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Top 8 smartest characters of Naruto!

Updated on August 21, 2016
All 5 Kages
All 5 Kages
Shikamaru thinking his next move
Shikamaru thinking his next move

8: Shikamaru

Although he wasn’t seen as a notorious leader in the series, he definitely was an important role as a leader. Although he’s lazy, he is one of the smartest characters in Naruto. As a child, he was put in charge of tactic missions with his teams and others as well. Shikamaru became the first Chunin of his age although he failed to win the competition in the Chunin exams, because he was able to predict an outcome that he would lose, the higher-ups knew this was good for leadership. This is where he really began to takes reigns on having to be a leader to his Genin-classmates. His father was just as capable as Shikamaru, if not – more. But in the series we didn’t get to see too much of him being a leader. Not to mention, Shikamaru was Gaara’s right-hand-man and proxy commander for the 4th division in the 4th Ninja War.

Minato and Kushina protecting baby Naruto
Minato and Kushina protecting baby Naruto

7: Minato

Minato was the sensei to Rin, Kakashi & Obito early in his career. Kakashi and Obito turned out being extremely notable characters to watch out for throughout the series and Minato was a great cause for that. As a leader, it’s generally a responsibility to protect the people he led, and as fourth Hokage, Minato did that to a Tee, when the nine-tails fox attacked his village, Konoha, he gave up his life to be rid the demon beast and seal it inside of his newborn son Naruto. This man took extreme lengths to protect the people he had a responsibility for.

Hanzou of Salamander vs The 3 Sannin
Hanzou of Salamander vs The 3 Sannin

6: Hanzou

Although not much of Hanzou of the Salamander is known, he was definitely known as a leader. He had become well known by the shinobi world in the second ninja world war and was the leader of Amagekure. He had given the famous title of Konoha’s Three Legendary Ninja to Orochimaru, Jiraiya & Tsunade after a hard-fought battle against the 3 in the war. Hanzou had an army of followers and manipulated the likes of Yahiko in thinking he would help end the way and Danzo to take out Yahiko after that accusation. Hanzou was a Kage-level ninja but chose the life of an antagonist.

Konan - Yahiko - Nagato
Konan - Yahiko - Nagato

5: Yahiko

Yahiko and his two best friends, Konan and Nagato were on a road to creating peace in the middle of the 2nd ninja world war after being trained by Jiraiya as children. Yahiko had many followers in this jump to piece, an army you could say and even caught the attention of the powerful Hanzou. As Hanzou felt Yahiko was a threat to his plans, Hanzou sneaked death right under Yahiko’s chin because he knew that Yahiko was on a correct path to succeeding in the peace he was bringing to the world.

Jiraya & Naruto
Jiraya & Naruto

4: Jiraiya

Jiraiya was infamous as one of the three Sanin and also was the sensei to the young Minato. Minato then took those training methods from his sensei and passed it down to his pupil, Kakashi and as did Kakashi did the same to Minato’s son, Naruto. All three of those men became Hokage and Jiraiya was also offered to become 5th Hokage, but he decided to do studies for his books and keep an eye on Akatsuki. Not only was he a sensei to Minato, he also trained Minato’s jinchuriki son, Naruto in being major help controlling his nine-tails chakra and to unlock Sage mode. Jiraiya also pulled the Ame Orphans (Nagato, Konan & Yahiko) out of harm ways and taught them to defend themselves. Later on, being the originators of the Akatsuki without Jiraiya having a clue just before his death. Jiraiya was famous for many things, and being a teacher was one of them.


3: Kakashi

Leading Team 7 (Sasuke, Naruto & Sakura) into eventually being the most powerful ninja’s of their time, Kakashi also took over the same generation teams Team 8 (Shino, Kiba & Hinata) & Team 10 (Shikamaru, Choji & Ino) in replacement for Asuma & Kurenai. He also led a squad in the Anbu forces in Konoha. Although he may have seemed to act like it was a drag to be in charge at times, he was notably one of the strongest ninja’s and extremely intelligent. He led the 3rd division of mid-range and close-range combatants in the 4th Great Shinobi War. Later on, he also took over as 6th Hokage of the Hidden Leaf.

Orochimaru attacking Itachi
Orochimaru attacking Itachi

2: Orochimaru

Orochimaru is the cause for many conflicts in the series, and having an army of experiments was definitely a major key in his success. Many of his experiments hated Orochimaru but many were also thankful for him as to calling him their master. Constantly offering his subordinates power and strength, Orochimaru always stayed in the shadows and always had plans that were usually a success. Orochimaru kind of had a small army that would attack in small portions, rather than to all attack at once. His fortune as a scientist even led to the awakening of Shin Uchiha in the Boruto series. His main goal was to always ensure he had a container body to use so that he could stay immortal. Kabuto was his most promising ally in conducting in experiments and Orochimaru may have been one of the smartest ninja’s ever. At this time in the series, Sasuke was his target and he succeeded in convincing Sasuke by offering off-the-charts power and how to use it. Although his reign ended when Sasuke killed him while he was weak, Orochimaru had returned back to life. We’ve yet to see what else he has up his sleeves.


1: First Hokage, Hashirama Senju

A leadership so influential, he was given the name “God of Shinobi”. Hashirama and Madara came up with the concept of creating the villages for shinobi and although Madara fell through and had different plans, Hashirama followed through and ran a revolution. He came up with the concept of the academy, the rules, the loyalty of shinobi followed in his footsteps and he was first Hokage and also the first ever Kage. His techniques were such unique, that the Hidden Village tried to explant his cells into other human beings. Only Orochimaru had success in one of his hundreds attempts.

Who is your favourite leader?

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How about you guys? Who do you think is suitable to be in the Top 3? Leave your suggestions in the comment section down below. Have a nice day!


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