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Best Hip Hop Songs Of All Time - Hip Hop Classics

Updated on May 9, 2014
Hip Hop
Hip Hop

It's time I made a hub filled with the top Hip Hop songs of all time. Period. Things are finally starting to look up in the rap game. New, young artists are realizing that lyrical ability is what really matters, not the beat, not voice changing, not auto-tune, real rap. So, with all this new talent appearing, I thought it would be appropriate to make a list of the best Hip Hop songs ever. We can NEVER forget the classics. I don't care what anyone says. These classic, musical masterpieces are Hip Hop's bread and butter. Without them, how are we supposed to make toast? Stay tuned and I will show you classics from rap legends such as B.I.G, The Luniz, Ice Cube, Big Daddy Kane and much more.

The Problem With Hip Hop Today (Just had to get this off my chest)

The problem with Hip Hop today is that there is too much money to be made from it. Most labels and producers don't care about lyrical talent anymore, they just want something that will sell. And if that means more dancing and less truth, then they'll do it. Although I must admit, I do like the Duggy. But that's besides the point. I also see a lot of very skilled rappers toning down their abilities in order to reach the masses. It's just wrong. Hip Hop is turning into Shit Hop at an alarming rate. Clowns are being called rappers (Soulja Boy). I remember when it was an honor to be a rapper, to be able to speak your mind in poetic form. Everyone looked up to those select few who were gifted with the ability to move people with there words. Now it's like everyone's doing it. I'm not saying that there aren't any talented artists left, I'm just saying that there are more lamers than flamers, more hooks than verses, more beats than words, more gimmicks than talent. Let's hope this is just a phase. Real Talk

Hip Hop: Who Will Save Her?

Fortunately, there are still talented artists out there that are willing to come to her rescue. A lot of new artists are starting to surface with actual talent and even better, there starting to change the rap game. It's like a breath of fresh air. These new artists are who I wrote this hub for. Do not forget your forefathers, the legends of Hip Hop. So, without further ado, please enjoy.

Please take a look at some of these new, talented artists.

Top Hip Hop Songs

  1. I got 5 on it - The Luniz
  2. How I could just kill a man - Cypress Hill
  3. It was a good day - Ice Cube
  4. Gin and Juice - Snoop Dogg
  5. Who shot ya - B.I.G
  6. Raw - Big Daddy Kane
  7. Shook ones II - Mobb Deep
  8. Straight outta' Compton - N.W.A
  9. Juicy - B.I.G
  10. Keep ya head up - 2Pac
  11. Dead Presidents - Jay Z
  12. Big Poppa - B.I.G
  13. Changes - 2Pac
  14. Nothin' but a G Thang - Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg
  15. Crossroads - Bone Thugs and Harmony
  16. Dear Mama - 2Pac
  17. New York state of mind - Nas
  18. 1st of the month - Bone Thugs and Harmony
  19. Why - Jadakiss
  20. Get by - Talib Kweli
  21. One Mic - Nas

If none of these songs moved you then I don't know what will. I sincerely hope you enjoyed this blast from the past. HIP HOP 4EVER!!

Also, for more hip hop, be sure to check out these great party songs, which include some of the top downloads from iTunes in 2012.


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    • profile image

      breezy 4 years ago

      yo check out for hot rap beats

    • profile image

      Jungle 4 years ago

      yo get the hottest beats at they are so hot

    • fresh2def05 profile image

      fresh2def05 5 years ago from Louisville, Ky

      Your right. Those are all great songs by Eminem. Em is definitely one of the best. As for your link, you have a great selection of songs there. Thanks for adding to the quality of this page and thanks for reading.

    • profile image

      best rapper alive 5 years ago

      What about Stan, Sing For The Moment and Lose Yourself by Eminem ?

    • fresh2def05 profile image

      fresh2def05 5 years ago from Louisville, Ky

      ok gotcha, thx.

    • profile image

      ryguy87 5 years ago

      hey buddy its ryan again i emailed your gmail about this page let me know

    • fresh2def05 profile image

      fresh2def05 5 years ago from Louisville, Ky


      Couldnt have put it better myself. thx for reading.

    • NateB11 profile image

      Nathan Bernardo 5 years ago from California, United States of America

      Those are definitely classics, good to see someone knows real Hip Hop. Also diggin your choices for classics in your comment above. I like I Got 5 On it, and the remix too with E-40, Dru Down and them; love that sinister beat and sound, plus the smooth lyrics and delivery. Good hub, thanks for talking about real Hip Hop. It's a culture and the music is art, not just the commercialized things we see mostly nowadays.

    • profile image

      ODC 6 years ago

      Haven't youguys heard of Life goes on by Tupac Shakur?

    • fresh2def05 profile image

      fresh2def05 6 years ago from Louisville, Ky


      First off, thanks for reading. I did want to add some others but I tried to refrain from overwhelming readers, you know what I mean? But yeah, Kurtis Blow, Rakim, Kool G, Eric B.,and Busta Rhymes were some of my favorites. Thank for commenting, summerrose.

    • profile image

      summerrose70 6 years ago

      hey Diggy, I agree with you on how some rap is about hooks and beats for the sake of the dollar bill, Statistics show the real people paying for rap do not even live close to an inner city they are middle class white kids, so that is the nature of the beast(music industry)In my mind that is why rap went so bling bling on us. Your list included some great rappers I liked Run DMC, Grandmaster flash,Kurtis Blow to name a few pioneers in the game. These are the staples I grew up on.