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Top 50 Comedy Movies: 40

Updated on June 24, 2013

40: Clockwise

This film was written by the playwright/author, Michael Frayn and stars the genius that is, John Cleese in the main role.

The film stars by demonstrating to us, the viewer, how exact and synchronized Brian Stimpson (John Cleese), the headmaster of a school, is.

In his youth and younger adult life, Stimpson had been very disorganized but over time he has slowly but surely ironed out all of the kinks with his time keeping.

Currently, he revels in his new time keeping while pouncing on those who do not keep time so well as he does.

Stimpson's precision all starts to unwind, though when he leaves a speech he has due to give at an annual headteachers' meeting; on a train, that he was not meant to be on.

Chasing the wrong train, to retrieve his speech, Stimpson misses the train he was supposed to be on.

For the rest of the film, Stimpson grapples with something he has calmly and collectively quantified through a well organized life. That something, is chance and chaos. And, it all seems to be arriving on one day, the most important day of his life - The mentioned, headmasters' annual meeting.

Upon his chaotic journey from Birmingham to Norwich, trying to save lost time but ultimately losing more time, Stimspon runs into an old student, who happens to have a car..

Laura the ex-student ends up being Stimpson's temporary chauffeur and mildly sympathetic helper.

Along the way, Stimpson and his temporary chauffeur (in the spirit of things) randomly meet Pat (Penelope Wilton), who is an old acquaintance of Stimpson. Pat becomes the new weary and stressed chauffeur for the rest of the trip after their freak meeting.


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    • profile image

      Claudia 4 years ago

      Hah - remember this one from when I was a kid!