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A new arc Anime Naruto Shippuden arrive in May

Updated on May 6, 2016

The official website of the project Naruto shipuden announced that a new arc of the anime will premiere in May. In this new arc material original manga Masashi Kishimoto finally see where the final battle between Team 7 and Kaguya will adapt.

It was also announced that the new opening for this arc will be in charge of J -Rock band Asian Kung-Fu Generation with its theme "Blood Circulator " . This band had previously participated playing the second opening of the series of Naruto.

The last arc of Naruto Shippuden was released on March 3 and Carries the title of Itachi Shinden -hen : Hikari to Yami . This arc is rather to Spin Off 2 volumes of Adapting the novel by Takashi yanen Where Itachi tells His story before entering the main storyline

XD not interesting , this is my first " hubs " also try to put it in English so that everyone can read ammm ... forgive if my translation is not good but what is XD .. I hope you like leave your comment , all criticism is welcome ( always politely) bye until the next


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