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Top 5 Zombie Movies Up to Date (2016)

Updated on May 23, 2016


Here are the top 5 horror zombie films of all time in my opinion (Not necessarily in order). Any other suggestions? Comment Below. These are not necessarily in order. No! I will not include movies from the 70s' and 80's. Don't get me wrong, the old Dawn of the Dead was a classic but I feel that many horror films need that adrenaline situation that makes the viewer be up on their feet. Here are my top choices with a small synapse of what the film is about. Enjoy.

1) Dawn Of The Dead

George A. Rome brings you a film about 4 individuals who team up with other survivors from a worldwide plague outbreak to survive. They manage to secure themselves in a mall from aggressive zombies who infect others with a flesh eating motive. Check out the trailer below.

2) 28 Days Later

A rage virus has effected the world and this movie takes place in the UK; now a handful of survivors are trying to find a safe zone. In my personal opinion, this is one of the best zombie movies that has came out to make you want to not live. After you see this great film, check out the prequel : 28 Weeks Later.

*NOTE* The beginning of the movie will definitely catch your attention.

3) Resident Evil

If you are not familiar with the video games or the movies, then you should really begin with the first Resident Evil movie and move your way up to understand the plot. A laboratory incident has caused a group of scientist to become flesh eating humans, now it is up to a special military unit send by the government to fight off a supercomputer that has lost control while they try to bypass these mutated humans. Prior to watching this movie, I recommend you move up the series of movies .

4) Rec

Emergency workers are send into a building while a cameraman records the incident to find themselves in a very horrific situation. Spoiler alert: Rec 2 is not as good as the first one.


Another great UK film that takes place from a zombies point of view where you follow him as he avoids attackers and later is captured by his sister. It is a great switch from your traditional zombie film and a new way on viewing a zombie film.


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