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Best Daytime Talk Shows of All Time

Updated on March 17, 2017

The Hosts With The Most.....

Tom Cruise appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and acted wild.
Tom Cruise appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and acted wild. | Source
Geraldo Rivera has always got to the bottom of the story.
Geraldo Rivera has always got to the bottom of the story. | Source
Montel Williams always tackled tough issues such as : abortion and drugs.
Montel Williams always tackled tough issues such as : abortion and drugs. | Source
Jerry Springer has had fights and all sorts of wild things occur on his show.
Jerry Springer has had fights and all sorts of wild things occur on his show. | Source

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Top 10 Daytime Talk Shows in History

1. The Oprah Winfrey Show: What always sticks out to me about Oprah is her giving items/presents to each of her guests that come to the taping of the show. She would shower them with gifts and treat them as queens (the women that came). Oprah makes her guests feel very comfortable in my opinion, by sitting across from them with either the guests sitting on a couch, love seat or on an over sized chair where she shows her emotions with each and every guest. You can tell that she is definitely and genuinely concerned. Most of the families or whatever the case may be, she will go way above and beyond, to help in any way that she can.

2. Geraldo Rivera: When I think of Geraldo, I think about how much more he is involved now-a-days to be overseas in the war torn and poverty stricken areas vs being in the studio. Geraldo is known to get into the areas that need reporting, to get the best story. He is known for his flamboyant reporting personality. He would almost do whatever it took to deliver the news. He is known to be the one to ask the difficult kinds of questions and he is not afraid to ask anything.

3. The Jerry Springer Show: I am not sure what to say about this show. Anyone who is alive today knows of The Jerry Springer Show. it is know for the hair pulling, name calling and dramatic outbursts from guests against guest and guest vs. the crowd. The large bouncers break up the fights as they are needed. Most of the people that come onto the show really sound ridiculous when they start to talk. I have always said that I would never air my dirty laundry on the television for everyone to view and everyone to make fun of and laugh at me. Some people in our society have no shame and they tell too many details about their personal lives and problems until they make themselves look ridiculous. I also really don't know what they think they will accomplish by lashing out at each other. They usually don't solve any of the issues that they came with.

4. The Montell Williams Show:
One interesting fact about Montell is that he lives with the eventually crippling disease called "MS" or multiple sclerosis. On his show he deals with issues regarding who are the true parents of a particular child, drugs. No topic was out of bounds for Montell.

5. The Maury Povich Show: Maury Povich deals with lots of different issues and he has guests that specialize in his topics. He has experts and resources that sometimes help fix problems for his guests. The show first aired in 1991 and it has aired over 2500 episodes thus far. Maury, as the show is sometimes called, has guests ranging from medical experts, psychologists/psychiatrists, and also many people from law profession as well. One of Maury's biggest themes is Paternity test results.

6. Dr. Phil:
Dr. Phil tries to look at relationships and couples issues, troubled teens, from a psychological and medical point of view. i realize there are a lot of people in this world that do like Dr. Phil but, I did watch his show and I found it quite interesting. I take the same stand with him on a lot of different issues.

Dr. Phil McGraw is a Clinical Psychologist. He started his career on The Oprah Winfrey Show. He now has his own show and he is coming upon his 11th Anniversary on the air. He helps people deal with issues in their lives. The show includes everything from autistic kids, disfunctional marriages, to diseases and drugs.

7. The View: The view has been on TV for 16 years and it has a panel of 5 women who discuss world issues, over a cup of coffee. Barbara Walters created the show and Whoopi Goldberg serves as the moderator. They talk about tabloid news, political and social issues and although the ladies discuss these issues they also argue their points to the fullest. The show airs live from New York.

8. The Ricki Lake Show: She has had two television shows the first one was called The Ricki Lake Show and then the new show came out called Ricki. In 2013 Ricki won a daytime Emmy for her show. A lot of her topics are similar to Oprah Winfrey who inspired her in the first place. She is very crowd oriented instead of your typical show where the host is more worried about how the audience feels while they are at her show. She really puts forth that effort to get near her guests and make them feel at home.

9. Rachel Ray: Rachel Ray is the girl next door and a perfect neighbor to have since she makes such wonderful foods. She loves her dog named Isaboo and after her show she at one time would promote her special blend of dog food. She has published 19 cookbooks and has her own line of cookware. One thing in particular that makes Rachel Ray's show a bit different than your average show, is that there's always a mystery guest for her show, who ends up being the co-host for that particular show. Clues are given out and the mystery guest arrives on the elevator.

10. Regis and Kelly/Regis and Kathy Lee: The show has been on the air since 1983 and has had numerous hosts. When the show first started, it was meant to portray a couple having their morning coffee and discussing current events. The show is not scripted and the hosts just feed off of each other. Each show a fan calls from home and has a chance to win a vacation.

Dr. Phil

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