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Top Ten Anime Series

Updated on February 26, 2013
Naruto bleach one piece goku
Naruto bleach one piece goku

We already discussed about the Top Ten Animation/Cartoon movies and now it’s time for the top most anime series. Every anime listed in this list offer a different story and because of that I am sure you all going to love my anime list.

  1. Naruto Uzumaki – if you are a kung-fu type and love to see some ninja’s then this anime is for you. It’s a popular anime based on a world of “Shinobi”. The main character here is Naruto and his friends Sasuke (See “Sasuke Shippuden”) and Sakura. The main character of this series holds a demon fox inside him and because of that he suffers the hatred of others. He wants to changes that and that’s why he keeps on going no matter what. At last he was able to get control over the demon fox. The series is still going and is hot.
  2. Death Note: - if you love to see a “Shinigami” (Death God) then go ahead, watch this anime. Ryuk (shinigami) dropped a notebook in the world of humans. The notebook grants the ability to it’s user to kill anyone by writing his/her name in the notebook. A boy with exceptional talent uses that book to clean up this world from bad peoples.
  3. Full Metal Alchemist: - A big scientific fiction anime with magical touch. This anime is about two Brother Edward and Alphonse, who accidently lost their body when they failed to bring their mother from dead using alchemy. Now there aim is to get their bodies back. They can use alchemy like magic, create anything using alchemy.
  4. Bleach: - Seriously is this anime ever going to stop? It’s like going for ever. Anime superhero Ichigo is a substitute grim reaper that protects the world from bad ghosts (Hollows) and save good ghosts (Soul). This anime is going and going and still going. I am sure you will love to see a new concept and you will enjoy watching this anime but I am not sure for how long as it is going and going and still going.
  5. One Piece - when I was a kid, I love pirate stories, their treasure hunt and I really wish to go on a treasure hunt in a sea looking like a pirate. Same goes for Luffy, he wants to be a pirate king and wants to get the “One Piece” (Gold Roger treasure). He ate a devil fruit and that gave him a supernatural rubber power. But the road to becoming a Pirate king is tough because there are much bigger fishes in the sea.
  6. Code Geass – Can you manipulate people? I guess no, but with Geass power you can do that. You can manipulate people and you can even make them do what you want. Girls already possess this power in real life. Moving on with story, Lelouch, son of Britannian Emperor seek revenge using this power to again control over his empire.
  7. Inuyasha – Kagome, a middle school student who travel in different dimension to collect and find all the fragment of a sacred jewel and keep it away from evil.
  8. Detective Conan – Love detective stories then I am sure you going to love the adventure of 17 year old boy who witness a murder and to silent him he was given an untested poison. Rather than killing him, poison turned him into a 7 year old boy. He is a detective even when he is a 7 year old.
  9. Dragon ball - How can I forget this? Dragon ball is one of my favorite anime. Fight is all about in this anime. The story is about adventures of Goku, there were 7 mysterious dragon balls and if you collect them all and put together there will be dragon that can grant you one wish. Bad people can also collect the dragon balls and good people can also collect these balls as they are scattered around the world. Goku save the world.
  10. ? – Just pondering about the last one. There are hundreds of anime and to select a top ten is difficult. Just watch these if you got bored with 1-9 numbers. “Chibi Vampire”, “Oh my Goddess”, “Devil May Cry”, “Full Metal Panic” (recommended its Fumoffu series for laughter), “Mightiest Disciple Kenichi”, “Ouran High School Host Club” (for laughter).


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Well chosen list of this series an informative hub to learn from on this topic.