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Top 7 YouTube Channels: Merchandise: Dream Giftbag - Episode #6

Updated on October 14, 2017
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

"Don't Forget to Be Awesome" - Calling all 'Nerd Fighters': All your merchandise needs are waiting for you over at
"Don't Forget to Be Awesome" - Calling all 'Nerd Fighters': All your merchandise needs are waiting for you over at

Best YouTube Channel’s Top Merchandise: SepticEye, PointlessBlogVlogs, Zoella, Vanoss Gaming, Casey Neistat, vlogbrothers, and Ali-A

No PewDiePie today. But you can check out our first Entertainment Merchandise - Dream Gift Bag - Episode which sole focus was on the PewDiePie merchandise. Since, we have made an effortful start on covering the Halloween season with everything that comes in the form of fear and shock-jump surprises in the avenue of dedicated entertainment merchandise, all of which have been horror themed.

So far, we have covered the 90s Horror Movie Merchandise, the 2000s Horror Movie Merchandise, Slasher Movie Merchandise, and expect to see a lot more merchandise episodes focusing on the scare-fest that comes direct from the horror universe.

These YouTube channels have been chosen off the basis that they all create great merchandise goodies as a part of their YouTube channel business model. This should come as a good sign that these guys know how to keep their audiences level of interest in their work. Video-gaming, video-blogging, personality contests, funny challenges, and these are only a few of the reasons that these YouTube channels have formed such a loyal fan following.

Why would anyone want to own a YouTube channels merchandise? Well, for a start these channels operate more or less as a business. Enjoy the continuation of watching a YouTube channels videos, then why not wear some cool merchandise as a badge of honour for what these channels have achieved.

No.7 - JackSepticEye - 16 million subscribers Merchandise

Enjoy video-games? Yeah. Then Jack Septic Eye is one to watch.

Top Picks

(Sources:, and

  • SepticEye Sam Plush - £14.99 - (popular) - Available at
  • Jumbo Sam Plush (the large sized plush) - £39.99 - Available at
  • JackSepticEye Cap - £19.99 - Available at
  • Gold SepticEye Charity T-Shirt - £22.99 - available in all sizes - Available at
  • SepticEye Phone Case - available in sizes covering all iPhones - £13.99 - Available at

Other Picks

  • JackSepticEye Logo T-Shirt - (unisex) - £15.12 - Available at
  • JSE-Eyes All Over - £10.00 - Available at
  • JSE-Eyes All Over - Throw Pillow - available in different sizes - prices start at £14.99 - Available at
  • Crumbled Pixels | JackSepticEye - Throw Pillow - available in different sizes - prices start at £14.99 - Available at

No.6 - PointlessBlogVlogs - 4 million subscribers - Merchandise

Top Picks

(all listed below items for PointlessBlog merchandise can be located at

  • PointlessBlog Rucksack - £19.99
  • PointlessBlog Grey Beanie - £12.99
  • PointlessBlog Hoodie - black - £19.99
  • PointlessBlog Hoodie - grey - £19.99
  • PointlessBlog T-Shirt - Black - £12.99
  • PointlessBlog T-Shirt - also available in; green, blue, white, pink, grey - £12.99
  • PointlessBlog Sweatshirt - black or grey - £16.99
  • PointlessBlog Phone Case - available in sizes for all iPhone generations - available in sizes for Samsung Galaxy S5 - present - black or white - £9.99
  • PointlessBlog Notepad - black - £12.99
  • PointlessBlog Wristbands - available in all colour options - £2.99 (each)
  • PointlessBlog Necklace - £12.99
  • PointlessBlog Popsockets - black or white - £8.99
  • PointlessBlog Signed Poster - £9.99

No.5 - Zoella - 12 million subscribers - Merchandise

(for Zoella, forget merchandise and think shop, as Zoella is a retail brand that sells her own range of clothing and accessories over at - currently has a Halloween themed web design)

But… we have still included Zoella merchandise...

Top Picks

(Sources:,, and

  • Deer Beanie Antlers Zoella Zoe Sugg Grey Beanies Hat Cap (KYOU KYOUSTUFF) - £13.46 - Available at
  • Zoella - Dreams - Throw Pillow - available in different sizes - prices start at £14.99 - Available at
  • Guys T-Shirt - “I didn’t choose the Sugg life. The Sugg life chose me” - available in different sizes - £14.50 - Available at
  • YouTubers names (all the greatest in a collage design - including Zoella) - Throw Pillow - available in different sizes - prices start at £14.46 - Available at
  • “I didn’t choose the Sugg life. The Sugg life chose me” - Throw Pillow - Available in different sizes - Prices start at £13.92
  • Zoella - Pink and Purple Print - Duvet Covers - available in different sizes - prices start at £75.00

Other Top Picks

  • Sugg Life Halloween Jumper - £24.99 - Available at
  • Signed 2017 Rewind Calendar - (sale) - £6.49 - Available at
  • A2 Poster - “I didn’t choose the Sugg life. The Sugg life chose me” - £9.99 - Available at
  • “I Love Run to Burn Off the Crazy” - ladies tank top - available in all sizes - available in all colours - prices start at £11.67 - Available at

Want more Zoella…?

Then, think home.


  • Throw Pillows - Diffusers - Storage Pots - Fragrances - Journals - Notebooks - Candles - and, even Pencils

No.4 - Vanoss Gaming - 21 million subscribers - Merchandise

Top Picks

(all listed items below for Vanoss Gaming can be found at

  • Vanoss Limited Run Mask - $39.99
  • Vanoss Limited Run Hero Suit - $39.99
  • Vanoss Blackjack Poster - $9.99
  • Vanoss | White Logo T-Shirt - $21.99
  • Vanoss | Black Logo T-Shirt - $21.99
  • Vanoss | Limited Edition Gold Logo Snapback Hat Box Set - $49.99
  • Vanoss | Black Logo Snapback Hat - $24.99

Other Top Picks

(Other sources:

  • BatOwl Summer Camp - Vanoss Inspired - £20.75 - Available at
  • Gamer Pro VGaming - Duvet Covers - available in different sizes - prices start at £64.00 - Available at

No.3 - Casey Neistat - 7 million subscribers - Merchandise


  • Motivational Wall Poster - “A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish”. Home College Decor. - available in different sizes - prices start at £24.91 - Available at
  • “Do What You Can’t” T-Shirt - available in different sizes - prices start at $14.00 - Available at
  • Casey Neistat Logo Black T-Shirt - available in different sizes - prices start at $14.00 - Available at
  • For more Casey Neistat merchandise, be sure to check out, and

No.2 - vlogbrothers - 3 million subscribers - Merchandise

The admiration that we show for the vlogbrothers is endless, and it has always been a breath of fresh air to hear such wonderful stories from the Nerd Fighters down in the comments section for the vlogbrothers YouTube channel videos.

Talking about vlogbrothers merchandise, the first place to go check out is (Don’t Forget to Be Awesome), as this is the official merchandise site for the vlogbrothers YouTube channel.

The two brothers who host the vlogbrothers YouTube channel, John Green and Hank Green, have both brought to the table expertise and knowledge in certain topics to share with their audiences. Every topic of conversation covered on the vlogbrothers channels has been properly, and accurately researched beforehand using the expertise of individuals who work for the brothers on their channel. John Green has mentioned a few times in his own hosted videos that the channel has hired one of their former teachers at the school they once went to so they could scramble together presentations for their audiences.

John Green, the Friday vlogbrothers host, is a fictional novelist of teenage drama, and originally blew up on the New York Times Bestsellers list after the success of A Fault in Our Stars, a book so successful that it spawned a movie adaptation by the same name that was a critical and commercial success. There is no doubt the success of the movie added to the success of John Green’s book, but his talent as a writer is indisputable.

Hank Green, the Tuesday vlogbrothers host, has been utilising his work on YouTube by setting up two separate channels, one focusing on science and the other focusing on video-gaming, and both are exceptional channels for the video-sharing medium. Plus, Hank has recently explained how he has been writing his own book, and only time will tell for as to whether or not this book could be strong competition for John Green’s fictional writing works.

Top Picks

(all listed items below for vlogbrothers can be found at

  • “Being Happy is Letting Go of What Slows You Down” T-Shirt - available in different sizes - $20.00
  • “Being Happy is Letting Go of What Slows You Down” Tank Top - available in different sizes - $20.00
  • 2D Glasses (by Hank Green) - $8.00
  • Tempest-Tost Poster - $10.00
  • Project for Awesome 2015 Poster - $10.00
  • Beats the Alternative Poster - $10.00

(a quick for-your-information: DFTBA has a poster for everyone)

  • Cup of Kindness Mug - $13.00
  • Hey Shhh Don’t Mug - $13.00
  • Restricted Section Laptop Decal - $10.00

No.1 - Ali-A - 9 million subscribers - Merchandise

Top Picks

(all listed items below for Ali-A can be found at

  • Ali-A Snapback - £24.99
  • Ali-A Combi Deal - includes Ali-A T-Shirt and Ali-A Backpack - (for boys) - £44.48
  • Ali-A Backpack - £39.99
  • Ali-A Long Sleeve Jersey - (for boys) - £24.99
  • Medium Print Ali-A T-Shirt - (for boys) - £19.99
  • AlwaysGrindin T-Shirt - (for boys) - £19.99
  • Always Grindin Sweater - (for boys) - £34.99
  • Always Grindin Hoodie - (for boys) - £34.99
  • Zombie T-Shirt - black or white - (for boys) - £19.99
  • Ali-A Zipped Hoodie - (for boys) - £34.99
  • Ali-A Long Tee - (for boys) - £25.99
  • Ali-A Shorts - (for boys) - £29.99
  • Ali-A Pocket T-Shirt - (for boys) - £19.99
  • Ali-A Fidget Spinner - £6.99
  • Ali-A Trainer Cap - £14.99
  • Ali-A Giftcard - from £10.00

© 2017 Dreammore


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