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Top Ten Actors and Actresses Who Have Never Won an Oscar but Deserve To!

Updated on July 3, 2014
Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp | Source

# 1 Johnny Depp

Many believe that Johnny Depp is one of the most talented actors of our current generation but he has never won an academy award. He has been nominated 3 separate times, once for his portrayal of Jack Sparrow, second for his performance in “Finding Neverland” and his third being the portrayal of the character Sweeney Todd. However, Depp has lost each time, once to Jamie Foxx, another to Sean Penn, and lastly to Daniel Day Lewis. Each time Depp have been nominated he has been up against very stiff competition but it’s still hard to believe that this acting chameleon has yet to earn an academy award. Hopefully Depp will continue to take chances and be rewarded in the future for his phenomenal skills.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio | Source

# 2 Leonardo DiCaprio

One of the biggest surprise actors to make this list is Mr. Leo himself. This man reeks of Oscar worthy performances. Oscar worthy performances seem to ooze out of the very pores in his skin, but yet he has never won a statue. DiCaprio has been nominated four times but his shelf remains empty and still awaiting the golden statue that he has been chasing since his early days from the movie “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” Come on DiCaprio was amazing in that movie, but he still came up short. Also, his recent performance in “The Wolf of Wall Street” and his past performance of Howard Hughes deserved a win. Watching him lose time and time again is just painful. My fingers are crossed for you LEO!

Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson | Source

# 3 Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson’s biggest and most memorable role that I can think of is obviously the character of Schindler in the movie “Schindler’s List.” It was pretty much a guarantee that Neeson would win for his portrayal of the real life man but he was beat by Tom Hanks that year. Liam Neeson is the type of actor that people just expect to have an Oscar by now. He’s consistent and good, but he has only been nominated one time. As Neeson continues acting in more action paced movies; my fear is that this legend will never be on the receiving end of an Oscar win.

Julianne Moore
Julianne Moore | Source

# 4 Julianne Moore

This beautiful red head has been nominated five times for and Oscar. In fact, in 2002 she was nominated twice! But she has never left with a statue in hand. Moore has given the academy many chances to award her with a deserving Oscar but each time she has lost. She has been nominated for her portrayal of characters in the following movies: “Boogie Nights”, “The End of the Affair”, “Far from Heaven”, “The Hours”, and “The Kids are Alright”. This poor gal hasn’t even won a Golden Globe for goodness sakes. She has been nominated a bunch of times but she is starting to look like the Susan Lucci of the Oscars and Globes.

Michelle Pfeiffer
Michelle Pfeiffer | Source

# 5 Michelle Pfeiffer

Sure in recent years Pfeiffer has been MIA from the big screen but she has starred in over 30 movies throughout her career and she has never won an Oscar for her performances. In fact, Pfeiffer hasn’t even been nominated for an Academy Award since 1992’s “Love Field.” She has been nominated a total of three times, the other two nominations for her portrayals in “Dangerous Liaisons” and “The Fabulous Baker Boys.” With Pfeiffer’s current resume for movies in 2k, it’s not looking great for this amazing actress. Hopefully she can make a great comeback and get the Oscar she deserves for a lifetime of well done acting.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise | Source

# 6 Tom Cruise

Alright I know he’s kind of known for being a little out there now, with his crazy rants about medication, Scientology, and jumping around on couches but there was a moment in time where Tom Cruise was a force to be reckoned with. This man is a legend whether you still like him or not, even now when he’s gone off the deep end. Cruise has been nominated three separate times, each time being prior to his couch jumping antics. His first nomination being his best chance to score a statue for his performance in “Born on the Fourth of July” and his second and third for the movies “Jerry Maguire” and “Magnolia.” True Jerry Maguire was underwhelming but this man used to be a giant in a world of ants, but now he has just joined the nuts.

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Downey Jr. | Source

# 7 Robert Downey Jr.

Alright, if i'm being completely honest... I’m not very surprised that Downey hasn’t won an Oscar but I love him so much that I had to include him on the list. Downey spent most of the 90’s wasted so I’m guessing that's why he didn’t have many chances to score a statue but believe it or not he has been nominated twice for his performances. The first being for the movie “Chaplin” and his second, the laughable “Tropic Thunder.” How Downey scored an Oscar nomination for “Tropic Thunder” I’ll never know but I am just so in love with Downey’s smart a** portrayal of Iron Man that I don't care. However, don’t feel too bad for Downey, he may not have an Oscar but he is one of the highest paid actors in the market.

Will Smith
Will Smith | Source

# 8 Will Smith

Gettin’ Jiggy with it, Smith has had a lot of action packed blockbusters and fun filled summer hits but he has never gone home with a golden man for his glass box. True ,Smith may have begun his career in mostly big blockbuster movies such as “Bad Boys” and “Independence Day” but he has gradually crossed over to create an entire other persona. A persona that can do drama. Smith may have seemed like a one trick pony at first but he has proven over and over again that he is so much more than just your typical blockbuster “blow-some-crap-up” kinda of guy. Smith has been nominated twice for an Academy Award. One nomination for his role in “Ali” and the other for his role in “The Pursuit of Happyness.” Unfortunately he lost both times. I’m still waiting for Smith to win the golden statue so he can show us his big willie style on the Oscar stage!

Amy Adams
Amy Adams | Source

# 9 Amy Adams

I’m starting to think the Academy has something against red heads because Ms. Amy Adams has also been pulling a Lucci and has been nominated five separate times for an Oscar. This poor girl never seems to rest. She was nominated in 2006, 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2014. OMG! How many movies can you make in less than a decade in which your performance is nominated for an Oscar? It almost seems like Adams has the nose for picking potential Oscar winning parts. Whatever she is doing when she is choosing her movie roles, she is doing something VERY RIGHT. I predict Ms. Adams will go on to be this generation’s Meryl Streep. Just give her a little more time and I foresee many statues filling up her shelves for her little one to play with.

Ian McKellan
Ian McKellan | Source

# 10 Ian McKellan

Sorry Hobbit fans, it’s true. The great Gandalf has yet to win an Academy Award for the many amazing performances he has had during his lifetime. Sir McKellan, or Magneto, whatever you would like to call him has only been nominated a measly two times for his performances and no it wasn’t for his portrayal of a magnetic mutant. His nominations were for his roles in “Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring” and “Gods and Monsters.” It’s hard to believe that this amazing actor has been left empty handed for so long. Hopefully there is a lifetime achievement award in his future. Maybe… Okay maybe not, but he is reprising his roles as Magneto and Gandalf... so maybe he can gain a nomination nod from one of those roles.

Which actor/actress is most deserving of an Oscar?

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    • CyberShelley profile image

      Shelley Watson 

      4 years ago

      I voted for Liam Neeson, but Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp are both excellent and deserving.

    • Express10 profile image

      H C Palting 

      4 years ago from East Coast

      I really like Ian McKellan and Robert Downey Jr. of all the actors presented. Good hub.


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