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Futurama, Best of the Best Episodes From Each Season

Updated on November 6, 2015

The List of Rama, Futurama

Christmas Leela, Futurama!
Christmas Leela, Futurama! | Source

Season 1

You should have already guessed it, but the number one episode in season one is...

  • Episode 1: Space Pilot 3000

This was chosen because of the very nature of the episode. It's the pilot! It began our journey of love and affection towards Futurama and the franchise.

Of course it's Space Pilot 3000

Fry, Bender's friend!
Fry, Bender's friend! | Source

Season 2

Number one in the second season is...

  • Episode 16: The Deep South

This episode is great! As a southerner myself, I love how it depicts the culture! With the accents, clothing, and scenery. An antebellum era south. Quite hilarious.

Season 3

The top for season three will be..

  • Episode 7: The Birdbot of Ice-catraz

Now any episode involving Bender is just tops. This one is a good episode because Bender becomes captain of Planet Express and that could only mean good news.

Season 4

The top for number four season is obviously...

  • Episode 4: A Pharaoh to Remember

This episode is very special. One where Bender really puts his vain self into high gear. Also, it provides some really great mockery of certain organizations.

You Should have Already Known

Bender Bending Rodriguez
Bender Bending Rodriguez | Source

Pop Quizarama!

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Season 5

The numero uno of the fifth season is...

  • Episode 10: The Farnsworth Parabox

This one was top pick because of Farnsworth's involvement. It's really rich in the Futurama lore and begins to put pieces together.

Season 6

The top of the movies section of the series goes to...

  • Episode (Movie) 3: Bender's Game

The movies are a little difficult to watch just because of the length. But overall Bender's Game is definitely top of the line mainly because it's Benders!

Season 7

This one is for the big season 7...

  • Episode 9: Clockwork Origin

This amazing episode is top because of the contents of the video. A clash between Science and Religion. A conflict we are all too familiar with.

Season 8

Season 8 at the top shall be...

  • Episode 12: Overclockwise

This is the top because it is an episode where Bender, essentially, becomes super Bender. Gains vast knowledge and intellect.

Season 9

A nifty one this top is, season 9 goes to...

  • Episode 4: The Thief of Baghead

An amazing episode with a lot great references, see if you can spot them!

Season 10

This one is hands down top for the tenth season, hands down...

  • Episode 13: Meanwhile

The finally and so sad, as far as the series ending. This episode contains the moment we have all been anticipating if you have been watching and following the series.

Top Three of Ten from First to Last

Season 7
Episode 9
Clockwork Orgin
Season 4
Episode 4
A Pharoh to Remember
Season 10
Episode 13
The top Episodes out of he entire series!


These episodes listed are some of the funnest! I hope you would all agree about the list of the best Futurama episodes per season and the top three overall.



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