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Top 5 Most Memorable Movie Lines Of All Time

Updated on January 6, 2011

My Top 5 Movie Lines List

This hub is something very fun for me as well as others and I have listed my Top 5 Memorable Movie Lines of All Time. Maybe these are not your Top memorable movie lines but every movie fanatic has their favorites and can reminisce about certain scenes in the movie. Actually some movie lines make the movie special and can be the only thing a person really can remember. Enjoy!

They Make You Think Back to What Part You Loved


Lady Sings the Blues, Want My Arm to Fall Off? Billy D Williams was very handsome and I could’ve have passed out when he was handing Diana Ross money while saying this line.

Terminator part two, Come with me if you want to live Arnold Swartzenneger really gave this line a punch, but i would've still been afraid to go with him even if i wanted to live.

Training Day, Denzel Washington lines at the end Denzel was a real bad a... even at the end of training day, no one will forget he's the police, he run sh....

Patrick Swayze, Nobody puts baby in the corner Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey lit up the stage after this line and had everyone dancing to time of my life.

Rocky, Yo Adrian, Who can ever forget who Adrian is after watching every last rocky movie? But the way he said her name though rules.

Lady Sings the Blues

Terminator 2

Training Day End Scene

Dirty Dancing Scene

Rocky Yo Adrian

Whats in your DVD Collection?
Whats in your DVD Collection?


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    • brandonfowler66 profile image

      brandonfowler66 7 years ago from EveryWhere USA

      Thanks and I know two totally opposite in the real world that would not happen but in a writers world it has! Enjoy Saesha

    • saesha profile image

      saesha 7 years ago

      nice list! who would have thought dirty dancing would be on the same page as training day