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Top 5 TV Series of the Moment - Including Suits, The Big Bang Theory...

Updated on July 25, 2013

TV series have turned out to be a popular trend nowadays, offering a different possibility to spectators in comparison with films. Series allow a further development of the story, of the atmosphere, and most importantly a development of the characters. I believe that a viewer can learn so much more during a season of about 20 episodes of 30 minutes each than during a movie of 2 or 3 hours. Don't get me wrong, movies are still great. I would even care to consider them as examples of art, if in the appropriate context. But series seem to offer more: I believe that they lead in the entertainment industry whilst movies are turning into veritable artistic productions. I would like to share with you, dear reader, a list of my current favourite TV series.


Who knew that a series about lawyers could be so entertaining. When people were urging me to start watching Suits, I certainly wasn't convinced and I was even sceptical of what I may see. But here it is, one of my favourite series. It's a twist of everything in a way, both comic and serious and therefore keeps the viewer both relaxed and stressed. Meanwhile, it's also action packed and filled with characters that you grow to love, and characters that you love to hate (Louis Litt for instance). The master lawyer Harvey Spector, portrayed by Gabriel Macht, takes Mike Ross under his wing in the prestigious law firm Pearson-Hardman. Mike Ross is a college dropout, but posseses an amazing mind having an eidetic memory, and uses his talent to pass the LSATs for students wanting to study law, but incapable of passing the prestigious exam. He portrays his great knowledge to Harvey whilst almost being caught up in a drug deal. Lawyers at Pearson-Hardman must be Harvard graduates, but Harvey cannot resist the prospect of having Mike as his apprentice: he sees him as having the potential to become a "new Harvey". Well, there's no need for me to talk any more about the plot if you've seen it or if you haven't. If you have then you should be happy to know that the third season is being transmitted now, and if you haven't seen it then watch it right now!


Next up on the list is Eric Kripke's post-apocalyptic series. Many of you may be fans of Walking Dead but I find that this is a refreshing twist for a sci-fi apocalypse. It presents an original plot, portraying our world 15 years after a world wide blackout, where no one has any electricity or any other form of energy. It's intriguing as it may well be a situation that we will have to face in the near or distant future, if we take into account the unstable and unpredictable ecological situation. Revolution is almost shown as an adventure, and the quest to finding power brings in a great deal of well-directed action. The show is full of suspense, and succeeds in creating a unique atmosphere. It also features the likes of Elisabeth Mitchell, Giancarlo Esposito and Billy Burke who you may recognise from Lost, Once Upon a Time Saying and Twilight respectively. Saying anything else may considered as a spoiler...

Hawaii 5-0

Next up in the top 5 is the remake of the original action-packed Hawaii 5-0. For people who are familiar with the classic and/or the current version, you will undoubtedly agree that the story is intriguing and intense. Even though not every episode is linked to the criminal overlord Wu Fat, the spectators witness a compelling team of detectives solve a series of tough crimes, often fighting against the Yakuza. The short moments of comedy between Steve and Danny, the main characters, make for great pauses in the tension and drama whilst revealing a playful side to the characters. Also, who doesn't enjoy watching Steve McGarret, played by Alex O'Loughlin, make a tremendous takedown whilst pursuing a high profile suspect on top of witnessing the impressive technology at the disposition of the military of today. The series, developed by Peter Lenkov, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, has grown to be a favourite to many viewers and has been renewed for a fourth season.


Out of this top 5, Touch is without doubt the most creative and original series. It tells the story, or more like a series of stories, of an 11 year boy called Jake who hasn't spoken a word since his birth, although he does indeed know how to speak. He possesses a peculiar gift with numbers, that allows him to predict the future (in a way) and link the lives of people around the world. His father Martin Bohm, played by the revered Keither Sutherland, understands that Jake is trying to communicate to him through numbers. Throughout the series, it appears as if Jake has some unknown/indescribable problems, but we soon learn that Jake acts in this strange way because he feels the world suffering, and he finds that it is his job to fix it, thanks to his gift. By communicating with numbers to his father, he sets out to make the world a better place. However strange or crazy it may sound the creator of the series, Tim Kring, has succeeded in making a wonderful show. It is both touching and intriguing, whilst remaining slightly stressful to watch to add suspense and tension.

The Big Bang Theory

It may not be everyone's favourite, but almost everyone has now heard of it. The tale of four nerdy best friends, who befriend a wannabe-actress waitress has now turned into a classic. Say what you want but there's no denying that this TV show is funny. Whether it's Howard's inappropriate yet hilarious remarks when it comes to practically any subject, or Sheldon's apparent incapacity to understand emotion and subsequent comparison to a robot despite having an IQ of 187, the viewer is never disappointed. I believe that there hasn't been one episode where I haven't exclaimed with laughter. However, it would be possible to pinpoint my favourite episode out of the 5 seasons: when Sheldon faces a rare scientific problem and attempts to find a solution. His search even takes him as far as breaking into a kid's ball pit at night, and using the balls to symbolise molecules. Although when Leonard urges him to come home, it turns out that it's not so easy to persuade a grown up crazy scientists to leave a ball pit...


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