-Seop) and Cha Eun- Jae (played by Lee Sung-Kyung), a second year cardiothoracic surgery fellow. The former, Seo Woo-Jin a doctor with a troubled past, struggled the moment his parents committed suicide and continued on to struggle as he juggled one job after the other to pay for his medical studies. Desperation got to the best of him and he eventually accepted Master Kim's offer. The latter, Dr. Cha Eun Jae, struggles with her anxiety attacks which later on led her to loose her job at Geosan University Hospital. Dr. Cha was transferred to Doldam Hospital and began learning under Master Kim.

My Thoughts: If your worry is that you haven't seen Dr. Romantic 1, it is okay if you haven't seen it, since this Season could be a stand alone. But I still highly recommend that you watch Season 1 since majority of the characters reprised their roles with the exceptions of Yoo Yeon-Seok and Seo Hyun-Jin. In contrast to the first season that focused more in the disease entities, the second season in my opinion focused more on the psychological aspects of the characters. Don't worry you won't be missing out on any surgeries, budding romance and medical emergencies in this season, it is still jammed packed with all those elements.

Awards: Ahn Hyo-Seop won Best New Actor in the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards for playing the role of Seo Woo Jin

Dr. Romantic 2 Trailer

3. Kingdom Season 2


Staring: Ju Ji-hoon (Along with the Gods, 2018), Ryu Seung-ryong (Extreme Jobs, 2019), Bae Doo-na(Stranger, 2017), Kim Sang-ho(Missing 9, 2017)

Released on: March 2020 Netflix (First Original Korean Series)

Genre: Historical Period,Political Drama, Horror, Supernatural fiction, Thriller

Written By: Kim Eun-Hee (Signal)

Synopsis: The drama is set during Korea's Joseon period dated around 1592-1598. The second season continues off with the struggles of Crown Prince Lee Chang (played by Ju Ji Hoon) to contain the epidemic in order to save his people from the plague. To make matters worse, new revelations on the behaviours of the undead hordes threatened the city of Sangju even more. Amidst the calamity, the political turmoil in the capital continues. Can the prince save his people as well as restore the balance in the palace before the plague consumes all of them. Will this mark the end of the Joseon Dynasty?

My thoughts: I'm not an avid fan of zombie movies but I really had to give this show a shot and boy did I not have any regrets. The show had a perfect blend of everything, horror, thriller and political elements all rolled into one. As a fan of the writer Kim Eun- Hee, she definitely did not disappoint. In one interview she stated that she had more freedom with this drama since it was 100% produced by Netflix and it definitely showed. This drama was skilfully executed and will keep you on your toes until the last episode.

Awards: Nominated for Best Drama and Technical Award in the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards

Kingdom Season 2 Trailer

2. Hospital Playlist


Hospital Playlist

Staring: Jo Jung-suk (Nokdu Flower, 2019), Yoo Yeon-Seok (Mr. Sunshine, 2018), Jung Kyung -Ho(When the Devil Calls Your Name, 2019), Kim Dae- Myung (Misaeng: Incomplete Life, 2014), Jeon Mi-Do(Mother, 2018)

Released On: March- May 2020 tvN, Netflix

Written By: Lee Woo- Jung (Reply Series, Prison Playbook)

Directed By: Shin Won- Ho (Reply Series, Prison Playbook)

Genre: Medical, Drama, Romance, Comedy

Synopsis: Hospital Playlist centres on the doctors and nurses working in Yulje Medical Center. The heart of the drama mainly revolved around the 1999 ers , the 5 doctors who became best friends ever since they entered medical school in 1999. This drama isn't just your typical medical drama that focused only on emergency room chaos, bloody surgeries and hospital romance, it also highlighted the essence of being a mentor to your junior colleagues, being a filial son and daughter to one's parents and being a friend through thick and thin.

My thoughts: If I could rewrite the title of this drama, it would only be fitting to call it Reply 1999. Watching the evolution of the Reply Series through the years, hospital playlist did not disappoint any of the fans. It still possessed the distinctive flare of the writer and director that put emphasis on the value of family and friends. Holding true to its name sake, this drama focuses on the daily lives of the people working in the hospital. What made it even more realistic is that it showed the vulnerability of doctors and nurses reminding everyone that medical practitioners are human too. If you are up for a good cry and good laugh, this drama is perfect for you.

Awards: Nominated for Best New Actress Jeon Mi-Do, Nominated for Best Screen Play Lee Woo-Jung at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards

Hospital Playlist Trailer

1. Extracurricular



Staring: Kim Dong-Hee (Itaewon Class, 2020), Jung Da-Bin (She was Pretty, 2015), Park Ju- Hyun (A Piece of Your Mind, 2020), Nam Yoon-Soo (The Temperature of Language, Our Nineteen, 2020)

Released On: April 2020, Netflix

Genre: Teen Drama, Crime Drama

Synopsis: A top student Oh Ji-Soo (played by Kim Dong-Hee) runs an illegal business to stay afloat gets caught by one of his classmates, Bae Gyu-Ri (played by Park Joo-Hyun) who starts blackmailing him. Not only was that the tipping point, bad choices lead to even more bad choices and this is where everything began to unravel.

My Thoughts: The trailer was quite vague, but it was artistically made to be vague. It is not your typical high school angsty drama. It is more complex that shows how one bad decision could ruin your life. Although Oh Ji-Soo's bad choices were rooted in his unfortunate situation, it was still uncalled for. To sum it off, the diamond in the rough in this drama was definitely Kim Dong- Hee. He was just brilliant in playing a sociopath devoid of any emotion. Hats off to him.

Extracurricular Trailer

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