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Top 5 Movies of the 1990s

Updated on April 21, 2016

5:The Green Mile (10+) 1999

This bright and colorful film makes a story about a kind, black and nice angel who was sent by god to heal the wounded, but gets in jail because he was falsely accused of murdering two little girls. With a hilarious mouse named Mr Jingles, and a murderous maniac in the jail, and with Tom Hanks as a kind warden, even the crazy evil warden that will kill the mouse first chance he gets, you cant look away from this film. But of course, we all know that John Coffey, the black angel, will not be with us by the end of the film. Still, you cant argue that this is a very good adaptation of the original Stephen King book, The Green Mile. And try picking this over Stand by Me, another great 80s film, which is a story about four boys. Dont forget about the other sad and miserable death of the owner of Mr. Jingles, (cant remember his name).

Your killin me Smalls

4:The Sandlot 1993 7+

The Sandlot was a adventurous film about a group of kids who love baseball and play it every day, then a kid, named Scotty Smalls, came into the new neighborhood and tried playing baseball with the boys. While he blows up his first appearance on his first time going there, one of the boys, named Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez, helps Scotty and he becomes fast friends with the boys. They go on wild adventures after that, until Scotty hits the a ball owned by his dad AND signed by Babe Ruth. Then they have numerous events when they try to get that ball back, but it just doesn't work, so when they think all hope is lost, Benjamin has a dream, and that very dream inspired him to get that ball back from the beast, which is the reason why they don't just go back there and get the balls themselves. Then he gets the ball back and becomes a big leaguer. This attractive film reminded us of things that we did when we were kids, while mixing hilarious humor in the whole thing. You and your friends or family might disagree, but this film deserves the number 4 spot.

Asta Lavista Baby

3.Terminator 2: Judgement Day 1991 10+

This is the movie that people can bring when they say "sequels are worst then the first". The reason that I say this is because Terminator 1, while having stunning effects and fast paced action, just doesnt have the charm that terminator 2 had. Terminator 2 is about a young John Connor with his mom sent to a insane asylum, because of her past experiences with terminator. Now, this might be strange, but the people from the future bring ANOTHER Terminator to save John from the terminator thats about to kill him because the terminators sent him. So after all that mind twisting plot, the terminators get into epic showdowns, and even though the good one we cheer for is weaker, he is still strong. The thing that I sort of like is how, In a way, it's like one of those boy robot thing that teaches the robot (or alien

Favorite historical fiction (sorry Patriot)

2:Braveheart 1995 12+ (Unless faint of heart)

This historical fiction brought a unnoticed historical event to life. William Wallace was a young boy, who's father died early in war, but because of the occasion it made him stronger, until 20 years later he met a beautiful woman who fell into his arms the moment they met. But Scotland wasn't doing well at this time. The government were allowed to rape, kill and even steal, and the people of Scotland weren't brave enough to fight back. Well this was put to a stop, because right after William got married, someone tried to rape his wife! But this was Wills wife, and any good man would fight for his wife. So he beat up the guard, but when he gave his wife a horse he said to meet him in the forest. She. Never. Came. Will noticed this and zoomed to the city, but it was to late, his wife had already been killed. But this death was not taken easily by Will, as he beat up the guards, and the people of the city fought back with him because they finally noticed that they were mistreated. After that it was a war, as the scottish kept fighting for there rights many things changed. And one fateful day, William Wallace was tortured to death by first, being hanged, then being stretched, and finally getting his penis cut off and slowly his intestines ripped out. But in his final moments he said the line you were waiting for, FREEDOM. As his death was put out, the scottish fought in his death, and won the legacy as the scottish. With the hubpage coming to an end, id like to give some honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions

The Sixth Sense

The Lion King

Pulp Fiction

Jurrasic Park

Fight Club

The Matrix

OH NO I FORGOT ABOUT SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, ok because I forgot its in the honorable mentions.

What's your favorite

Which do you like best

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Worst 90s movie is

BattleField Earth was a uninteresting, boring and dumb 90s movie. I thought "If I'm doing the best, why not the worst". Also was this a movie about the video game battlefield or not, because it was NOTHING like the game.

1:Forrest Gump 1994 10+

This bright, imaginative and fun film is about a local nobody, who barely anybody knows, but he has a unique story behind him. Followed by great supporting characters, he goes on wild adventures. As a young child, he sometimes gets bullied, but that's not what he cares about in school. He has a big crush on a cute school girl named Jenny, who helps Forrest get out of a problem with bullies by yelling the famous line "Run Forrest, run"! But after his childhood he joins the army, where he meets Bubbu, a black private who secretly owns a shrimp company. But, sadly, Bubba dies while fighting in a war, but its not all grim, as he gives his shrimp boat to Forrest. Exited, Forrest takes over the company, nonetheless making the shrimp boat a million dollar project! Later, his ship gets wrecked, but he marrys Jenny, who's now a discusting, cheating whore, who I think makes love with other men. But Forrest loves her, even though he deserves better. Later in this great movie, Jenny dies, and Forrest mourns her death. This film is just a inspiring, neat film that never cuts any corners. And as quoting Forrest, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get".

Leave Some of You Own in Comments

again, if you think I left out an important movie, please tell me, and remember, if you like my hubs be sure to check out some others and follow my hubpage.


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    • Discordzrocks profile image

      Gavin Heinz 2 years ago from Austin TX

      thanks for the comment, and its to hard to do a worst

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 2 years ago

      A good list. You may want to consider a separate hub for a worst list. Granted that could be a problem because the worst movie is probably one few people have watched.

    • Discordzrocks profile image

      Gavin Heinz 2 years ago from Austin TX

      tnx Suhail

    • Suhail and my dog profile image

      Suhail Zubaid aka Clark Kent 2 years ago from Mississauga, ON

      Hi Gavin,

      Although I have mentioned Lion King as my favorite, primarily because my daughter was the right age to make us enjoy it so much, Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, Braveheart, Forrest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, and the Sixth Sense all can be listed as top ones.

      The one I really would have included in the list is 'Saving Private Ryan' though.

      Great hub! Loved it!

    • Discordzrocks profile image

      Gavin Heinz 2 years ago from Austin TX

      Yah, im so angry I forgot about Shawshank

    • Linda Robinson60 profile image

      Linda Robinson 2 years ago from Cicero, New York

      Hey Gavin thanks again for reading my hub about the horses. Loved this one about the top 5 movies of 1990. Very well written, lots of interesting content. Fascinating and very entertaining. Linda