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"Humanz" by Gorillaz Top 5 Songs Review

Updated on May 9, 2017
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Kelvin enjoys new sounds mixed with old vibes and instruments in music. His favorite artists are Gorillaz, Daft Punk, and Hans Zimmer.

Gorillaz's "Humanz" Album Cover Art
Gorillaz's "Humanz" Album Cover Art | Source

"Humanz" by Gorillaz

After a long wait, Gorillaz made their awaited comeback with their new album titled "Humanz". The complete album was released on April 28, 2017, but we have been getting a couple of singles since a month before. The world was full of reactions when these singles came out, and now that the complete album is here, we have been getting different opinions about it. I, for example, enjoyed the album and I thought I could give you my opinion on my top 5 favorite tracks this release gave us. I will also analyze other songs in the album to give you my review on the complete album.

Let's remind ourselves that this article is based completely on my opinions and experiences. I do not expect you to agree with what I choose to be my favorite tracks in the album, I just wish you are entertained and can experience different points of view. I would also love some feedback about what you think about the album, so I will appreciate if you answer the poll at the end of the article and leave some comments. Please, enjoy!

#5: Let Me Out (feat. Mavis Staples & Pusha T)

This album is full of controversial topics and deep themes, and this track, in particular, may have one of the strongest lyrics. In this song, we are experiencing the thoughts of the oppressed population in America after a political change took part (Trump's election). The fear that this day may come along with the outcome of it created this song. We can see through the voices of Mavis Staples, Pusha T, and 2-D the deep feelings most Americans are feeling, and the themes presented are expressed in a beautiful melody and rhythm that could not be more perfect. The way the words "Let Me Out" in the song are said, like a begging whisper, expresses how people want to get out of this place because of the terrifying changes this will bring. But the rest of the song gives us strength to be ready for all the changes, and that together we can surpass everything. And that's why this song is on this spot, because of its strong lyrics along with amazing moods, melodies, and voices.

#4: Momentz (feat. De La Soul)

Murdoc Niccals from Gorillaz in the studio.
Murdoc Niccals from Gorillaz in the studio. | Source

This song is all about having a good time. Every time I listen to it I cannot stop myself from singing along, dancing, and yelling "Moments!". I believe this is the perfect song to dance and enjoy at a party from all the songs on the album, and probably one of the best have-a-good-time songs from Gorillaz ever. The more I listen to it, the more I love it. I believe this song achieved its purpose of making the listeners enjoy life and dance to the addictive rhythm and melody. Through this track, we experience again the amazing chemistry between De La Soul and Gorillaz, with their non-stop ability to create this band's best songs.

#3: Ascension (feat. Vince Staples)

One of the singles that released first on March 23, 2017, and definitely one of the most catchy ones bearing amazing lyrics. Vince Staples as the main voice expresses how the events that are happening in the world right now may be the beginning of the end of life itself. Therefore, he asks the listener to "ascend" into the next life but enjoy this music while you do it. It may not sound nice, but the ways things are happening and how fast they are happening a person cannot help but feel that the worse times are yet to come. We see it coming, so we might as well enjoy what we have and live the good times that are yet to come. Along with this song's rhythm and melody, we can feel like we can enjoy life while it lasts. So do not hesitate to sing along and dance to this amazing track.

#2: Saturnz Barz (feat. Popcaan)

You knew this one will be on the list somewhere. How could it not? This song was the one that marked Gorillaz's comeback. In addition to being released early as a single along with "Ascension" and 2 more songs, we also got the first official music video of the album. And, who cares if we do not understand the lyrics? We love this song! This mixture of Gorillaz's music style and reggae was a perfect projection of what this band has yet to give to us. Although the lyrics are actually great when you take your time to analyze them, it is not the reason why this song is my second favorite from the whole album. This song has the best catchy tune and melody from the whole album. You cannot help but sing along to this song and once you listen to it, it will stick in your head for days. The instrumentation and mood also complement perfectly the music video which takes your mind away with the amazing animation. Listening to this track makes you think what else can this virtual band give to the world, and makes you wish for a new album already.

Honorable Mentions

  • Charger (feat. Grace Jones)
  • Andromeda (feat. D.R.A.M.)
  • She's My Collar (feat. Kali Uchis)
  • Out Of Body (feat. Kilo Kish, Zebra Katz & Imani Vonshà)

#1: Busted and Blue

Humanz Tour 2017 Promo Picture
Humanz Tour 2017 Promo Picture | Source

I am pretty sure most of you did not expect this spot to be given to this song, but allow me to explain why this is my favorite one in the whole album. Let's begin with the lyrics. There is no other track that contains this level of deepness and emotion within the lyrics as "Busted and Blue". It can be analyzed in many ways, and no matter how you do it, the lyrics are downright beautiful. I could write an essay just about the lyrics of this song so I am going to jump to the next point. Another thing important about this song is the fact that its style is nothing like what Gorillaz have done before, but it fits so beautifully with 2-D's voice. The instruments and sounds used resonate perfectly with the mood and emotions this track is setting. The moment I heard this track, my life changed for four and a half minutes, because I was feeling inside the singer's head and my mind was blowing with emotions. In conclusion, this is one of the most beautiful and deep songs I have ever heard, and the Gorillaz's touch made it my favorite track on the album without a doubt.

Album Overall Opinion


After reading what I had to say about my favorite tracks in the album you might be thinking that I feel like this is Gorillaz's best work, however that is not true. Although I am in love with some of the songs in this album and I enjoy the topics they covered in their lyrics, there are some songs that I completely disliked. The worst song in the album in my opinion is "Sex Murder Party", which I only heard completely once, the rest of the times I skip it after less than a minute of listening to it. There is also a variety of songs that I did not dislike but did not like either, which makes the album a little boring at some points. The album feels divided in two sections: the songs that are product of an amazing muse and the songs that were forced when written. This release started as a series of great inspirations and collaborations but then turned into a "feat. party", which obscures the fact that this is a Gorillaz album and we want to listen to Gorillaz. It is completely OK that they try new things in their songs, but it is important not to forget what is it that the audience enjoys about the band. In conclusion, this was not a bad album, it has amazing songs as explained in this article, but it was not the perfect album that we were expecting because of some disappointing tracks.

Rating: 8 / 10

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this article. If you liked this post I will really appreciate if you leave some feedback and share it with someone who would be interested. Do not forget to answer the poll to let me know which was your favorite track in the album "Humanz" by Gorillaz, and tell me what you think in the comments section. Take care and be happy!

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