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Top 50 Comedy Movies: 35

Updated on April 12, 2014

Number 35: Clerks 2

Some people prefer the first Clerks film. I do not. I do not not like it, I just prefer the second film in this series.

The 'Clerks' film series are just a stepping stone away from Office Space. Summarising the drudge of pointless actions for pay which will just keep you a float, so you can work another day. And also like Groundhog Day, you have to choose what you do with your circumstances in order to get the best out of the "cell" you find yourself in. And, I think, that is what Clerks 2 (and the series of course) is based on. The different characters within this web, and how they deal with their circumstances.

While we are here, a third Clerks film arriving; most likely next year, so things may alter as to which Clerks film I prefer. I am truly hoping that the writing and outlook has not dulled over time and the current 'climate' has not made the writing suffer.

Okay, so without further ado, let's talk about Clerks 2!

Clerks 2 starts in a very clever way. It starts with exactly the same setting as the first one, with all the familiar scenery, and black and white, and brings us over to color with the shock of the Quick STOP Groceries store being on fire.

It turns out the fire is Randal's fault as he left the coffee pot on. Randal's main concern about the situation is where he is going to take girls for sex when his mum is home.

Some time in the future, we see Dante Hicks (Brian O'Halloran) picking Randal Graves (Jeff Anderson) up on the way to somewhere. That somewhere is of course, work. And the place of work is a burger joint called Mooby's.

Today is Dante's last day. He is planning to move to Florida with his - wealthy yet controlling - fiancée, Emma Bunting (Jennifer Schwalbach) to start a new life and escape the rat race and his peanuts (minimum wage) job.

Everything in his new location is set out for the first time for Dante. He will be walking into a manager's position of one of Emma's dad's car washes. So why does he have slightly cold feet about the whole trip?

Randal of course is not best pleased about the relationship and more importantly the move. Randal's stance, easy life at work and no doubt lifeline to the normal world is Dante, if he goes, he will lose his best friend (of sorts) but he will also not have such an easy life.

Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith) are still very much a functioning part of the film. They are still drug dealers but this time around they are newborn Christians after a spell in rehab.

Of course Randal finds a co-worker to converse with, or rather, pick on throughout the day. Elias (Trevor Fehrman) is his name and Jesus and Transformers and are his game(s).

The last to arrive is Becky (Rosario Dawson), the manager. It is very clear throughout the film that her and Dante have some sort of chemistry. Chemistry that is not present with Emma.

Throughout the film Dante battles (unknowingly) with the move.

Will he go or will he stay?

Why would he stay and why would he not go?

Quite a few famous and familiar faces can be seen in Clerks 2 as customers, in and outside of the fast food joint. You can spot: Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, Wanda Sykes and Ethan Suplee


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Maaaan, those new LOTR ones are a lot more boring that the first three.. haha


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