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Top 10 Cinderella Gowns from Film

Updated on August 31, 2017
Lily James as Cinderella
Lily James as Cinderella

The Ten Best Cinderella Ball Gowns

Cinderella is a classic story that gets remade and re-imagined all the time. It was first made as a film in 1899 and was based on fairy tale that in it of itself has been remade and retold over and over again.

The high point of Cinderella is when she dons her magical gown and goes to the ball. Every Cinderella version makes the gown a statement piece but what Film version has the prettiest and most memorable gown of them all?

This List ranks the top ten best gowns that Cinderella has worn in movies.

List is subject to change as there is always a new Cinderella movie just around the corner

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Yanina Zheymo as Cinderella
Yanina Zheymo as Cinderella

Number #10

1947 Version

This is the only Cinderella gown on the list that was made prior to the Disney version which oddly makes it more fresh. This is a Russian Cinderella movie.

It has a pinkish hue which adds to her innocent. There is a butterfly motif which will be seen again in the 2015 version. Innocence is also added into this costume with chiffon element like in the neckline and in the sleeves which into the norm for Cinderella gowns.

Jenna Harrison as Clara, Confessions of a Ugly Step-sister
Jenna Harrison as Clara, Confessions of a Ugly Step-sister

Number #9

Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister

Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister is a TV movie based on a novel of the same name by Gregory Maguire. It was made in 2002

In this version, Clara is the Cinderella character. Her dress is was found in the attic and it her mother's wedding gown.

It is pure white with a wide frilly collar and rich embroidery on the bodice. This gown give Clara a more noble look that makes her look more like a Queen than a mere maiden.

Costume Design by Eve-Marie Arnault and Penny Rose

Hilary Duff as Sam, Another Cinderella Story
Hilary Duff as Sam, Another Cinderella Story

Number #8

Another Cinderella Story

For whatever reason this Teen-High School movie was a guilty pleasure of mine for a while. For whatever reason when it was playing on TV, I would watch it. As it is a Teen version of the Cinderella story, our Cinderella, or Sam, attends a costume party. She is lent the gown by a co-worker/friend along with an ornate mask.

The gown has a prom/wedding style which is fitting for this movie. The dress could have been just another white strapless gown but the beading on the waist really makes this gown special. Th mask she wears also adds an elegant mystery.

Gown Design by Denise Wingate

Anna Kendrick as Cinderella, Into the Woods
Anna Kendrick as Cinderella, Into the Woods

Number #7

Into the Woods

A recent Cinderella is from Into the Woods. This version of Cinderella’s gown is the least derivative gown on the list.

It’s a gold gown with beautiful chiffon details at the neckline and arms.

What is really interesting about this costume is that the silhouette looks like casual dress but the dark rich gold color really elevates this gown into something special.

Gown Design by Colleen Atwood

Brandy as Cinderella
Brandy as Cinderella

Number #6

The 1997 Version

While this movie was technically a TV movie, I’m making an exception for it as it was huge when it came out especially at my school, I remember everyone was talking about it but then again it theater class, it was our thing.

This version was based the Roger and Hammstein musical, which also had another TV version which stared Planetary Treasure Julie Andrews and was done live and also a 1965 version with Lesley-Ann Warren.

The gown just oozes the Disney gown but it mixes in the 90’s fashion with the contrast of satin and a textural chiffon on the skirt. It seems like these two fabric shouldn’t work but they do. The straight off-the-shoulder neckline also looks very 90’s. The dress also features some beaded draping along the arms which is a lovely touch.

Gown Designed by Ellen Mirojnick

 Libuse Safrankova as Cinderella with Pavel Travnícek as the Prince, Three Wishes for Cinderella
Libuse Safrankova as Cinderella with Pavel Travnícek as the Prince, Three Wishes for Cinderella

Number #5

Three Wishes for Cinderella

Three Wishes for Cinderella was made in 1973 and was a collaboration by Czechoslovak and East German, This version of the classic Cinderella tale is very different as Cinderella doesn't have a Fairy Godmother but her wishes come for Hazelnuts given to her by her pet Owl. She also has more interactions with the Prince and seems to enjoy teasing him more that other Cinderellas. This movie is a favorite for many people at Christmas time as it take place in the winter.

Cinderella's Ballgown is very much in the style of the early seventies. The soft pink color stand-out against the snow. It also has a Phoenix motif which can be seen on her train and her sash. The chiffon sleeves and train add a lot of grace to this gown.

Costume design by Theodor Pistek & Günter Schmidt

Gemma Craven as Cinderella, The Slipper and the Rose
Gemma Craven as Cinderella, The Slipper and the Rose

Number #4

The Slipper and the Rose

The Slipper and the Rose is a musical British movie from 1976. It was based on a book by the same name by Bryan Forbes.

All the costumes in this movie are stunning. They all have an 18th century look to them which means nothing really stands out as looking like something from the 70's.

Cinderella's ball gown is very classic in style. It's nearly white but has a soft pink hue. It's adorned with lots ruffle details as well as some sparkles. She also has a wig, as is the style for the movie. The wig has lots of tiny sparkles in it. She also gets a sheer cloak with ruffles on the hood.

If you watch this movie in addition to her Ballgown, her exile gown and wedding gown are lovely too.

Costume design by Julie Harris

Lily James as Cinderella
Lily James as Cinderella

Number #3

The 2015 Version

The latest version of the Cinderella gown made waves even before it the movie was released. This gown is a re-imagined version of the Disney version as this film is a live-action version of the Disney movie.

The 2015 version combines the 1950s with the victorian style, much like the 2012 Anna Karenina movie, though it’s more successful in this movie as it a callback to the Disney movie, which came out 1950, and being fairy tale helps to make the combination more believable. The 50’s can be seen in the silhouette of this costume with its wide skirt and tiny waist.

It has a butterfly motif which is very fitting for Cinderella, or simple Ella in this movie. While it is a blue colors it has layers of fabric to create and iridescent tone that makes her seems to glow. The neckline is off-the-shoulders and has the same puffy details as the Disney gown. There is really no mistaking that this is a Cinderella gown.

Gown Designed by Sandy Powell

Drew Barrymore as Danielle, Ever After
Drew Barrymore as Danielle, Ever After

Number #2

Ever After

Ever After come out at the Girl Power height of the late 90’s. In this movie Cinderella is named Danielle and while she proves she doesn’t need man, she wants one. She really goes to the ball to come clean that she had been lying about who she really was, which is reverse of the classic tale. Also unlike the original Fairy tale story, she doesn’t have the standard good fairy, Fairy Godmother, nope she gets a fairy god Da Vinci.

Within the context of the movie, Danielle’s gown was her mother's gown. The ball is also a costume ball which was also the story mechanic in the Hilary Duff Cinderella movie, however instead of mask she dons angel wings which makes for a stunning entrance.

The gown has an empire waist and a layered skirts. The over-al fabric has beautiful texture with gold tones. It is also decked out in beads which makes it feel special and ethereal. Plus, it has sleeves.

Gown designed by Jenny Beaven

Disney's Cinderella
Disney's Cinderella

Number #1

Disney’s Cinderella

Not only is Disney's Cinderella gown super and I do mean super iconic, it is also the gown that the other Cinderella gowns were based on.

The Disney's Cinderella gown has Sleeping Beauty case of color confusion. In the movie it is without question white-silver color but it has since turned blue in all other depictions of the gown. Personally, I think both version are nice but for this list, let’s just go with the white look.

Cinderella’s ball gown is a mash of different historical styles mingled with 1950 style and unlike the 2015 version where it was an intentional design decision, it was more organic in this movie. The result is a tall puff sleeves and a puffed bustle. She wears a matching headband and a black chocker which elevates this gown. There is a great easy charm to this gown that matches Cinderella’s subdue and dreamy personality.

Cinderella and the Prince dancing, Disney
Cinderella and the Prince dancing, Disney

Which on of these Ball Gowns of Cinderella is you favorite?

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