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Top Songs of 2010

Updated on June 26, 2012
Epic year in music
Epic year in music
Tik Tok
Tik Tok


So I am going to start with the first month of the year, weird right? The top songs of 2010 are based partially on the critics, mainstream success, and a little of my opinion. So first we have a close race with Lady Antebellum and Ke$ha but here Tik Tok did way to well to overlook. I am not a big fan of Ke$ha but I must admit I know all the words to that song just because how much it was played on the radio.

Hey, Soul Sister
Hey, Soul Sister


The next one might seem a little early but the single "Hey, Soul Sister" by Train was released in February and as many of you know did not pick up steam until closer to summer. I really liked this first, but like all good songs the radio overplays it and I and many others get tired of it. It almost made me want to buy a ukulele which I still might do eventually. Anyway, great song by a group we hadn't heard from in awhile.

Haven't Met You Yet
Haven't Met You Yet


There were quite a few good songs this month like Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Buble, Nothin' On You by B.o.B., and Rude Boy by Rhianna. I think I am going to have to go with Buble for this month because his song is different from most of the stuff on the radio. This is a great song to dance to and still feel classy because that's how Michael does it.



I can't make a list like this these days without putting the crazy/interesting Lady Gaga with her song Telephone(feat. Beyonce). I love the intro to this song with the pleasant harp sounds and always the rest of the song is really catchy. This song stayed on top of the charts for awhile like most of her singles seem to do.



This next song, I hardly even had to think about because it has been arguably the best song of the year. That song is Airplanes(feat. Haley Williams and Eminem) by B.o.B. There is something dreamy about this song that is just inspiring to me while still having some killer rapping in it. Also it appeals to a broad audience since it isn't just hip hop but has rocker Haley Williams and rapper Eminem. With this and Nothin' On You, B.o.B.'s career was really launched.

California Gurls
California Gurls


So this next song is still really popluar as of early August but it is California Gurls(feat. Snoop Dogg). It looks like Katy Perry has another summer hit like last year's Waking Up In Vegas. The song has a catchy chorus, nice beat, and just screams summer fun. The music video is kinda strange but you can decide for yourself, enjoy.

Love the Way You Lie
Love the Way You Lie


Now we have July's song which I think would have to be Love the Way You Lie(feat. Rhianna) by Eminem. The song starts off like a sad ballad but then goes into a pretty sweet rap. Then Rhianna brings it back with a nice chorus. This one will probably be on the charts for awhile.(couldn't find a music video for it yet)


I'm not even a big fan of hip-hop but August's song Dynamite by Taio Cruz is so catchy I cannot help but like it. It is a great song to dance to and just to "celebrate and live my life." It was a great song to end the summer on and just makes you feel good.


The next song is by an artist who has exploded on the scene with multiple hits including Just The Way Your Are by Bruno Mars. It is a really beautiful song when you think about it, something you want to sing to your significant other. I had never heard of Bruno Mars before this year but he has really put some solid stuff together with songs like this.


This next song was really popular and has such a contagious yet simple beat it's crazy. The song is Like a G6 by Far East Movement. This is the song you play in your car if you have a good sound system because the bass is crazy on it. Because of this song a lot of people learned what they mean by G6 which is a type of airplane fyi.


I am basically going off what the charts say for this month, the song being We R Who We R by Ke$ha. I am no big fan of Ke$ha and this song sounds like any of her others but America apparently eats this stuff up so there you have it.


So just like we had another Ke$ha song, we have another Katy Perry song called Firework. It is relatively new but has made it's way up the charts. It has Katy Perry's booming voice and has a larger epic sound to it even if the lyrics are not that deep. It is a catchy song to end this decent year in music. Remember these songs are mainly the type of songs and mainly hip-hop songs so I might have to do another list but we will see.

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    • Alexander Brenner profile image

      Alexander Brenner 5 years ago from Laguna Hills, California

      M-Jo and the Jesus Herb came out with their first album this year. CHeck it out! you might add another song to your list.

    • rob_allen profile image

      rob_allen 6 years ago from MNL, PH

      great list. Love your selections :)

    • GreatSiteBabbler profile image

      GreatSiteBabbler 6 years ago from WorldWideWeb

      I'll go with Like a G6