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Top Five Most Memorable Anime Scenes

Updated on January 22, 2012

Obviously what makes a scene memorable is something dramatic. Death is quite dramatic. While it was not my intention to compile a list of deaths in anime, it seems that this is exactly what I have done. I am not going to change it, though. This list is of memorable moments and it just so happens that all of them are deaths. Oh, well. So, grab some tissue and let's count these down together.

5. Ray and Charles

Why did I choose this scene? Wow, there are so many things going on just in this little clip. This is an AMV, actually, but I chose it because it gives a lot of back information. If you've never seen, or even heard of Eureka 7, this is a mecha anime. Renton is a boy who has run away from a rebel group because he didn't like the way Holland, the leader of the Gekko, was running things. So he meets Ray and Charles, this awesome couple that can't have kids, but want to "adopt" him. Things are great for a while, but they are mercenaries and when Renton finds out that their next hit is the Gekko, he feels obligated to warn them. Well, I think you can figure out what happens next. Also, the song used in this AMV is excellent. Ready the tissue.

4. The Death of Teresa

Claymore is an excellent anime. The fight scenes are awesome. This scene in particular almost made it into my top five epic fight scenes list, but I chose to save it for most memorable, instead. So, Teresa is a Claymore, and she has taken in Claire, an abused child. This scene is so memorable because you do not expect Teresa to die. I remember watching this for the first time and thinking, she has to win, she's Teresa, of course she'll win. A little background on Teresa--she's the best--at least she was, until she started caring about humans. Claire was her downfall, but I think she knew that when she took Claire in, which is why her death is so tragic.

3. Maes Hughes' Funeral

It's not bad enough that this wonderful man has to be killed by a homunculus that appears as his wife, we have to go through the mourning process of Roy Mustang, his best friend, along with him. Well, he has a daughter that he is in love with, and a wife that he adores, and he had just discovered some very important information, which makes his death all the more untimely. This little clip kind of highlights his life and death. I will be honest, I tear up every time I watch his death in any episode or AMV. So get ready for the waterworks.

2. Kaminas Death

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is a classic and definitely in my top five awesome animes. I love Kamina. Let me say that again, I LOVE Kamina. So his death was a tragedy for me, especially since we lost him so soon in this series. He died a hero, though. I think the most tragic aspect of his death is that he was never able to keep his promise to Yoko, about giving her ten times better when this is all over. His death is a great loss for everyone. So, get the tissues ready and watch.

1. Zabuza and Haku

Yes, I chose a Naruto scene for the number one memorable scene in anime. I chose this scene because I can still remember feeling such despair the first time I watched it, and even now, every time I watch this scene I get chills. Zabuza was a bastard. He completely used Haku for his own purposes. And Haku loved Zabuza and would gladly give his life up for him, which he did. What's so sad is that it's not until the very end of his life that Zabuza realizes how much he loves Haku. So, yes, this gets the number one spot from me. I dare anyone to watch this scene without shedding a tear, but, for this hub I uploaded an AMV because it gives a little background information to anyone who hasn't seen Naruto.

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    • profile image

      Lauren 4 years ago

      I bawl like a baby every time I watch the death scene of Zabuza and Haku. :,( But then again, I loved Haku's character. He had deadly skill, but he just never had the killing instinct; he felt too much empathy.

    • rustyangel profile image

      Patty 5 years ago from Earth

      You picked some really great & kleenex-worthy moments. The most depressing scene in an anime I've ever watched is Kenshin dying in Kaoru's arms in Reflection. Shed more than a few tears when she brushed his hair off of his left cheek.

    • JBrumett profile image

      JBrumett 5 years ago

      There's a ton of great anime moments, but I figured I'd toss in the first five that come to my mind.

      5. Transformed At Last (DBZ) - Goku goes super saiyan for the first time.

      4. Trigun - Hard Puncher - when the insurance ladies realize he really is Vash the Stampede.

      3. Hellsing Original - Hellfire - When Alucard shoots Incognito with a broken gun. =-P

      2. Berserk - Prepared for Death - Gutz Kills 100 men

      1. Final Fantasy: Advent Children Complete - Kadash summons Bahamut

    • profile image

      kinpaws12 5 years ago

      When I was a kid, naruto and dragon ball z were my favorite anime series. i'm not too much into anime, but i love them ^^

      I would definitely have put the scene where goku turns into a super saiyan for the first time. That scene, it was so dramatic. it so much filled you with strong emotion and rage against frieza, that was awesome.

    • emmaspeaks profile image

      emmaspeaks 6 years ago from Kansas City

      AnimeHime, I know. Maes was just all around awesome, so his death really impacted me. What happened to Nina was just tragic. There are actually a lot of memorable scenes in FFA, but I tried to limit the list to one scene per anime, since it's only a top 5 list. I might do more hubs on specific animes and do a top five of them individually. Thanks for the comment.

      Chris, yes. That's the part that really gets me, too. Seeing Roy go through his loss is what really brings it home. Maes' wife and daughter are sad, too, but seeing a hardened soldier cry for his friend, man, that always gets me. ANd I love Zabuza's character too. He's still a complete bastard, though, but that's why that scene is so compelling.

    • Chris Qu profile image

      Chris Qu 6 years ago

      I have trouble with sympathy or apathy, so it's rare I actually feel sad. Hughes dying didn't get me until Roy and Riza were standing at his grave, and Roy says it looks like its about to rain to brush off the fact that he's crying. That was done so well that it's ridiculous, and it gave me goosebumps.

      Theresa and Zabuza/Haku were also done really well, though I didn't particularly feel anything at all... I love Zabuza and Haku as characters, though, and the dynamic they had going.

    • AnimeHime2011 profile image

      AnimeHime2011 6 years ago from Greensboro, North Carolina


      The death of Mayes Hughes is one that still touches me, even today. I got to know him and loved and laughed at him, a true friend and was a great Father/Husband as well. But don't forget about what happened to Nina in FMA. Her I'll never forget that one either...