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Top 50 Sexiest Songs of All Time, Part III

Updated on July 18, 2011

Here is part three of the countdown of the 50 sexiest songs of all time, counting down number from 30 to 21. Well maybe not exactly the sexiest, but more like the most popular songs that are talking about baby-makin'. The is a compilation of the highest performing songs that are solely about the subject matter, based on its ranking on the Billboard's Hot 100 over the past 50+ years.

It's hard to argue with the stats, but I find that my personal 'sexy' list would be arranged a little bit differently. Of course, I wasn't even alive when some of these songs were released, so I didn't get to appreciate it when it was in its glory days. Nevertheless, here it is.

Let me know what you think by leaving some comments at the bottom.

Jump Ahead on the List:

#30) Work It by Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott

Album: Under Construction

Album Released: November 12, 2002

Genre: Hip-Hop


Tidbits: This song helped bring the slang term 'badonkadonk' into the mainstream vocabulary.  My personal favorite lyrics: "...I'm not a prostitute, but I can give you want you want".  The elephant trumpet was used to hide some sexual references.  Missy also used reversion in a few of her tracks after the success of this song.

#29) Slow Hand by The Pointer Sisters

Album: Black & White

Album Released: 1981

Genre: R&B

Label: Planet Records

#28) All I want to do is Make Love to You by Heart

Album: Brigade

Album Released: March 26, 1990

Genre: Hard Rock

Label: Capitol

#27) Love in this Club by Usher featuring Young Jeezy

Album: Here I Stand

Album Released: May 23, 2008

Genre: R&B

Label: LaFace

Tidbit: Rumor has it that the Young Jeezy verse was not originally part of the song.  He showed up one night in the studio after Usher had left and laid down a verse.  Later, Usher heard the verse and liked it, so it became part of the song.  Thickening the plot, Gucci Mane, a Young Jeezy rival, claimed that he was supposed to be on the song until Jeezy came along.

#26) Romantic by Karyn White

Album: Ritual of Love

Album Released: September 10, 1991

Genre: R&B

Label: Warner Bros.

#25) Smack That by Akon featuring Eminem

Album: Konvicted

Album Released: November 14, 2006

Genre: Hip-Hop

Label: Konvict Muzik

#24) Ignition by R. Kelly

Album: Chocolate Factory

Album Released: February 18, 2003

Genre: R&B

Label: Jive, Sony

Timeline: This song came out when I was in high school. It's a wonder I'm not totally burnt out on this song, it was every where back then. Of course every time I hear it, it brings back some pretty cool memories...nothing wrong with that.

Getting Lucky Lyrics: "I'm about to take my key, and stick it in the ignition" is golden, of course following that with "Running her hands through my fro/bouncing on 24s" made it timeless.

#23) Do Me! by Bill Biv Devoe

Album: Posion

Album Released: March 20, 1990

Genre: Hip-hop

Label: MCA

I Like it Raunchy: "Slap it up, flip it, rub it down, oh no!"  This speaks for itself

#22) Freak Me by Silk

Album: Lose Control

Album Released: November 17, 1992

Genre: R&B

Label: Elektra

#21) Shake You Down by Gregory Abbott

Album: Shake you Down

Album Released: September 1986

Genre: Soul/R&B

Label: Columbia

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