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Top 15 Best Family Movies

Updated on March 10, 2014

When it came to watching movies in my family we all tended to go our separate ways, which is understandable considering there was nearly a ten year age gap between me and my youngest sibling. So most of the films we watched left either half of the generation bored stiff and eventually wandering off in search of some other form of entertainment. All the same, at random times throughout the year we all found ourselves sitting in the living room watching a movie and when my 6 year old sister didn't insist we change the movie to "Matilda" and I didn't abandon ship altogether and go upstairs and watch "Juno" then we knew we had found the perfect family film. Here is my top 15 family movies

15) The Golden Compass

"The Golden Compass" was a big hit in my house, my little sister even going as far as dressing up as Lyra for Halloween that year. It was such a sweet movie with just the right amount of humour and action to keep the whole family happy.

14) The Pacifier

In my house, The Pacifier was that movie that we watched once ages ago, forgot the name of and then was reunited with it after randomly seeing it on Netfilx and years of typing that "movie about a guy who has to look after a bunch of kids when these guys are trying to steal all of the worlds oil" into Google. It's sweet, funny and a great movie whether you're six or sixteen.

13) Hoodwinked 1 and 2

Even as a child, I had never been a big fan of animation or "cartoons", as I had often referred to them as. I tended to steer clear of them and insist we change the channel or left when my family settled down to watch yet another Disney film. The only reason I even stayed in living room when my parents put on "Hoodwinked" was because it was Winter so the house was absolutely freezing and there was a warm, cosy fire in the living room. That was a very good decision as "Hoodwinked" was hilarious and so clever that even the biggest loather of animation couldn't possibly not enjoy this. Children young and old will love this movie.

12) Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc. also belongs on my list of animations I enjoyed. I was in hysterics the whole way through and so were my parents. Even though the concept of monsters scaring children might not be a first choice for parents, don't worry this movie isn't in the slightest scary. You see very soon that Scully and Randall are kindhearted monsters who wouldn't harm a fly and they really care for Boo. My younger sister loves this movie.

11) Mrs Doubtfire

This was a hilarious yet moving story which although when I first watched it (aged roughly seven) I found it just plain funny and then I watched it again aged roughly thirteen, I found it quite moving and saw deeper than the jokes. Whichever way you see it Mrs Doubtfire is hilarious and perfect for the whole family.

10) Spy Kids Movies

"Spy Kids" never get old and you never get too old for "Spy Kids". I, to this day wouldn't consider my movie collection complete without it and I have yet to find a kid doesn't at one stage in their lives dream of becoming a Spy Kid. It's perfect to watch with the whole family, whether male of female they are bound to enjoy it. There are four "Spy Kids" movies (well in all fairness, the fourth one wasn't quite up to standard) so there are plenty to go around.

9) The Goonies

"The Goonies" have always been a family favourite and probably will always be. We used to watch it every Christmas. It's the perfect treasure-hunt adventure with just the right action and humour.

8) Yours, Mine and Ours

Basically this movie is brilliant. It's hilarious and extremely heart warming. The 1968 version is just as good. Think Parent Trap mixed with Cheaper by the Dozen and that's basically this film.

7) Home Alone Movies

My little sister had a home alone marathon for one of her birthdays and I am not ashamed to admit I abandoned my studies for the night and watched them with her and her friends. There is quite a bit of slapstick comedy and the thought of a little boy home alone with burglars trying to break into his home my very well scare parents out of letting their child watch it but rest assured it's all harmless and hilarious. Needless to say that the little boy does in fact defeat the baddies and escapes completely unharmed.

6) Parent Trap

There are two versions of this film, one from 1998 and one from 1961 and to be honest they are both equally good. They may seem to be aimed at girls but this is my 8 year old male cousins favourite film along with Jurassic Park.

5) Little Rascals

This was my favourite movie when I was little. To this day I have my "Little Rascals" video in my DVD cupboard. This movie is just so sweet and funny. Perfect for boys and girls, even though when I was roughly seven the kid next door insisted that is was a movie meant purely for boys but I settled that argument soon enough.

4) School of Rock

This is well up there in my top ten favourite movies of all time. I recall crying with laughter the first time I watched this. My little sister was no older than 6 and she loved it just as much and refers to it as the "you ain't hardcore" movie. Jack Black was hilarious in it. This movie is great for teens as well.

3) Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Does this even need an explanation? I have yet to meet a child or person for that matter, who can honestly say they don't like Harry Potter. I would however suggest watching anything after the first Harry Potter movie before showing it to your child.

2) A Little Princess

This movie is such a beautiful, sweet yet sad movie which is why I think every child should see it at some point. My little sister was roughly 6 when she watched it and it became her favourite film instantly. She went as far as standing on our table while quoting monologues from the movie which she learnt by hear word for word. This is a beautiful movie which has to be seen.

1) The Addams Family and The Addams Family Values

This my seem like an odd choice for no.1 but this has always been my family favourite, especially the second movie. I dressed as Wednesday for Halloween not one but two years. The Addams Family are hilarious, genius and they are truly a classic in my eyes. I loved when I first watched them and I love them today. Its perfect for boys and girls, teens or tots or adults. The Addams family never get old. They're altogether ooky, THE ADDAMS FAMILY.


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    • elementarywatson profile imageAUTHOR

      Mandy Magdanz 

      4 years ago from Ireland

      Monsters Inc is great. In my house, we all have such different movie tastes that finding a movie we all enjoy is extremely difficult. Thanks for your comment.

    • adecourv profile image

      Alex deCourville 

      4 years ago

      I like a lot of these movies, but the only one I saw with my family was Monsters Inc. We really enjoyed it.


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