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8 Sexy English Songs

Updated on March 26, 2016
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We all like songs which give us the kicks from time to time. So here is a list of 8 Sexy English Songs, which I hope you'll enjoy.

1. Love Me Harder, Ariana Grande ft. Weekend

The tone, the voice and of course the choice of words can definitely turn on a person. The following lyrics will give you a good idea of what I am talking about:

..And if .in the moment you bite your lip

When I get you moaning, you know it’s real

Can you feel the pressure between your hips...

The link to the lyric video

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2. Pillow Talk, Zayn Malik

Zayn left his boy-band and a year later dropped one of the sexiest singles ever. The deep, toe-curlingly sexy voice that Zayn inhibits sent this song flying to the no: 1 position of the VH1 Playlist.

...So we’ll piss off the neighbours

In the place that feels the tears

The place to lose your fears

Yeah, reckless behaviour...

3. Give You what you Like, Avril Lavigne

This song was composed and sung for Fifty Shades of Grey. So obviously the slow, sultry voice of Avril Lavigne takes you to your fantasy world with your fantasy man/woman. The chorus is the sexiest part:

...When you turn off the lights

I get stars in my eyes

Is this love?

Maybe some day...

4. I love the Way, Gabriel Antonio

This is a relatively older song than the others on this list. But no one can deny the vibes that this song gives. The egoistic lyrics combined with the hellva sexy, catchy tune made us all go week in the knees.

...I love the way you wind it, Girl

The way you Pop Lock and Do it,

The way you drop down and do it

I love the way you do it...

5. Stupid Love, Jason Derulo

This song has mostly to do with the Jason’s voice. Similar to number 2, the chorus is the best part:

...I am crazy for you

God knows what I’d do

I’d even die for you...

6. Livin’ La Vida Loca, Ricky Martin

You knew this song was going to be here. The words and the tune-so upbeat and somehow so sexy with those Spanish words just flying about naturally in an English song- makes you want to do your sexy dance in front of the bathroom mirror. The best part:

...She make you take your clothes off and dancing in the rain

She make you live a crazy life and take away your pain

Like a bullet to your brain...

7. New Thang, RedFoo

I heard this song for the first time in the Don’t Judge Me Challenge. I suppose there is nothing really going on with the lyrics but something about the catchy tune really makes me think of a sexy guy in a sleek silver suit walking down Bond Street. I wonder why.

Read the lyrics before going on the video:

Oh, the way you Pop girl

Makes me go crazy, Show me

Whatcha got, girl

You could be my new thang...

8. Scream, Usher

That voice. That voice is so insanely sexy that I had to put this song in this list. This song triggers a lot of fantasies, doesn’t it? Check out the lyrics:

...And I tried to fight it, to fight it

But you’re so magnetic, magnetic

Got one life, just live it, live it

Now relax and get on your back...

So I am ending my list here. I am sure you have your own list. But I bet that at least two of these songs are on every one’s list.

Anyway, thank for reading.


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