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Top 6 Horror Movies to Watch Via Pay Monthly Online Streaming Services This Halloween

Updated on October 15, 2017
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1922 - Netflix Original movie - based on the book of the same title by Stephen King - movie adaptation comes out on Netflix instant streaming on October 20th, 2017 (falls on a Friday)
1922 - Netflix Original movie - based on the book of the same title by Stephen King - movie adaptation comes out on Netflix instant streaming on October 20th, 2017 (falls on a Friday)

1922 Official Trailer - Due out on Netflix instant streaming on October 20th - the 5 day countdown starts today

No.1 - 1922 (Netflix Original movie, 2017)

- Due out on 20th October, 2017

Netflix is brining the scares this Halloween, and one of their most recent trailers is for a new horror movie due out for release on the Netflix instant streaming service on 20th October. If you haven’t already seen the trailer, then we would advice watching it ASAP - 1922 Official Trailer.

1922 is about a small family operating a farm in the United States in the year, 1922. The family has had a tough farming season growing their crops when the husband and wife have a fallout. This leads to the wife deciding to take their son and leave the husband/father forever. The husband/father is a cynical man, and throughout the trailer says, “I believe there is another man residing in every man” (sorry, I may have paraphrased slightly), and takes matters into his own hands in killing his wife (and mother to his only child).

The husband/father dumps the body of his now dead wife in a well on the farming land that he owns. But, things are not settled for too long afterwards, as the father and his son are soon plagued by evil events that shatter their lives. Has the murdered wife come back as the undead to seek revenge on her husband, and is the son safe from the mysterious aftermath of the killing of his mother? Well, we can’t wait to find out next Friday when the movie releases on Netflix instant streaming.

No.2 - Babysitter (Netflix Original movie, 2017)

Another Netflix instant streaming horror movie, and this time the movie has already released onto the online streaming service, and bang on time for Friday the 13th.

This is a Netflix original movie, and since it can be streamed at this very moment in time it would only make sense to grace it with your presence. Babysitter is daunting for the whole family, and the gruesome story will put everyone in the family in a state of complete shock and awe.

This is quite clearly not the work of a silver screen blockbuster showing. But, there are entire scenes where there is complete suspense in wondering just what might happen next. Clearly Netflix have raised the standards for their Halloween themed movies and TV show originals this October.

Babysitter is a brilliant twist on the old fashioned horror remedy for there being a young child left home alone with a babysitter for the late hours. And, this is not at all like the events that would transpire in a Halloween movie starring Michael Myers as the babysitter homed stalker psychopath.

And, although this is not your average slasher 90s horror movie, it has certainly carved itself out its own little horror niche. The babysitter is the psychopath, and her (similarly aged) teen friends are also psychopaths, and they want to cleanse their souls with the blood of the geeky nerds. Perhaps not, but the story does go a little along these lines.

The babysat young premature boy is the end sacrificial soul that must be offered to the spirit world. Once again, perhaps not, but the story definitely moves in this general direction. But, thanks to some badass screen title referencing, the premature boy is an escape artist and is not going to go down without a fight. This is perhaps where teenagers of similar ages may be able to relate to the characters, and there are a lot of quirky fun deaths to be eagerly witnessed in this blessed horror story telling for the teen audiences on Netflix.

No.3 - Scream (1996)

Amazon Prime instant video streaming next, and Scream is the 90s horror slasher flick that got teens circling in groups to go check out the movie on the silver screen. Granted, this is not the scariest horror movie on the planet, but it is the funniest and funnest horror slasher movie on the planet.

Ghostface, the scream-maked-faced psychopath killer for this horror slasher movie, and he has to be the best dressed horror slasher psychopath that there ever was. The white ‘scream’ (based off the famous scream painting) mask; the black cloak, and the razor sharp kitchen-looking knife. The Ghostface psychopath horror slasher outfit is not the most practical outfit for chasing down helpless teenage victims, but it does prevent any definitive knowing for as to who the killer could be.

However, it should seem that the 2000s teenagers did not look upon Scream in the same way as the 90s teens did when the movie first released. And, the 2010’s teenagers even less so, as Scream 4 released in 2011 to a flat out disappointment screen ratings. Scream 4 was critically booed by audiences and critics, and the commercial returns were simply not rewarding enough to green light a fifth Scream instalment.

No.4 - Scream 2 (1997)

Still in the 90s, Scream 2 released onto the silver screens and the 90s teenagers were flooding into movie theatres all over the western hemisphere. Something about a teen killing mysterious friend (of the teen victims) psychopath horror slasher got the teenage movie audiences of the 90s blood thirsty for more Scream movie action.

It was during the time of the Scream 2 release that horror slasher fans were getting tired of Halloween, Friday the 13th, and A Nightmare On Elm Street horror movie franchises. But, Scream 2 was still fresh out of the oven, and given that the franchise was still scorching hot the series prevailed for a second run at the box office, and to no surprise the movie was a commercial and critical success.

What was so great about Scream 2 was its ability to be ironic at every new plot point turn, without angering fans of the horror slasher franchises from a decade earlier. The whole reason for Ghostface existing was Sydney, the leading actress, as it all started a year earlier in Woodsboro High School when her boyfriend and his best friend deciding that they wanted to be famous for escaping a mass murdering psychopath. This time around there is a new mysterious somebody behind the Ghostface costume, and they are even crazier than the original duo that started a copycat trend for psychopaths in Woodsboro.

No.5 - Final Destination (2000)

In the year 2000, horror movies were taking a turn, and this turn was into the unavoidable and yet gruesome movie making tactics; of forcing the movies cast into a terrifying street where something is going to drop accidentally and completely obliterate the persons body.

Final Destination was our first point of contact with this style of horror movie making. Audiences no longer believe in the horror slasher genre as realistic and terrifying, but instead, being overly simplistic in story-telling and nowhere near enough mystery to get every bang for your buck at the silver screen Friday showings.

In Final Destination, a jet airliner carrying more than a hundred passengers explodes after taking off from the runway, but before the plane takes off a young adult boy has a vision of what was about to happen before it happens. The guy proceeds to freak out on the plane whilst still firmly grounded, and him and a select number of other passengers get off the plane before it takes off. Not too long after, the plane takes off and explodes, making a visionary young adult boy the freak that could see death before it even occurs.

This is all hunky dory, and all that is left now from these surviving few from the pre-take off flight for a plane that would not long after crash and burn; was to have the necessary nightmares that would later drift into the abyss, where life could then return back to normal. Tragedies - they happen every day.

However, this is the pre-planned horror movie for the psychopath known as death. Think of this movie as a set of extremely graphic and gory pre-planned murders where the grim-reaper (or, simple tragedies) comes to collect his souls from those who cheater death. The way Final Destination works is that for anyone who cheated death, then death must come and collect the souls in sync order of how the cheating death survivors would have died in the original events before the vision foretelling.

Final Destination is far from being the greatest horror movie in the world, and many have argued on countless occasions on the internet that the rules for death cheating in the Final Destination movie premise are flawed and ridiculous. But, ignoring the neigh sayers, the movie is somewhat enjoyable, especially if you are a teenage minded invincible-belief-manifested human being.

No.6 - The Exorcist (1973)

Anyone remember back in the 80s when The Exorcist first came out on VHS tape, and immediately got banned from retailer store shelves. Apparently, no matter what age restrictions, the movie was simply too graphic in its story telling, and for the leading minds at the time this movie among many things spoke against Christianity and religion, and this could not be accepted for everyday movie viewing.

Then again, who in the 80s even bought VHS tapes, especially given how pricey they were back in those days. By the time any consumer group could possibly form in a workable fashion the ban would have easily been removed anyway, just as long as there was an 18 certificate rating printed on the front cover art design.

The Exorcist was the first successful horror movie of its kind, and the religious works of exorcisms have long been told in horror movies since. The Exorcist was scary, especially for those religious kooks out there, but it was a remarkable foot forward for horror explorations into the spiritual world that has become so popular in the horror genre universe of movie making today, in 2017.

Instant Horror!

Which horror movie are you planning on watching over the Halloween seasonal break?

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