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Top 7 Psychopaths From the Movies - Updated 31st October, 2017

Updated on November 2, 2017
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

Hannibal Lecter in "Silence of the Lambs" - an insane-asylum imprisoned cannibalistic psychopathic serial killer - he is Dr. Chilton's most prized asset
Hannibal Lecter in "Silence of the Lambs" - an insane-asylum imprisoned cannibalistic psychopathic serial killer - he is Dr. Chilton's most prized asset

1. Hannibal Lecter

Dr. Hannibal Lecter is the asylum imprisoned cannibalistic psychopath that is responsible for a sum of murders, all of which ended their lives with a missing body-part from their person which was later cooked, marinaded, and eaten by Hannibal. Before being captured by the authorities, Hannibal Lecter was a renowned Psychiatrist and luxurious living citizen in the US of A. Hannibal grew-up wealthy after inheriting all of the money and assets left behind by his parents who were killed during World War 2 by the German Nazi’s.

Hannibal loved the finer things in life, and his prized possessions were the grand library of books that he had collected over the years. Hannibal enjoyed listening to classical music, through the soundings of Mozart, and also thought highly of the upperclass sector whereby he found the clients that would quite often become a part of his next fine meal. Hannibal was a chef of his own nature, but ever since he was an adolescent he was violent, stubborn, and thought heavily of those who raised him. There is not much that Hannibal Lecter cannot decipher, and one his great abilities is that of being able to see straight through a persons mindful defences, helping to unlock all of the secrets hidden away within the individuals closet. There is a lot that people like to tie in a knot and store away in darker corners of rooms in the hopes of never having to gaze upon the inners ever again, and it was Hannibal’s job as a brilliant psychiatrist to help individuals accept the inners of their relentless ties to better understand what is causing their discomfort, pains, and burdens that weigh down their thoughts in a daily struggle for mindful control.

Hannibal Lecter has made the cut for our list for the top psychopaths in the movies because of his vast intellect, and various profiling’s with the borderline insane amongst the crowds of disturbed sociopaths and psychopaths. These are the minds that Hannibal Lecter liked the idea of controlling, as often times these individuals would have been seeking out professional help to gain control over their demons, when instead Hannibal would deceit and manipulate these people into unlocking these demons for themselves, often through the acts of ruthless crimes. Hannibal would wonder over his patients, the most disturbed amongst the rest, as the fascination for what they could achieve in the realms of doing the devils work was all but too tempting to pass up.

Hannibal Lecter is the greatest psychopath (from the movies): His works of murders were fables of his own demonic struggles with his otherworldly human minded struggles, and anything that Hannibal took a liking to would either form a close bond with his own fears and insecurities from childhood traumas (as his friends), or they would become his next victim, and Hannibal killed in such dark ages fashion that he would become the worlds most famous cannibalistic psychopath (you know, in the movies world).

2. Jigsaw

Now, this is perhaps the most controversial listing that is being thrown out onto the page for todays post. Jigsaw, the mysterious serial killer behind the sick-twisted-bone-crunching-skull-busting-jaw-breaking-limb-slicing-eye-gouging murders known to movie history. Jigsaw is the notorious serial killer in the Saw franchise, a franchise that has been stretched out over the course of six instalments, not to mention the Saw spin-off “Jigsaw” that has recently released into cinema theatres.

Jigsaw, to his victims appears on a tape through the speaking doll that rides on a three-wheeled bicycle, and this tape plays to its victims the precise rules for the game that they are about to play. The game is simple, the contestants are all locked away in a dungeon-blocked-locked series of rooms, and here they will be forced to test their limitations, and show just how far that they are willing to go to stay alive. If they complete all of the series as part of the games then they are allowed to leave the constraints of their imprisonment with their lives fully in tact.

Jigsaw comes in second place for this list as he is the upmost disgusting of all of the serial killer manifestations, as his will is to torture, torment, and break the minds of strong individuals from the real world who have done wrong by people in some form or another. This serial killer mindset comes after an old man is forced away by the hospital that is treating his cancer after telling him that he will almost certainly die within a certain amount of months, and this prompted him to put other people (who have the health of life by their side) who would bring harm to themselves or others to the ultimate test - by forcing them to play a ruthless game that involves various traps and death games that would make a bear-trap engorged into the ankle bone seem like an easy ride.

3. Patrick Bateman

Here’s a serial killer that knows no boundaries, as he lures people back to his apartment so that he can kill them in glorious violence compassion. Patrick is a highly intelligent stock broker, and has a distaste for anything or anyone that he finds to be of a distaste. He hates the homeless people, he hates the prostitutes, he hates the women, he hates the lower class people, and he is all set to purge. When purge was thinking about its premise for a movie, it would only make sense that they took inspiration from Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.

Patrick Bateman is a germaphobe, a workaholic, a fitness fanatic, a hygienic connoisseur of sorts, and has everything in a certain place that makes it look spick-and-span. His apartment is the perfect blend of the ultimate man of class and sophistication, crossed with a touch a female-like-perfectionism and intellectual psychopathic cleanliness tendencies. It’s not like Patrick can afford to leave behind any blood spatters or traces of skin cells from any of his victims now, can he. But, how can Patrick be so certain, aren’t investigations more thorough nowadays if say detectives were to come sniffing around the place looking for potential suspects of investigated murder cases? Well, Patrick is never one to be on the assertive side if it isn’t on the side of extra precaution - as such, Patrick puts down plastic mats before he does any murder home activities. On top of this, Patrick also wears plastic coverage clothing over his suit so that none of the blood splatters on his clothing, as this would be a nightmare to wash-out, and worst of all hide all evidence from police investigative teams snooping around.

4. Anton Chigurh

This is a character that many may find difficult to place from the extensive library of movies with psychopaths, and this is the perfectly combed dark-haired psychopath from No Country for Old Men, the 2007 movie directed by The Coen Brothers. Anton Chigurh is played by Javier Bardem, and is the perfect psychopath for hire when tracking down dangerous men to retrieve a large sum of cash for the cartel.

Anton Chigurh kills a local county deputy police officer, two work colleagues (or so it seemed), 3 Mexican cartel troops, a contract killer, and is on the hunt for the retrieval of the suit case filled with Cartel money, and it is Anton’s job to retrieve the money and kill all that stand in his way (probably, because they also don’t want any loose-ends). Llewelyn Moss is the local hunter in Texas that comes across the cartel drug deal gone terribly wrong out in the middle of the desert leaving nothing but a bunch of dead men and dogs, a whole heap load of cocaine and a suitcase filled with American dollar cash. Llewelyn takes the money, but is soon hunted down by Anton, the psychopathic hitman working for the cartel, and even if Llewelyn gave Anton the money without any fuss, then well, Anton will kill Llewelyn just for the trouble and inconveniencing that he has caused him in doing his job.

Texas is a dangerous place, and this movie does sure clarify that the Texan desert may not all be the best place for the elderly, given the level of gun ownership and meaningless violence between large drug deals out in the open desert. This is a come by chance movie, and offers some great insight into the mind of a lunatic psychopath like Anton, and he is so great that at no point do you ever ask for his name, not that he would be too kind about giving it to anyone.

5. Jason

Friday the 13th dawned a time where there would be horror slasher movies gaining cult attractions from the wider audiences, and Jason - the machete wielding psychopath in the second Friday the 13th movie onwards is one of cinematic simplicities at its finest. Jason lives in the grounds of Camp Crystal, and tale has it that Jason was once a young boy at the Camp Crystal summer camp, and after being thrown into the lake water he drowned, and Jason’s mother returned to Camp Crystal the following summer to seek revenge in killing the counsellors who were not doing their jobs properly in watching her boy, Jason, and as a result he died in that water. Jason’s mother was killed by one of the counsellors who was forced to kill the now-gone insane woman, and legend has it that before Jason’s mother died she brought Jason back to life from the dead to take his revenge.

The writers for Friday the 13th clearly saw the franchise potential after the first was a cult-classic hit, and the psychopath killer for the story changed from the unhinged mother of a dead boy who drowned at Camp Crystal, to the risen boy who drowned all of those years ago - now an unstoppable man who wears a sack for a mask to cover his face. Yeah, the sack hat wasn’t very befitting for the iconic slasher psychopath, so fans were pleased when Jason came across the hockey mask and ultimately decided to make the upgrade to the real badass of Camp Crystal.

Far from the dawn of Friday the 13th, in 2009 there was the remake for the movie by the same title, “Friday the 13th”, and the aim was to update the movie to the current times, and this made for a gruesome return from Jason after a group of friends turn up to their lake house to party. Jason, as before, starts out with a sack for a mask, but after killing the irritating guy from the wood chiselling outhouse he soon finds a white hockey mask from the attic where he has just killed his first victim (assumably, for some time). However, the older brother of a now missing young girl turns up at Crystal Lake trying to find his sister, when he crosses paths with the group of partying friends, and it isn’t long until Jason is on the move hunting down each and every one of them. Jason was a lean, mean, machete-wielding killing machine, and there is precisely no one that can stop his furious anger that could only be born through revenge.

Jason is the greatest psychopath from the horror slasher sub-genre because he the strongest, the most visually striking, the one with the good backstory, and he does not have any creepy hidden agendas. The brutality of Jason’s presence hits the audiences to the core of their mindless thinking, and Jason is resurrected from the dead (most likely, but never proven) which is entertaining in all of the actionable ways, but there is a subtle hint of drama for mindful thinking from Jason that sets the tone for the movies final plot (you know, the final turn of the wheel before it is all over).

6. Ghostface

Thinking about horror slasher movies most people probably turn to the Halloween or Friday the 13th franchises, when in actual fact there is a third hand on the table, and this is Scream, the movie picturing the slasher psychopath Ghostface. Now, Ghostface is not the most badass of slasher psychopaths, but he/she is ridiculously mysterious in a comical way that still retains its inner juices - in that the horror themes are still kept relevant without disturbing the movies flow and drive to keep the audiences attention at max volume.

Ghostface is the psychopath from “Scream”, and his psychopathic outfit of choice is one that is striking without any means of attempting to be subtle, as he wears a black cloaked uniform that reaches down to the black military boots, and his mask is also designed to be cloaked (in that it wraps all of the way around the head) with a Scream designed facial front, inspired by the famous scream painting.

In a nut-shell Scream is about a series of mysterious killings, and all of the victims are high school kids from Woodsboro High, and it is all down to the local sheriffs department to find out who the killer is so that they can apprehend them into custody. There is a satire theme, as it would clearly be left up to the state police to take over the investigation, but nope, the job is all left down to the local sheriffs department for a small town. Sidney is the reoccurring victim for the story, but somehow she always seems to escape unharmed, and all the while that the chase is on to catch Sidney the fully outfitted psychopath starts stumbling all over the place and misses every swipe of the knife whilst taking deadly blows, and all the while no-one in the audience is concerned over just why this might be.

7. Michael Myers

When Halloween is in the air and there is blood spurting out of the walls inside of your mind, then perhaps now is the time when you might want to watch Halloween, the movie that dawned a new mega cult horror-slasher franchise that would make its psychopath killer Michael Myers a horror icon for the ages. Michael Myers is a psychopath that escapes from a mental institute asylum-type facility, and he is built like he was made to be pitched up against Jason (Friday the 13th) for a duel to the death.

Michael Myers wears an overall and a mask that goes over the head, another cleverly made psychopath that cannot be seen as an identity in the Halloween movies. Myers is another silenced dark soul from the deep and hollow sanctions of hell, and after escaping the asylum he goes back to the town where he grew-up to find his youngest sister, who now lives with her adopted parents and has never met or heard of Michael Myers.

What Michael wants is difficult to tell, but he is extremely dangerous and he is going to kill everyone that gets in his way. The mystery of never truly knowing who the villain is, is also the reason why so many people enjoy the Halloween movies, as Michael Myers is only a mask and a recognisable outfit. Myer’s weapon of choice is typically the kitchen knife, but he has been known to use various other teen-killing techniques. Well, when a horror slasher movie wants to appeal to teen audiences, they put a giant in a creative outfit that will make a statement, and find the most badass Halloween costume mask that they can find.

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