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Top 5 Reasons You Should Follow Me On Twitter @tfischertweets

Updated on October 23, 2014

And Pretty Good Reasons If I Do Say So Myself

Listed below are the Top 5 Reason you should follow me on twitter @fischerreport. Consider this a sort of online cover letter. I really don't believe in bots and spamming so this approach hopefully puts the "social" back in social networking.

1. Wide Range of Issues - I have a vareity of interests inlcuding social issues, sports and politics. I am an open minded person who looks at most issues from a big picture perspective. I definitely have my opinions but also have the ability to understand others. So you will be entertained by my sense of humor and views on issues. The only person that doesn't think my tweets are interesting is my friend John but he hates everything.

2. I won't be a Twit - I am a firm believer that you shouldn't put anything on the internet you wouldn't say in public. That is not to say people should state their opinions, however there is a way to do so without being offensive. A lost art in this day and age if you ask me.

3. Follows, Lists and Retweets If you follow me of course I will follow you back. I will also thank you for following me so you will get at least a couple of mentions from me right away. If you retweet my mentions then you get four. I will also retweet your the links to your blogs. One thing you won't get from me is a bunch of #teamfollowback tweets. I also put eveybody in a list and those lists are public so you will get that mention as well. Oh and if you put out a #FF I will follow those people too.

4. I Read Your Links and Retweet Them. In my opinion you are missing something if you don't read the links people post on twitter. Its like picking the brain of a million experts on a number of topics at anytime during the day. I definitely take advantage of all the knowledge that is out there. To me twitter is a prime example of the free market working in media if people know about it and like it, they will follow it.

5. I Won't Spam You - I do use twitter to post links to my blogs and other blogs that interest me but I do not post links about free gift cards or online products. So in short you won't get 50 tweets a day from me about a $100 gift card. I don't use bots. I know it is a slower way to build a base of followers but I think too many things are automated in today's world. Call me old fashioned.

My goal is to get my writing and opinions out into the world and I know from experience if you build those information streams the right way you meet some great people along the way. I know all of this is an old fashionshed approach to the Internet and social networking world but it is a more enjoyable way for me and when you follow me I hope you will find it enjoyable too. So go to your twitter and follow @tfischertweets. You wont be sorry.

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    • maalarue profile image

      John Mark 3 years ago from Texas

      Great Hub. I just followed you and hope to connect soon. I have found Twitter to be a great avenue for reaching out and sharing information with others, including my Hubs.

    • georgethegent profile image

      georgethegent 6 years ago from Hillswick, Shetland, UK

      Well done Tony, for putting the social back. Definitely vote up!!!

    • tonyfischer profile image

      Tony Fischer 6 years ago from Southeastern Michigan

      Thanks to some of my fellow hubbers. With your great advice I am getting better at this every day.