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Top Beatles Hits

Updated on October 10, 2012

It was 50 years ago today as The Beatles nearly sang. Well it was certainly 50 years ago this month that they released their first single “Love Me Do” in the UK and so I thought I would use that as an opportunity to think of my own Top 10 from their hits.

Whether you heard the songs at the time or much later on there is no doubt that they are still among the best records made and not just for that era. Maybe because they didn’t follow the musical fashions but instead they were setting it most of their songs still sound fresh today and don’t have a lot to date their songs as a lot of other 60’s acts seemed to, such as a sound that was fine for a short period but could quickly become unfashionable. Maybe it was the instruments they used, the style of singing or even using 60’s type of words such as groovy a lot of songs sounded dated very quickly but The Beatles seemed to not be touched by the changes of fashion at the time and even now their music is still something good to be listened to and not just in a nostalgic way.

So this is my own top 10 from their singles, not based on sales but just on my own liking for a song. But I am writing it today with this particular list and it is definitely not set in stone as I could easily change my mind about some before the day is out as there are so many great songs to choose from. In fact I could probably do 5 lists over 5 days and each one could well look very different such are the choices.

But I am trying to cover the different styles and genres of their music rather than just concentrate on a particular era. They had rock and roll and r and b in their early albums, pop music, folk, psychedelic pop, back to a more rock sound at the end of the 60’s and so I will try and look across the whole of their career and pick a few classics from the Lennon and McCartney songbook.


A great song originally released as a double A sided single in early 1967 along with STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER. Not a bad single to own with 2 classic pop songs but it was fated to miss out on the number 1 position in the UK charts behind Engelbert Humperdinck's 'Release Me' and was their first single to miss out on the number 1 position in 12 attempts,or 4 years.


A number 1 hit around the World from 1965 when everything they recorded sold massively but also sounded great.


Another massive hit from 1965. This was originally a double A sided single along with WE CAN WORK IT OUT, which is another great song and unlucky not to feature in this list.


A great song from 1966,another massive hit and supposedly it was written partly by Paul McCartney about John Lennons desire to become a writer after releasing a couple of books with his poems and stories.

6. HELP!

Another massive hit from 1965. This was from the album and film of the same kame.The folk rock style used here shows they have been influenced by Bob Dylan at this time,and he in turn became influenced by them.


A worldwide hit from summer 1967 and the lyrics and production seem steeped in the drugs and hippy culture of that summer of love. Others might have went on to record similar types of songs, but noy many done it as well.


A song that was released as their second single in January 1963. Some charts said it had got to number 1 while others said that it peaked at number 2. What can't be denied though is that it is a classic piece of pop music played and sung passionately throughout.


Another fairly early single,released in 1964. Maybe not an obvious choice but a great single. It starts with one of the first cases of feedback being played on a record. Certainly from a pop group. It has simple lyrics and music but again is played and sung so passionately and powerfully that it is hard to beat.


Was released in 1968 and as expected became another massive hit. Was their first single released on their own 'Apple' record label and was an instant classic. Great song that i could have easily have chosen as number 1. Maybe tomorrow i would!


For my number 1 song i have gone for STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER. As already mentioned was a double A sided single with PENNY LANE FROM 1967. A great song from the era and style of psychedelic pop music when serious drug taking was everywhere. But again this is much more than most of their peers were capable of. The melodies and lyrics are superb and through the decades it has always sounded good and has easily stood the test of time.

As i said at the start though they had so many great songs and singles that i could easily change my list a few times. Sometimes i might think of STRAWBERRY FIELDS as their best and other times HEYJUDE but it is just a pleasure to listen to such great music nearly half a century on from when it was recorded and for them to still sound so fresh.


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