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Top Ten Best Family Guy Episodes

Updated on February 21, 2014

Family guy is a unpredictable slice of time of fun, laughs, and opportunities to even possibly wet yourself. There are many elements to this show that make it worth watching. It tells the story of the Griffin family which consists of two parents Peter and Lois Griffin; the children Chris, Meg and Stewie; and their pet dog named Brian who can talk. After watching a lot of Family Guy, I've put a list of my top ten episodes. Here are the episodes.

I never met the dead man

This episode focuses on how Peter Griffin tries to teach his daughter Meg to drive. However he gives her horrible advice and she crashes into the satellite dish for the town's cable. Due to this Peter isn't able to watch TV and decides to grab the family and do outdoor activities to the point of exhaustion. Meanwhile Stewie realizes his hatred for broccoli and tries to destroy the world's supply though his weather control device. Oh and we can't forget when WIlliam Shatner stops by Peter's house. Hysterical!


No meals on wheels

Griffin family opens a restaurant and become overrun by Joe Swanson and his wheelchair buddies. Peter doesn't like what it is doing to the atmosphere and so he decides to ban wheel chairs, This prompts a very funny transformer like response from Joe's wheelchair friends.


Emission impossible

Peter takes Lois to see her pregnant sister (Carol) while Quagmire is babysitting the kids. Carol goes into labor and Peter drives her to the hospital and due to some circumstances outside of his control is forced to deliver the baby. This experience convinces Lois she wants to have another baby..Stewie does everything he can to put a stop to this.. This episodes has some similarities with the movie "Innerspace".


Perfect castaway

After Peter's fisherman business runs into financial struggles, Cleveland, Quagmire, and Joe decide to go on a fishing trip with Peter to help provide for his family. Unfortunately though they get caught in a storm are shipwrecked and are stranded on an island for some time.. Some of the plot follows the movie "Castaway"..

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And then there were fewer

Based on the premise of the movie Clue, this episodes centers in on randomly selected citizens of Quahog who are invited by the actor James Woods to his mansion on an island.. Once the guests arrive, there is a few murders and the group teams together to find the responsible party or parties. This visuals in this episode are very impressive. This was one of Seth MacFarlane's favorite episodes to make.



Peter takes the MacArthur Fellowes Program to see if he is a genius or not, His score on the test is much less than expected and he is declared to be mentally retarded. Peter does what he can to milk the situation, but it backfires on him.


Stewie kills Lois and Lois kills Stewie

This a two part episode. In first part, Lois receives tickets for a cruise from Brian and invites Peter. This makes Stewie angry and he shows up on the cruise ship and is seen killing Lois. In part 2, Lois exposes Stewie as a demented genius bent on world domination, but Stewie doesn't give up so easily.

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Road to multiverse

Stewie and Brian travels through many different universes using the remote control time machine. One of the parallel universes they encounter has dogs ruling over humans. Brian doesn't want to leave this reality and decides to destroy the remote which upsets Stewie. He is forced to find an alternative to get them back to the correct reality.


The man with two brains

Brian gets injured during Peter's stunt reenactment get got from watching the show Jackass. After the injury the Griffin family realizes that Brian may be getting old and that it maybe time for a new happier dog. They bring home a new dog and Brian is offended and decides to leave.



Peter decides to create a multiplex to compete with Joe's latest home theatre, but while digging he finds an Indian skull in the backyard.. Brian tries to get Peter to put it back, but Peter plays with the skull and even pees in it. That night the Griffins begin having paranormal experiences and Stewie disappears You will see many similarities with the movie Poltergeist in this episode beyond the title.


If I missed your favorite episode(s), please let me know by commenting below


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  • gavindonst profile imageAUTHOR


    5 years ago

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  • ParadigmEnacted profile image


    5 years ago

    Most helpful. I've only seen one or two on this list and now I know what to look for.


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