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Top Pretty Sexy Indian Beauty—Shriya Sharan—Hot Sexy Photos, Wallpapers, and Videos

Updated on July 11, 2015
Shriya is beloved by millions of Indians.
Shriya is beloved by millions of Indians.

Shriya's Early Career

Shriya was born September 11, 1982. A sexy, sweet, beautiful woman with curves, Shriya is a damsel any man would wish to hold. She was born in Dehradun and has appeared in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam films. Not only is she a film actress, she is also a host and model. She has starred opposite many famous stars, including Rajinikanth in Sivaji, Vikram in Kandasamy, and Vijay in Azhagiya Tamil Magan.

Actress, model, and philanthropist Shriya.
Actress, model, and philanthropist Shriya.

Shriya Saran - Height Weight and Body Measurements

Shriya is around 5'5'' tall , weights around 54 kgs , and she has sexy figures of approximately 34-26-35 inches.

Sexy eyes , lips, lustrous hair and beautiful curves makes her a sensual Indian beauty.

Shriya the Philanthropist

Shriya Saran is a brand ambassidor for a number of products as well as a philanthropist. She has made financial contributions to a number of charitable organizations and recently opened a spa that employs visually challenged people.

Sexy Shriya Video

Controversy Over Clothing

In January 2008, a Hindu organization in Chennai objected to an outfit Shriya during the 175th anniversary celebration of Sivaji film. Shriya apologized later, saying that she had come directly from a photo shoot and could not change.

Shriya is supporter and ambassador for Naandi Foundation and Save A Child's Heart Foundation. She helps children and participates in Blue Cross and animal welfare events.

More Photos of Lovely Shriya


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    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 2 years ago

      She looks great. She seems to look playful in some of her photos.

    • profile image

      Kumar 6 years ago

      Shreya in white dress very sexy hot