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Top Five Buffy, the Vampire Slayer Episodes

Updated on October 22, 2011

Over the past couple of months, I've watched all seven seasons of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. While many of the episodes became favorites I've chosen a few that I considered the best.  So here is my top five, in no particular order.

The Body

This episode is so touching. Anyone who has ever experience the death of someone they knew has felt the emotions illustrated so well in this episode. My favorite scene is the one with Xander, Willow, Anya, and Tara preparing to see Buffy. Anya's dialogue about how she didn't understand death and wanting someone to just explain it; Xander punching a hole in the wall; Willow changing clothes over and over. The confusion and hurt of death is made so very real in this episode. The feelings are all so familiar and this episode connected me to the show in a way I hadn't experienced before.


Hush had some of the most frightening villains we've seen in Buffy. The episode was an interesting one, since it excluded the usual witty dialogue. The humor in this episode was found through the pantomime and expressions of the characters. It was hilarious when Riley and Buffy are fighting and realize they are both doing the same thing. Also Giles drawings about defeating the demons are hilarious.  I really enjoyed the ending when Riley comes and tells Buffy they need to talk and the both just sit there in silence.  It really brought together the whole episode.

Once More, With Feeling

This was a probably the most enjoyable episode to watch. The songs are fun and really develop the characters as their true feelings are revealed. We see Xander's anxiety about marriage, Tara and Giles intentions to leave, and of course Buffy's revelation that she had been taken out of heaven.  I laughed through Xander and Anya's number.  I felt sorry for Spike during his number.  And I just loved Giles' number.  Each song was well written, leaving this episode to be one of the most memorable.

The Wish

This episode not only introduced us to one of the most memorable characters, Anya, but it also was rather frightening. After growing so close to the characters, seeing Willow and Xander as vampires hurts you heart. When Buffy comes she cares so little about them all.  Even though you know it isn't the way the world really is, this episode makes you sad.  Angel being tortured, and of course watching Buffy die.  My favorite part of this episode, however, was Giles little speech about how he had to believe there is a better world. This was rather touching since you, as the viewer, knew for certain there was a better world.


A fantastic end to the series.  I loved the scene when you see all the girls getting their slayer power, especially the little girl playing baseball.  Willow finally gets her redemption.  Anya unfortunately was lost, but she died saving Andrew who thought he was going to die.  This allows him to finally have a redemption too.  It was touching when Xander asked about Anya.  After hearing she died a hero just saying, "That's my girl."  It was heartwarming.  The whole gang staring at the destroyed Sunnydale, just wondering what would happen next.  I thought it was a spectacular ending.

I highly recommend you re-watch these episodes when you get the chance. There are lots of places to watch Buffy online (I watched all the seasons through Netflix), so check it out.


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    • profile image

      Stephanie Fay 3 years ago

      Chosen definitely has to be one of my favorites; it was without a doubt the most perfect ending they could have had to the series. I cried through the entire thing. All of these episodes are great, though I'm not a fan of Once More With feeling (I don't really like musicals so I struggled to get through it).

    • cherylvanhoorn profile image

      cherylvanhoorn 5 years ago from Sydney

      They are all my favorite episodes. I am a rabid Buffy fan and watch it every night and never get tired of it.

      My favorite episode of all time would have to be 'hush'. As a film student I know how incredabley hard it is to shoot a non verbal, non background noise episode and make it work. This episode is the only episode of Buffy to ever be nominated for a mainstream award.

      Good piece, I really enjoyed it.

    • profile image

      Ivan 7 years ago

      What about seeing red, it is extremly sad but epic willow is born, she falays the killer how cool is that. (: