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Top Prison TV Shows

Updated on November 9, 2019

Top Prison Television Shows

Over the years there has been a number of TV shows set in prison that have been hugely popular with viewers. In this particular hubpage we will look at the top prison television shows. From Wentworth to Orange Is The New Black to Oz to Breakout Kings and Prison Break something about life in prison is at least curious to the viewer. Lets take a look at the before mentioned shows and a couple of real documentary style prison TV shows as well


Wentworth is a TV prison show that is filmed in Australia however thanks to Netflix this prison drama has found a new massive audience and has quickly become a must see show. Wentworth revolves around female inmates who are trying to survive in the prison environment. Do not get this confused with Orange Is The New Black as the story lines are much more dark and violent

From a suburban housewife who becomes a multi murderer to a reality contestant who deals drugs inside of the prison to a Governor who talks to invisible people and rules with an iron fist Wentworth has a vast array of characters who will grab your attention and hang onto it.

Wentworth is about to begin its fifth season, as of this writing, and viewers are waiting to see what happens to the main character who was left dying in a pool of blood.

Wentworth is based around the prison TV Show Prisoner which ran for seven seasons

Wentworth Trailer

Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black is an original Netflix show that has captured a huge audience in a short amount of time. The show based off a book by the same name written by Piper Kerman. Orange Is The New Black (OITNB) follows Piper Chapman who is sentenced to prison for a crime she committed years earlier. With its wide variety of characters and issues covered by OITNB it has a strong following

Since beginning filming in 2013 OITNB has gained more of an edge in each of its following seasons pushing the line from comedy to drama During the last episode of Orange Is The New Black a popular character was killed by a guard and another character had her hands on a gun, again as of this writing, so it looks like OITNB is definitely on the path to push the boundary in seasons to come


Oz was a prison television show broadcast on HBO for six seasons and it was definitely not for the faint of heart. Oz was known for its violence, sexuality and language was one of the first shows of HBO to really push the limits of broadcasters.

Oz followed a series of characters and how they interacted with other inmates and each other inside of a special unit known as Em City. Either by the gangs competing for control to the solo inmates just fighting to survive.

For the six seasons it was on the air there were a ton of guest appearance mostly by musicians and rappers

Oz Trailer

Breakout Kings

Breakout Kings had a great concept with a US Marshall using a bunch of inmates who were difficult to catch before being locked up. Unfortuntately it was only on air for two seasons before it was axed.

Basically for the cons of Breakout Kings they were given time off of their sentence for each fugitive that they caught. Each episode would begin with a new fugitive and the cons being signed out of jail on special work assignments. After the fugitive was caught they were sent back behind the walls. As the series progressed we begin to learn the back stories of each character and why they were in prison.

Breakout Kings Trailer

Prison Break

Prison Break when it first began was one of the most popular television shows on the air but unfortunately in the latter seasons it completely forgot why viewers were watching the show and began to lose viewers in a hurry. Now with the announcement that Prison Break is coming back on TV it has raised a lot of questions with the most important being which Prison Break is going to show up

When it first began we found Lincoln Burrows sitting on death row waiting to be executed for a crime he did not commit. Lincoln's brother Michael Scofield, a brilliant architect, gets himself arrested and convicted to be sent to the same prison as his brother in order to get him out. The first season is spent entirely in prison as Michael tries to put the prison break into order and keep his brother alive. The second season sees the actual escape and the prisoners now known as the Fox River eight and their run from the authorities trying to stay one step ahead. Season three has Michael Scofield back in prison this time in Panama and this time it is his brother who is trying to get him out. Season four is when the show begins to really lose it as it is spent performing duties for the mysterious Company. The finale was actually a movie made for TV and it has been called one of the worst finales in Television history

Season Five is set to begin in April 2017

Prison Break Trailer

60 Days In

60 Days In caught viewers completely off guard as it was announced by A&E as who in their right mind would voluntary spend sixty days in jail. The purpose of the program from the jailers standpoint is to get inside information on what is going on and how they can improve their jail systems. From a viewer standpoint the excitement comes from never really knowing what is going to happen next in this completely unscripted prison reality show.

Currently in the middle of its third season, as of this writing, the 60 Days In is now in Atlanta after spending the first two seasons in Indiana. Unfortunately some of the inmates have seen the older seasons of this prison TV show and are beginning to wonder if they are part of the show

I think 60 Days In is a valuable show as it shows the real side of life in jail which I am sure will be a deterrent for those watching the program similar to that of Beyond Scared Straight

60 Days In Trailer

What Is Your Favorite Prison TV Show

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