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Top Five Football Movies

Updated on May 28, 2013

Top Five Football Movies

Here I am going to tell you about my top five football movies. There's no doubt that football is a great passion of mine and over the years I've seen a number of really good movies where football played an important part of the story line. Having played high school football many (too many) years ago and being a big fan of my local university's team, I think football is a great sport. My son also plays on the local youth football teams and seems to have a promising future on the football field. Okay, I like football and more than likely you like it too if you have chosen to read this. Here goes my list of my top five. It may not be your top five football movies but that's okay. I'm sure there are plenty that I've never seen. I encourage you to leave a comment at the end of this hub page and give your top five football movies too. Finally, one more thing I want to mention. If you think you'd like to purchase any of the movies I mention here, I have provided the link to get it from next to each review. This will still work like any normal Amazon purchase would. The only difference is that I will get a small referral fee if you make your purchase through my link.That'd be nice for you to make your purchase through my link since I've done the work to put this list together for you. Okay, here we go in reverse order from 5th to 1st.

#5 Facing the Giants

For number five on my list I've chosen a low budget non-traditional movie from what you're probably used to seeing. This was a christian based movie about a football coach at a Georgia high school and the trials and tribulations he faced for his team, his job, and the relationship with his wife. It is an uplifting movie with some great football action that I enjoyed and I hope you will too. Again, this is not a big budget fancy production but a solid family oriented football movie that I really enjoyed. A great scene from the movie is shown below and may make us all wonder what we may accomplish if we set our minds to it and remove the doubts.

Death Crawl Scene

#4 Brian's Song

How could I not put the original Brian's Song in my top five football movies. This was a movie that I used to always watch on T.V. when I was little kid. It was really popular and seemed like it was show quite a bit. It's the story of Chicago Bears teammates Gayle Sayers and Brian Piccolo. It shows about how the two of them became great friends and how Piccolo was diagnosed with cancer. I haven't seen it in years but I always loved it back in the day. It stars James Cann and Bill Dee Williams.

Speech From "Brian's Song"

#3 Jerry McGuire

You've just got to love Jerry McGuire. I felt I had to put Jerry McGuire on my list of top five football movies. This movie does not really focus on the game of football as much as it does on Tom Cruise's lead character as an up and coming sports agent and the relationships he has with a woman that becomes his wife and the close friendship he forms with Cuba Gooding's character. Gooding portrays an athlete that is in the last year of his contract and plays hard to try to get the big contract. It's more a movie about life, love and friendship and what truly makes a person happy. It was a big hit when it was in the theaters and one of my all time favorites. This would be a really good date movie to watch at home for sure.

Jerry McGuire and his love interest's son have a good talk on her couch.
Jerry McGuire and his love interest's son have a good talk on her couch. | Source

Jerry McGuire- Secret Garden

Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) - Show me the Money (clean edit)

#2 Remember the Titans

Remember the Titans is a wonderful pick for my top five football movies and I hope you agree. This movie is based on the true story of a high school that experiences the turmoil of integration and the changes and adjustments that it causes in these characters lives. Denzel Washington is a football coach who moves over to the "white school" and is told that he is now the coach. There is resentment on the part of the current white coach, players, staff and parents. Denzel's character struggles to bring both the black and white players to see past their prejudices and become a team. He convinces the team but not all the community is buying into the process. There are new friendships formed between black and white characters and also those who are resistant to the changes. Some really good football scenes here and a good message of racial harmony too.

Denzel portrays a tough football coach.
Denzel portrays a tough football coach. | Source

Remember the Titans trailer

#1 Rudy

My number one movie on my top five football movies list is Rudy. Sean Astin portrays Rudy the main character. Rudy is a small high school player that dreams of playing for Notre Dame, the most glorious football program in college football. No one in his family gives Rudy any chance of fulfilling his dream. His dad and brothers all think he should be content to work in the factory job like everyone else around there does. Rudy does not give up on his dream though. He must first go to a junior college to get his grades up enough to even be accepted into Notre Dame. Finally, he is accepted and then must convince the coach to even let him be a walk on player. It's a great story about not giving up on your dreams no matter what the obstacles are and Rudy's story is one that I'm sure you'll find inspirational. I highly recommend this movie.


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    • Rob Postuma profile image

      Rob Postuma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      I'm a huge football fan, so I love sports movies, particularily FOOTBALL movies! Check out my list of the GREATEST FOOTBALL MOVIES EVER at

    • DaMan92 profile image

      DaMan92 7 years ago

      Remember The Titans is one of my all time favorite movies also