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Cancelled Cartoons I Miss as a Kid

Updated on January 14, 2018

Oh, dear forgotten cartoons...

OK, cartoons are one thing everyone shares. Sure, people may have their preferences in art style, genre, and subject. But you have to be crazy to not have watched a single cartoon in your life and not enjoy it at least a little bit. Its probably one of the few things that keeps us underappreciated geeks and weirdos from ending it all and leaving a note telling our loved ones to bury us with our toy collections.

Well that got dark fast! But seriously, there are a few cartoons that I loved to just lay back and watch when I was younger. Of course some people just doesn't understand our pain. Like that random dude you would see walking down the street with that fine coat and shoes, his golden watch sparkling in the sunlight as he hurried to who knows where with a cup of fresh coffee. Some of us can tell that that a person who has no idea how hard it is to lose a beloved cartoon. *Sniffles*

Lets do, what? Five cartoons? Ya, that sounds like a good number. I always loved that number.

Number five! Courage the cowardly dog. I always loved that mutt's English like babbling as he tried to save his owners. Which was like...everyday. Man, I wish I had that kind of loyalty and determination. He even tried to save the mean old man. The owners weren't that bad, to be honest. Of course, that doesn't mean they weren't as dumb as rocks. It was cancelled due to many mom's complaining that it was *Cough* *Cough* Lesbian Symbolism. *Cough* I mean, come on. It was one episode that triggered this. So some ladies out there don't like the show. Just stop watching it. You don't want your kids watching it, stop them from watching it. Just don't ruin it for everyone that likes it. Don't threaten to sue the creators for something like that!

Number four! CodeName: Kids next door. First of all, I have no idea if it was really cancelled or not. All I know is that it stopped showing up on my TV channel. The art style was very good and I just loved the concept. The rebellion of Kids against adults world wide just excited me. Oh, how I wish to watch them kick butts again. They were so cute two! If any of you readers out there knows what happened, leave the details in the comments below. Thank you~

Number three! Everyone should know this one, but I wouldn't blame you if you didn't know this. I would blame your parents and friends. Invader Zim! Everything was just amazing in this animated series. From the colors to the graphics. The characters were all so interesting. Dib was the geekiest of all. *Whispers* i love you Dib. Anyways, the originality was just so inspiring. I even made a few of my own OCs. But hey, OCs are overrated these days! This very much loved cartoon was cancelled due to violence, low ratings, and Spongebob Squarepants! Stop being so stupidly adorable you smiling yellow sponge of cuteness!

Number 2! They better bring this show back. Because He gotta catch em all, Cause he's Danny phantom! This goof ball of a half ghost is to kind! To both ghosts and humans! Unless they were jerks. Go get em Danny. Both sending ghosts back to their own zone and juggling school as well! How does he survive along with the crazy Danny Phantom fans and the even more crazy ghosts out to get him? His parents aren't really helping his case. The only thing keeping him going is his determination and his best friends, Tucker and Sam. But no one knows he's half ghost except for his best friends, sister, and another half ghost. So shh. This poor teen, however, was hanged on the wall with the rest of the cancelled shows. But not for a stupid reason. It actually cost to much to be kept going. The show got poor ratings, plus the creator had to end it with a final movie to keep viewers from being thrown a cliffhanger. What a generous man.

And finally for number 1, Teen Titans. A very popular show indeed. Though, five seasons and sixty-six episodes later, the creators decided to be lazy and make a finale with a last movie to wrap everything up. Another theory is also because the creators and produces might of already had so many episodes, that they could just play them as reruns to get some more money. Yup. So disappointing.

Well, that's all. Though, there are still many more cancelled shows that i missed. And I can only dream that someone would pick up these poor cartoons and bring them back to their former glory!


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