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Top Foreign Films Which You Must Watch : Part 1

Updated on August 26, 2012

Film is a very popular art form throughout the world. Many talented film makers and actors have raised the value of cinema as an art form. Hollywood is not the only place where great movies are made. There are many forign films which are brilliant and a must watch for everybody. Here is a list of such top forign films which you must see.

This list is not in any serial. There is no no.1 or no. 5 here. It depends on you. There are so many great films that it was a very difficult to select a few best among these.

I have tried to make the list diverse. There are youthful adventure stories like that of Motorcycle Diaries, horror films, monster films,animated films or action films etc in my list.

There are foreign films from the countries like France, Sweden, Japan, India etc. The list is divided in two parts. This is the part 1. Go to the Part 2 for the list of other great foreign language films.

The Motorcycle Diaries
The Motorcycle Diaries | Source

The Motorcycle Diaries

This is a film from Argentina based on the South America tour by young Che Guevara and his friend Granado in 1950s. The film has nothing about the politics of Che. It is actually a high spirited story of an adventure by two young guys. This brilliant film was directed by Walter Salles. Latin America and its reality has been depicted marvelously through a series of events. This film was released in 2004.

La Dolce Vita

This is an Italian film of 1960 by the famous director Federico Fellini. The story deals with a journalist and his search for love and happiness. It is one of the greatest films ever made in the world. It is counted among the best artistic creations ever. The films depict seven days and nights of a journalist in Rome. There are much imagery used in the film. The most famous scene of the film is the carrying away of a statue of Christ arms out stretched in the form of blessings over the ruin of an old roman architecture. This film was controversial because many Christian religious person thought the film mocks the second coming of Christ. It was banned in Spain until 1975.

A Scene from "La Dolce Vita"

A Scene from " Roshomon"
A Scene from " Roshomon" | Source


Rashomon is a 1950 film by the god gifted film maker Akira Kurosawa from Japan. The film is about a crime, a rape and murder scene. There are four different versions of the same story told by four persons at the court, the bandit, the samurai, the wife and the wood cutter. All the versions of the same event are contradictory to each other. This multiple and ambiguous reality is the main aspect of the film. The film is full of symbolism and hidden meaning and messages.


M is a great German film of 1931. This is the story of a serial child killer. The killer Beckert terrorizes the city. The police and the criminal both were hunting for him. At the last the haunter himself became haunted. Use of glass and other imagery is the main aspect of the film. It was directed by Fritz Lang.

The Trailer of "M"

The Seven Samurai : Poster
The Seven Samurai : Poster | Source

The Seven Samurai

“The seven Samurai “is a Japanese Film of 1954. This film is believed by many as the best action film ever. In this film a Japanese village is under threat of being ravaged by a group of bandits. They hired seven Samurais to defend themselves. The Samurais or warriors train the villagers and they all fight against the bandits. After many deaths the bandits were all killed. There are many layers of meaning and underlying messages in this film.

The film is made by the great Japanese Film maker Akira Kurosawa, one of the best film makers that the world has ever seen.

A Scene from "The Seventh Seal"

The Famous Chess with Death
The Famous Chess with Death | Source

The Seventh Seal

This is a famous Swedish film of the director Ingmar Bergman. The film is set during the time of the Black Death. In this film a disillusioned crusader plays a game of chase with death. This is one of the most glorious moments of cinema as an art form. Another famous scene from this film is the dance of death. The film very faithfully creates the atmosphere of the 14th century. The imagery of the film is based on medieval art.

The Orphanage

The Orphanage is a Spanish film. It was released on 2007. Directed by J.A. Bayona , this is a great horror film. The setting of the film is the 1976’s Spain just after the death of the dictator Franco. The film is about an orphanage run by a girl Laura. The film is really terrifying which is rare nowadays. There are no cheap thrills in it. The film creates an atmosphere and creates sympathy to the characters. That is why the effect of horror is more intense among the audience.


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