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Top 5 Best Comedy Anime You Should Watch

Updated on December 12, 2017

Comedy is one of the most popular genre in anime, and many viewers look for this kind of anime because it gives a lighter, happy, and smooth feeling to the hilarious characters and witty scenes. Mostly fictional, but some of the concepts are based from real-life stories, which gives the viewers a special feeling as they relate into it. The brilliant ideas from all the writers and authors of the comedy anime is what bursts us into laughter and tears.

Anyways, here is a list to the top comedy anime according to my preference:


What is your favorite comedy anime?

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1. Daily Lives of Highschool Boys

You'll never regret watching this, because from the very start of the first episode, you'll find a high school boy running on the street in his school uniform, and it's his first day in school, like a protagonist of a shoujo anime with bread and butter in his mouth, and saying, "Oh no, I'm late!", and what's more, he met his two friends on the way, and they're on the same boat, they're late in the first day of class! But the two boys are eating something different. Instead of bread and butter, they have a plate of curry and ramen... and in a matter of split second, something huge fell from the sky that prevents them from reaching the school on time... What will happen then?

Also known in Japanese as 'Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou', this anime has 12 episodes with random stories about three high school students from Sanada North Boys High School and their encounters with students from other schools as well as their schoolmates, friends, and family. The main characters are Tadakuni, Hidenori, and Yoshitake, and they are the happy three friends of the story. Although Tadakuni plays the role of a straight man, he can't remain as what he is because Hidenori and Yoshitake are always involved in troubles.

There are random stories about each character, and many other characters such as the Literature Girl, Tadakuni's sister, the Funky Girls, and other nameless characters makes up the funny element of the anime. Seeing the boys being bored of their lives as high school students and trying to enjoy life by doing something new brings them into a lot of troubles is what makes every viewer laugh as hard as they can! All the crazy schemes, ideas, and evil wrongdoings of these three, as well as their so-called romantic encounter with the girls are really hilarious, it will make you laugh all the time!

Generally, the story of Daily Lives of High School Boys is good, and if you'd like to finish watching a comedy anime for a short period of time, then this is a good anime for you.

2. Working!!!

Unlike most of the comedy anime made, Working!!! is not set in a school, but in a family restaurant called Wagnaria. The employers are all unique in their own way, with different personalities and characteristics. Takanashi Sota plays the straight man, employed in Wagnaria by his high school chibi friend Taneshima Popura (also called Poplar because of her small size), who always complain about not being tall, when in fact she is Sota's senpai. There's also Inami Mahiru, a girl with androphobia (fear of men) which makes all the male employees, especially Sota, to deal with her. The boys working on the kitchen are Sato Jun and Soma Hiroomi, and the manager of the restaurant is Shirafuji Kyoko, and her beautiful assistant is Todoroki Yachiyo.

Together they have a very interesting circle of friendship... which later develops into something more than friendship, as they started to work comfortably with each other, like Inami and Takanashi, who even tried his very best to cross dress and be as beautiful as he can to be close to Inami, in order to cure his fear of men. Kyoko, Yachiyo, and Sato's love triangle is another part of the story that makes our poor chef heartbroken because Yachiyo has been so loyal to Kyoko that it makes very impossible for Sato to enter in her life. Then, there's Aoi Yamada, a lost girl who employed herself in Wagnaria, and she brings trouble to everyone, most especially to Takanashi. It might be complicated and complex to think, but I assure that every episode will leave you into laughter. This anime has 13 episodes, and I bet every fans are hoping for another season to come!

3. The Devil is a Part-Timer

If you believe that Satan is in a dark lair called Hades with his fellow demons lurking and feasting below, then in this anime, you're wrong. Why? Because in this anime, the Devil King is just a part-timer.

Maou Sadao is the Devil King, yet he is in Tokyo, Japan, in human and weak form, struggling to survive since he was transported to the modern-day world because of Yusa Emi. Since life has been very hard for him, being homeless and such, he decided to take a part-time job at a fast food restaurant called MgRolands (obviously McDonalds in the real world). All his struggles makes him hard in achieving his goal and protect the city, but thanks to his friends, he's got a good set of back-ups.

Being very passionate in his job, you'll never think of Maou as the Devil King! He works hard as a part-timer and yet, he's got goals to accomplish. But you'll see his dark side later which makes every viewers turn on into him. He's got good fighting skills and powerful magic, and his set of back-ups are also good warriors. Emi Yusa, Alciel, and later on Urushihara, the Lucifer, joined him in his battle to the modern-day dilemmas. And more importantly, the Urushihara kid is pretty good in technology and computer games, which makes him a NEET. Also, Maou got someone who has a crush on him, a crew at MgRolands named Sasaki Chiyo. Generally, the anime is supposed to be serious but the conflicts are often presented in a comical way, and that what makes it one good comedy anime.

4. Sket Dance

Sket Dance is a story of the different troubles that the small school organization called SKET (Support, Kindness, Encouragement, Troubleshoot) had undergone. The org is composed of three members: Yusuke Fujisaki (Bossun), Onizuka Hime (Himeko), and Kazuyoshi Usui (Switch), and they are originally meant to help the student organization in maintaining peace and order within Kaimei High School. However, instead of sticking to their original role, they seemed to be the main reason for every trouble, which brings to a series of comic adventure and funny situations. Although the anime is generally comedy, it also involves dramatic side stories and tragedies to some of the characters, such as Switch's past story and the reason why he doesn't speak, Himeko's story of being a delinquent known as Onihime, and Bossun's tragic story of this father, to which later on resulted on him knowing that he has a twin brother, Tsubaki.

This anime, with 77 episodes, is full of randomness that will surely bring you into tears while laughing. Every element is there, it has parody, crossover, horror, drama, and a slight of romance. Bossun and Himeko is depicted to have a slight feeling of intimidation towards each other, while Switch became more friendly and sociable. The other side stories are also amazing, it surely is a comedy anime that will kick out the stress in you.

5. Gintama

This is a good test to see if you're alive or not, because Gintama is probably the best random anime ever. Starting from the trio itself, the Yorozuya "Odd-Jobs", the jack-of-all-trades, Gintoki Sakata, is a former samurai during the Joi war, and now, living in a house along with a carrot-haired Kagura, a girl from the strongest clan, Yato. Shimura Shinpachi, a teenage boy with glasses, is also with them, although he is the righteous of the three, he can never avoid the troubles before him, because the rest of the characters are totally as crazy as hell. Other characters like the Shinsengumi, Katsura and Elizabeth, Otose's household, and everyone living in the city of Edo makes up the whole Gintama family.

Gintama is not just a comical anime that will make you laugh until you cannot laugh anymore, but another dramatic anime with serious conflicts, and within those episodes, you'll never know when you will cry. Everything is in here-action and war, love and relationship, family conflicts, crossover, and parody. Even though this anime seemed to be a non-sense anime, it teaches us different lessons in life in a comical and dramatic, yet, brilliant way. This is an anime that is definitely perfect when you want to laugh like there's no tomorrow.


That's it for my list of top comedy anime! I'd love to hear comments and suggestions from you! Feel free to tell me what you think, and I'd really like to hear more comedy anime suggestions, so if you have one please tell me ^_^

What are we waiting for, let's start watching!

© 2015 Mare-sensei


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    • Mare-sensei profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Thank you! Hope you enjoy the list~

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      awesome article! :D

    • Mare-sensei profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Thanks for your wonderful suggestions! I can't wait to check them out, especially K-On! because I've seen positive reviews about it!

    • kotobukijake profile image


      4 years ago

      Interesting list, and all five of these are shows I hope to check out. Of the bunch, I have seen the first two seasons of Wagnaria!!; I loved it, and can't wait for season three. I would also highly recommend as comedies the following: Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei; Cromartie High School; K-On!; Lucky Star; and, if the mood hits you right, Excel Saga. Ranma 1/2 and the remix of Negima!? certainly count if you want something more actiony, and Love Hina would be a great choice if you want a dash of romance. Of the current shows, Assassination Classroom makes me smile. Once again, I do hope to check out your four picks that I've missed, especially The Devil Is a Part-Timer!!


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