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Top 10 Best Songs of Sonu Nigam

Updated on June 4, 2017
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Kannan believes music is God's gift to mankind. With this in mind, he creates articles for other music lovers.

It was mid-1995, when the Bollywood industry recognized Sonu Nigam's talent, as he sang the famous song Acha Sila Diya for Bewafa Sanam. Before this achievement, the struggle for Sonu Nigam was evident, as he contributed singing Mohammad Rafi songs for the T-Series album, Rafi Ki Yaadein, in his early days.

Let's dive further and see what made Sonu, Sonu Nigam - A versatile singer.

23rd September 1991, was the day when he came to Mumbai in search of making it big in Bollywood. Though, his career saw a sea of different occupations in Bollywood. From singing Kya Hua Tera Wada, on stage with his father at the age of three, he was recognized as a voice to reckon with. Then the teenage years saw him participating in various music competitions, later acting in various films as a child artist, then hosting the Zee TV show Sa Re Ga Ma.

The show Sa Re Ga Ma was probably the most important landmark in Sonu's career. Had it not been for the show, he possibly would not have got the opportunity as a playback singer in Bewafa Sanam.

After this, slowly and steadily, offers started to come and from a "Rafi clone" he became a true versatile singer, with songs such as Sandeshe Aate Hai and to the more recent Kal Ho Na Ho title song.

To sum this up, let us look at the top 10 best songs by Sonu Nigam.


10| Pehli Pehli Baar Baliye - Sangharsh

The film never got great reviews, neither did it garner enough money at the box office.

But this song is extremely good, with music composed by Jatin-Lalit and lyrics by Sameer.

The song also marks sort of a turning point in the film and starts the love affair between Akshay and Preity.

09| Acha Sila Diya - Bewafa Sanam

The song that achieved cult status and is a must-have song for every heart-broken lover's collection.

The movie was a semi-hit and songs chart-toppers.

This song also marked a tremendous achievement in Sonu Nigam's career.

08| Zindagi Maut Na Ban Jaye - Sarfarosh

Sonu has also sung a good number of patriotic songs. Some noted one's being Sandeshe Aate Hai of Border and Zindagi Maut Na Ban Jaye from Sarfarosh.

I was confused as to which song should I feature as far as patriotic songs go, I selected this one at the last-minute for no certain reason.

07| Pehli Pehli Baar Hai - Kya Yehi Pyaar Hai

For no reasons the film was a dud at the box office. The movie does a good job of keeping audience together till the climax. And songs complement well, but the movie could not get enough audience when it was released.

All the songs of the film are well-composed and this song from Sonu is my favorite form the movie.

List of other songs from the movie : -

  • Aashiq Hoon Pagal Hoon
  • Chahaton Ki Duniya
  • Dil Ki Nazar Main - Male
  • Dil Ki Nazar Main - Female
  • Dil Pe Chaane Laga
  • Meri Tarha Tumbhi Kabhi
  • Main Pyaar Churane Aaya Hoon
  • Tujhe Dekh Ker Jeeta

06| Bijoria - Mausam Album

When there was a storm of Pop album's in Bollywood, Sonu Nigam also came up with few albums of his own.

There was a time when Indi-pop singers like Jassi, Taz (Stereo Nation), and Neeraj Sridhar (Bombay Vikings) were doing great, Sonu was not far away.

This song from the album Mausam is a fast-paced ultimate dance number.

05| Ab Mujhe Raat Din - Deewana Album

Another melodious album in the early days of Indi-pop culture was Deewana.

Released in 1999 but still fees so fresh after close to 20 years.

The best song in the album, inarguably, is this one.

Beautiful video and goes to show that he is the modern-day Mohammad Rafi.

04| Ishq Bina - Taal

Though the film did not got much attention in India, but did excellent collection abroad. The music composed by A. R. Rahman was a blockbuster and ruled the charts for many days.

What else you expect of A.R. Rahman?

Isqh Bina Kya Jeena is at the fourth position. Enjoy this video song, Aishwarya looks great in this song.

03| Tanhayee - Dil Chahta Hai

Another song for heart-broken lovers to keep in their collection.

One of the best song of Aamir Khan's career.

One of the best song of Sonu Nigam's career.

One of the best song of Shankar Mahadevan's career.

One of the best song of the decade.

One of the best sad song.

02| Suraj Hua Madham - Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

The most melodious, romantic, lovely song of the lot.

Do not forget to enjoy the video, one of the best picturized songs I have ever seen.

What a great pair they make, Shahrukh with Kajol and Sonu with Alka.

01| Kal Ho Naa Ho - Kal Ho Naa Ho

The title song of the movie Kal Ho Na Ho tops the list.

I could possibly listen this one all day, all night.

Those were my top ten best songs of Sonu Nigam.

Hope you enjoy reading and listening to the songs.

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© 2011 Kannan Reddy


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