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Top 5 "Netflix and Chill" Movie List

Updated on July 20, 2016

We have come up with this list of tried and true movies that consistently deliver the right mood for a first time movie night. Whether you have been happily married for 10 years or just met a few hours ago and are looking for a movie to watch tonight, this is the list for you. All of the movies are available on Netflix as of this posting with the exception of Thor. Thor is only $3.99 on Amazon and ITunes. If 4 dollars is too expensive for you probably shouldn’t be in a relationship anyway, good luck!

The Notebook

A movie that is perfect if you have a soft spot for star-crossed lovers, true love, and destiny. The Notebook has the distinct advantage of leaving its viewers in a heightened state of arousal despite the extreme stocker status attained by professing your love in writing everyday for a year. All you have left to do is manage to look slightly attractive and he or she will forget that its not Allie or Noah that they’re with but you. If that’s not movie gold, I don’t know what is.

Beautiful Girls

A lesser-known 90’s romantic comedy, Beautiful Girls teaches lessons about love but more importantly falling in love with someone. Next thing you know, the girl will picturing her whole life with you. She already has her wedding dress picked out, where wants to live and the name of your kids. But in the end characters leave disappointed and unfulfilled which is what she’ll be feeling after she sleeps with you.

Ferris Bueller

Who hasn’t seen this movie? Ferris sings Twist and Shout on a Float, Cameron destroys his dad’s Ferrari and Sloane gets sucked into all of the mayhem. It’s another feel good warm-hearted film about avoiding responsibilities (sounds familiar huh?). “Life move pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.” Now make your move bud.

American Psycho

American Psycho is arguably one of my favorite performances from Christian Bale’s repertoire. The main character of the film, Patrick Bateman is utterly insane, kind of like most girls. But, this is a great movie due to its outlandish gore and killing scenes. She will most likely just want to skip the whole the Netflix part of the “date” and go straight to the “chill”. It’s a great movie for those who don’t necessarily like conventional horror flicks, but are still trying to find a good movie they might want to pick up later.


A movie where rippling muscles and impressive feats of strength aren’t enough for a leading role, Hemsworth also happens to be a god. Not only a god but the god of Thunder. Thor is the only one worthy enough to wield Mjölnir, an enormously large hammer capable of leveling mountains and opening up portals to other worlds. With any luck Chris Hemsworth will have opened up the portal for you and your date to explore another world as you skip watching the rest of the movie.

Just in case you decided on Thor ;)

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    • profile image

      Josh Whitworth 18 months ago

      I will just throw out there the idea, any Nicholas Sparks movie adaptations. Or the greatest RomCom of all time: The Princess Bride.