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Top 5 of Will Smiths Domestic Box Office Hits

Updated on October 19, 2015

Will Smith has had alot of success in the music industry, with songs like Parents don't Understand and Summertime, as a rapper, and on TV as a actor on the sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel air, but his biggest rise to super stardom, is his success as a movie star in the movie business.

Although, Will Smith has alot more than 5 domestic box office hits, We are going to talk about his top 5 domestic box office hits, The 1996 Independence day, 2007s I am Legend, 1997s Men in Black, 2008s Hancock and 2002s Men in Black 2.

Will Smith was just finishing the last season of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, when the movie independence Day came out in 1996. Even though Will has been in other movies like,1992s Where the day takes you and 1993s Six degrees of Seperation. Independence Day was Will Smiths first domestic box office hit over 100 million.

1996 Independence Day Domestic Box Office $306,169,255

In Independence Day, Will Smith plays a U.S. Marine Corp fighter pilot named Capt Steve Hiller, who saves the world from ailiens with the help of a computer expert, played by Jeff Godlblum, who discovers that there is a attack from the ailiens coming in a couple of days which is coming on July the 4. Jeff Goldblum and his father played by Judd Hirsh, go to warn the president played by Bill Pullman, that an ailien attack is coming in a couple of days, and at first the president dosen't believe them, then the ailiens start attacking, and then the president recruits anybody that can fly a plane and fight, and some volunteer. Jeff Goldblum figures out a way to stop them from the source , and him and Will Smith go and attack and kill them at the source, while the other pilots , including the president himself,, fight the other ailiens.

2007 I am Legend Domestic Box Office $256,393,010

Will Smiths second domestic box office hit is the 2007 movie" I am Legend" Will Smith plays a former U.S. medical Dr. Neville. There was a worldwide virus, and in 2009 they thought they found a cure for cancer, but something went wrong and 90 percent of the population was killed, but only 10 percent survived, but they turned into these monsters called darkseekers. Will Smiths character is now the only man alive, living out side of Manhattan New York. He goes back to New York and runs into these dark seekers. Meanwhile while hes is doing that, he is being tracked by this woman named Anna played by Alice Braga, who is immune to the disease, like Wills character, and a liittle boy named ethan played by Charlie Tahan. They fight the dark seekers, and Will realizes the only way to save the world is to die with them.

1997 Men In Black Domestic Box Office $250,690,539

Will Smiths third domestic box hit, was 1997s Men In Black. Will Smith plays a New York cop,named James Darrell Edward the third, who is recruited by agent K, played by Tommy lee Jones, into this secret organization called the "Men In Black" who polices ailien activity. The reason that Agent K played by Tommy Lee Jones recruits Will character, is because his old partner retired and he is training Wills character to replace him. He give Will a card and ask him to think about it, before he make his decision. Wills character decides to join the "Men in Black", but first, he must pass certain test to be considered, and he passes with fying colors. Basically Will has to give up is old identity, and he becomes agent j and him and agent k fights the ailiens and at the end , agent k retires , and Will character , gets a new partner agent L.

2008 Hancock Domestic Box Office $227,946,274

Will Smiths fourth domestic box office hit is 2008s Hancock. Will plays a super hero named John Hancock,who is an alcoholic,and has amnesia,and is a little ruff around the edges. He saves a corporate public relations expert play by Jason Bateman. Well Jasons character think he can help Hancock with his image. Hancock reluctantly goes along with it , and he cleans Hancock up, and Hancock stars saving people with his new image, One day, Hancock meets Batemans wife played by Charlize Theron and he feels this connection with Batemans wife. Meanwhile this bank robbery happens and Hancock, stops the robbers, and he realizes hes hurt and he has to go the hospital and Charlize character visits and he gets weaker and he finds out that she has the same powers like him, but he cant be close because she will die if he close to her.

2002 Men in Black 2 Domestic Box Office $190,418,803

Will Smiths fifth domestic box office hit is the 2002 sequel "Men in Black" 2. Will returns as agent J and it's five years later, and he has risen to the top and he has no partner, because agent L went back to being the medical examiner. Wills character investigates a murder by a ailien at this pizzeria, where this waitress played by Rosario Dawson works at. The aiien that is responsible for the murder is a ailien played Laura Flynn Boyle. Will character finds out that the Boyles character is looking for the Light of Zartha and she is willing to kill anybody for it, but the case is 25 years old and the only person that help Will solve the case is, Agent K ,Jones character, and Will has to give Agent K his memory back, because J, Wills character, zap his memory in the first movie at his request, and Will has to pull him out of retirement to help him find the light of zartha. Boyles character wreck a little havoc, and Will and Jones finds out that Rosario Dawson character is the light of zartha and she has to leave earth.

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