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Top 5 Rock n Roll Songs Lasting Longer than 5 minutes

Updated on May 28, 2012

Commerical Radio and Video is Ruining Good Jams

The reason I am doing this hub is to show that commercial industry is ruining good songs because they will not play anything longer than three minutes. I want to pay respect and tribute to the great long - full of good jamming-songs. This means the band just keeps going because their art demands that they do the song as it was inspired to be done. When an artist is limited it is a tragedy. I hope all of you explore all things out side the box- i.e- the radio, tv and Ipod- to find the long good artist jams that made rock n roll legendary. I mean listen to a classical pieced of music- those darn things go on forever.

Here are some of my favorite long jams- I know there are a load more great endless songs but I think these are some of the classics. Most of these songs are 5 to 6 minutes in length.

U2 Bad- Studio Version

#1 U2 Bad

#1 U2 Bad - Studio Version

This is not only a great long- non commercial song, but the lyrics and singing is good. The best way to judge if a singer can do their stuff is if the live version is better than the studio of version and this is the case for this song. There are about three live versions of Bad- and they are all amazing. The 1980s version from Dublin might be the best.

Riders on the Storm

#2 The Doors Riders on the Storm

The time when musicians began to include other sounds in their epic jams is when we were blessed with some of the best songs on record. I could not decide between this one and The End. I am proud to say this soulful band soared as they were American and full of Greek Tragic themes and poetry. This was a time of a lot of British Bands taking over the airwaves, but this band is legendary and embodies the American Dream/Tragedy.

The Rolling Stones Moonlight Mile- Atonement

# 3 The Rolling Stones - Moonlight Mile

This is mostly unknown by the mainstream. This song just flows as if the band is making love to the sounds, lyrics and rhythm and they don't want it to end. This song seems to have a life of its own, with highs and lows, very soulful and the artists do not limit themselves - they let music flow in all the right places.

Pink Floyd Comfortably Numb

#4 Pink Floyd The Wall Comfortably Numb

If I didn't put one of the songs from The Wall on this list, then I would have to be banished from all rock n roll commentary forever. Pink Floyd revolutionized the Rock Opera and or sounds and issues to be considered in songs. I almost don't have words for the vastness that P.F provides in their art. It is beyond words.

(I am a teacher- I know Ironic- and what is really ironic is that I say to myself daily- It is just another Brick in the Wall- I know I am the system- but I believe in my teens- I do use a lot of sarcasm-bad- but I do work on the south side and man they can be really tough kids!!! )

Manfred Mann Blinded by the Light

#5 Manfred Mann Blinded by the Light

British band...yet with a funky blues rhythm- amazing sounds. This is one crazy song and I am not sure what is going on but it sure does stick with you- and those boys were devoted to their art. I remember listening to this so long ago and it seems to soar around you. So many elements are good in this song, the story, the music and voices all intertwine and pull you in.


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    • Kori Lee F.P. profile imageAUTHOR

      Kori Lee F.P. 

      6 years ago from Northern Arizona


      Wow!!! Good bad...I cannot believe it took two years for someone to notice this. Thanks!!! Another Brick in the Wall- as in best bands usually come from UK!!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Manfred Mann were a BRITISH band mate.

    • Kori Lee F.P. profile imageAUTHOR

      Kori Lee F.P. 

      9 years ago from Northern Arizona

      Wow!! I am glad you liked it. You just haven't seen that particular Pink Floyd video, right?

    • Fresh_Flower profile image


      9 years ago from London

      Thanks for the Pink Floyd video. Never seen the video before, great record


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