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Classic Christmas Movies for Festival Season - Films Based Life of Jesus Christ

Updated on December 18, 2013

A Christmas Season For Films

Why can’t you make this Christmas season different? The best Christmas films may give great enjoyment to your minds. Welcome to the world of ten popular Christmas films. We can consider the films like ‘DIE HARD’ the action thriller, comedy films like ‘HOME ALONE’, Arnold’s films like ‘JUNGLE OF THE WAY’ etc as the Christmas films.

There will not be any years in the world film without Christmas films. Also there will be some classic films of Charles Dickens like ‘A CHRISTMAS CAROL’ as 3D IMAX (WALT DISNEY 2009-June) may amaze the audience. There are no more details about these films in this hub, also not showing bad in this hub. This hubis saying about the ten films by certain popular directors based on the story of JESUS CHRIST.

The Best Christmas films

Top Films

  1. THE LIFE AND PASSION OF JESUS CHRIST- while considering the whole film if the film have 106 years old so the films based on the story of Jesus Christ also have the same age. The production of this film started in France on 1902 and released on 1905. France Company has produced this film. This director Ferdinand Zecca has used special script which includes 18 tablos. The director gives a perfect and natural feel to the life of Jesus Christ film fully based on the bible. This time was the coming stage of film industry, but this film had amazed the audience greatly.
  2. KING OF KINGS was directed by Cecil De Mille and released on 1927. This was a silent film. This film has included many important parts of bible which are not included in other Jesus Christ films. It was the main highlight of the film. This film was a big hit in box office. The cruel crucifixion of Jesus was slightly pictured by the director in this film. This was for the children.This film was a great visual drama which shows the amazing works of Jesus, his disastrous life and everything was visualised without losing the equality in his original life. Orson Willis has given oral subtitles for this film. This was the film in which face of Jesus was first shown, before that films had not shown the face of Jesus, hands, legs, body and shots from the backside over the shoulders were used to show Jesus. Among the films which showed the life of Jesus Christ the film ‘The gospel according to Saint Mathew’ (1964), has a remarkable place. The Jesus of Pasolini was a revolutionist, he is not a white but he is of the Caucasian race, the revolutionary side of the message of Jesus is shown in this film, All the dialogues of this film are from Mathew’s chapter and that was the speciality of this film.

3. The greatest story ever told’

 by George Stevens is a film with an American style, main drawback was that the background of the film was the Galilee farmers who had not have any historic importance of first BC century. But all the technique of Hollywood was utilised, especially camera work in this film. These all made this film so different. , Max Warne Sithovi’ act as Jesus in this film. The crying of Jesus beside the tomb of Lazar was a catching scene of this film. Sithovi was a Swedish actor who had acted in the films of Enghar Berham. This attracts the criticisers. The Hollywood actors like John Wayne, Charlton Heston, Sidney pointer, Telly Savalas and Paul Stewart have raised this film in the Box Office. But these popular actors came forward except Sithov.

Roberto Rossellini was also an ancient director like Pasolini who had grew the Italian neo realism. We can’t avoid the films of historic persons by Roberto Rossellini. Great films like Socrates, St Augustine, and Pascal was the films By Rossellini. The Jesus Christ’s film was also in that series; MESSIAH (1976), was the film in which Rossellini did not give much importance to the action sequences and the crucifixion scenes. Some of the critics consider Messiah as the best film about the life of Jesus Christ even though the other audience did not have any god opinion about the film. The main reason for this was he had avoided all the dramatics, the lesson of human brotherhood was what he tried to convey through the film.

Jesus of Nazareth

4. Jesus of Nazareth,

It was in 1977 Franco Sepharilli filmed the Jewish background of Christ in ‘Jesus of Nazareth, actually this gospel based film was a six and half hour long film which was telecasted as small television films. Robert Powell was the actor who did the role of Jesus in this film. Naturally the pronunciations of Jesus in the film was in‘queen’s English ’. That had no resemblance to that of a Galilean. And all these were not considered the drawbacks but all these factors led the film to diversity, and were culturally judged so. Famous stars like Anne Bancroft, James Mason, Lorentz Olivier, Christopher Plummer, Anthony Quinn, Peter Ustinov, Rod Steiger, and Michael York were the casting of the film.

5. ‘Jesus’

The Bible collection series which was released in 1999 was ‘Jesus’-the Jesus Christ of this film has a human face. An innocent fun loving, social being, The dearest son of God who was destined` to fulfil all the wishes of god and for that he fought against all odds through sacrifice like an ordinary human and finally became a martyr himself. The film ‘Miracle maker’ which released in the year 2000 was the first animation film which was based on the life of Jesus Christ and many famous stars dubbed for this film. It was a Russian television serial in English. The subject was performed by combining animation and doll playing, moral stories were shown through drawings created using animation technique.

The movements of Jesus and his disciples were filmed using dolls.

5 ‘The passion of the Christ’

‘The passion of the Christ’ by Mel Gibson in 2004 was considered the example of boundless catholic dedication. The torturing and Crucifying of Jesus Christ and Mel Gibson has used hard editing techniques to reflect the contrast of the human and holy instincts of Jesus. Passion of the Christ is a film which at times is a personal film as well as a strong follower film. The technology that Mel Gibson used to visualise the different faces of nature which had developed in the imaginations of people through centuries is worth appreciation. The fascinations of generations about historic heroes and epic heroes will keep coming as books and films. But classics are rare, among these films many of them are classics.


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    • LensMan999 profile image

      LensMan999 7 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      I agree with you , but we can't ignore "The Passion of the Christ" during Christmas season . It is the real story of Christ.

    • profile image

      Lee74 7 years ago

      Can't agree that "The Passion of the Christ" is a "festive" film. It is extremely gory and violent, as would be expected, considering it is portraying a brutal execution. Not really Christmas viewing in my opinion. All good films though.