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My Personal Top 50 Comedy Films: 50 and 49

Updated on May 9, 2013

50. Spaceballs

Obviously a parody of Star Wars and it itself was slightly parodied by Family Guy, though, that could have just been coincidence.

The film's opening, post title introduction sets the tone of things to come. It has you laughing.

President Skroob's (Mel Brooks) planet, Spaceball has wasted all of its air and a solution to the problem needs to be found. That solution is to kidnap princess Vespa (Daphne Zuniga), a marriage dodging princess who is from the planet Druidia.

Druidia of course has plenty of air and in return for the air on Druidia, Druidia will receive its princess back.

Rick Moranis takes the place of Darth Vader and goes by the name of Dark Helmet. The film is clearly exploiting the idea of little man complex and it works pretty well.

Dark Helmet has been given to task of capturing Vespa but he fails when two space bums, Captain Lone Starr (Bill Pullman) and Barf (John Candy) rescue Vespa and her droid just as it is being dragged into Dark Helmet's ship with a tractor beam. The offer of one million space bucks might not be enough, though when Vespa's attitude seems near impossible to deal with.

It is worth mentioning that you should under no circumstances watch David Lynch's Lost Highway any time before or after this film. I would give it at least a month either side.

The film is set in time somewhat and younger viewers will find it hard to get a lot of the references but with good writing a lot of the film still works with or without the parodies.

49. Office Space

A peeved software programmer called Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) hates his job at Initech. His days are spent being bored and feeling somewhat trapped and like a cog in a big machine as he fixes potential banking problems for the upcoming millennium.

Gibbons is not the only one, a friend, Samir Nagheenanajar (Ajay Naidu), also works for the same company and shares Gibbons thoughts and feelings, mainly due to nobody pronouncing his surname correctly.

Also in the office is Michael Bolton (David Herman), who shares his name with the singer and hates the guy.

Finally, on the “good” side of the office we have Milton (Stephen Root), a mild mumbler who is forever being psychologically bullied by the godhead that most people would recognise - the annoying, slimy, insincere, and vile boss of all of the people mentioned above, one Bill Lumbergh (Gary Cole).

Office space is a very distant relation to Fight Club as it is quite similar feeling of pointlessness mix in with a cunning "revenge" plot. Revenge which is based on freedom from monotony and those whole revel and excel in it.

In an act of revenge, Gibbons, Nagheenanajar and Bolton work on and design a piece of software which diverts very small amounts of money from company bank accounts to accounts that they have set up.

Everything seems to be very easy and everything runs smoothly. That is until they check the bank accounts that have been receiving the diverted money. They then realise that they have misplaced a decimal point and the money they are receiving is not so small and they find themselves a few hundred thousand dollars richer in the first few days.


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      5 years ago

      Work Sucks - I like the film already!


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